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  1. TooMuchGrip

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Hartel will complete Stars Line up I reckon.
  2. TooMuchGrip

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Cook, Riss, Proctor, Hartel.
  3. TooMuchGrip

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    There might be a couple of changes. A German and a French born rider possibilities.
  4. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Totally agree but Simon does seem to be the default when we need to replace a reserve doesnt he. I know he is an asset but hopefully the team managers will eventually look a bit more outside the box for cover in the future.
  5. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    It will be Simon Lambert in for Kasper after tomorrows meeting at Peterboro. I asked yesterday if Simon coming back in meant we could have Cook, would that be acceptable to fans?
  6. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Where do you think Stars will strengthen? Proctor the obvious one to drop on form this season, Lewi hit and miss. Those two to be shown the door? Who can we get in to improve the Stars?
  7. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If Simon Lambert coming back (yet again) means we get Craig Cook, would that would be acceptable? Erik will be out for a while so we have to replace him anyway. Kasper struggling and not up to the job this early in his career.
  8. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    BT SPORT to show King’s Lynn v Poole Monday July 8th.
  9. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    BANK HOLIDAY START TIME CHANGE Stars Bank Holiday Monday meeting at Peterborough will now start at 6.30pm. Avoiding a time clash with Posh playing at home to Sunderland.
  10. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    QUOTE ' The club are pleased to announce the appointment of PETER SCHROECK as team manager. This allows Dale Allitt more time to recover from illness and we send him our good wishes as always'
  11. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Ty Proctor confirmed as a 2019 Star.
  12. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Think you are right. I reckon it will be :- R. Lambert, Kerr, Proctor, Jorgensen, Riss, MPT and K.Andersen at reserve. A better heat leader short if you ask me but if they can stay clear of injuries this time around who knows!
  13. POOLE: Chris Harris, Josh Grajczonek, Kacper Woryna, Nicolai Klindt, Nick Morris, Richie Worrall, Frederik Jakobsen. KING'S LYNN: Robert Lambert, Erik Riss, Ty Proctor, Thomas Jorgensen, Adam Ellis, Michael Palm Toft, Simon Lambert.
  14. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    2 miles from the track. Rained earlier but drying now. Cloudy and dull but no more rain forcast ( famous last words!)
  15. Can we now expect that the Leicester home meeting on the 5th of September will be a double header as last night proved it can be successful? Just Somerset away to squeeze in then!

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