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  1. Leicester Lions 2018

    That looks like the old “magic” box as they were called, ignition, I forgot they existed like that, not upto date on the technical side
  2. Leicester Lions 2018

    Nice & positive eh !!!!!
  3. Leicester Lions 2018

    Zagar doesn’t like Leicester, always find a reason not to ride ! KBjerre average too high Don’t rate Batch around Leicester Musielak not at the standard Don’t think Woffy would do it, but might be worth a shot ! Nillson a good shout if he would do it Fricke or Masters could guest Tough one all round & “how’s your luck” ?
  4. Leicester Lions 2018

    I am sure the family connection could support JB’s finances ! For me, we should be having a guest, and Palm-Toft fits the bill !
  5. Leicester Lions 2018

    Does anyone know why Belle Vue can get Starke as a replacement for injured Drozdz, but we can’t for the injured Josh Bates ?, I am told because Josh hasn’t “yet” ridden for us ?, and the difference is ????
  6. Leicester Lions 2018

    And Vaculik wins Steady’s Last Lap - good lad
  7. Leicester Lions 2018

    We have R/R for JB for 28 days !, I agree the comms about this from the club have been poor, when I asked I was just told “all will be revealed, there is a plan”, what was the secret, and to hear it on an opposing teams news feed is poor ! R/R for the Challenge match makes sense to give our lads practice, but thereafter !! Went to press & practice today, JB was there to say hello, has a scan on the 16th and wants to be back the next day !! Practice looked good, but it was o an empty track !
  8. Bt Sport Coverage

    “Delighted to reach agreement to remain as commentator for domestic #speedway coverage on @btsport for next two years, starting May 14 Belle Vue v Swindon”
  9. Bt Sport Coverage

    Says who / where ?
  10. Bt Sport Coverage

    I’ve heard for months this is the case, ................ xmas is coming too !!!
  11. Bt Sport Coverage

    Have I really read such a ridiculous reply about who watches it etc ? The same could be said for football, rugby etc etc etc Not everyone can travel to either away matches of their own team, or to any matches not involving their team, but love watching Let alone the sponsorship money Then there is the piece about ANY otential for someone to be converted and go tot follow their local team At WHAT part is ANY of this not a good idea ??
  12. Bt Sport Coverage

    So here we are, another several weeks on, ...... and still no announcement if they are covering domestic or not ??
  13. Bt Sport Coverage

    Is it really that easy ?
  14. Bt Sport Coverage

    Defo GP’s on BT, it’s be publicised
  15. Bt Sport Coverage

    I really don’t understand what, whether they get football or not, has got to do with promoting speedway !!