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  1. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    Oh right I didn’t know that! Quite a big problem then, always love watching him though!
  2. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    1) S Worrall 2) 3) T Aarnio 4) A Morris 5) 6) A Bowtell 7) Think this would be a decent start to team building no idea what the averages would be though. If we couldn’t get Stevie would be equally as happy with Richie surely Edinburgh will have to lose 1 or maybe 2 of there top 3. Would quite like to see Ben Barker in there too on good equipment he is entertainment but always seems to come with too much baggage.
  3. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    He did at lakeside/rye didn’t he? Sure I remember he got double figures and another decent score in a double header. He also had a good season NL wise.
  4. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    Wouldn’t mind trying to get Bowtell back for one of the reserve positions he ended the season pretty well.
  5. bloom89

    AGM November 2018

    So saying as the Championship is being watered down to improve the standard of the premiership will that mean admission prices will reduce to accommodate this?
  6. bloom89

    AGM November 2018

    In the article Howe said he was on the same money this season as he was in 2009 a think it was.
  7. bloom89

    Torun 2018

    Yes get in Woffinden! Always seems to do it when the pressure is on. Brilliant!
  8. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    Covatti could be a decent shout for next season not the number 1 we need but would be a very capable second string/third heat leader.
  9. bloom89

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Yeah I get that but he’s well within his right to keep riding when his boss tried to screw him over. It’s been pretty obvious all season he’s been struggling why wait until the deadline had passed to make the change? Manzares has been equally poor surely he could’ve been dropped too but he’s been in no danger all season and he’s dropped a point off his start of season average.
  10. bloom89

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Just out of interest how has Phillips held Godfrey at ransom? Godfrey tried to sack him after the cut off date had been made for changes I fail to see what Phillips has done wrong?
  11. Does part of the problem here not lie with sticking with manzares all season too? Now don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming the guy for Phillips barely scoring a point all season but considering manzares has dropped a point off his start of season average he was meant to be the strong reserve and at times he’s been just as bad as Phillips. This doesn’t deflect from the illegal move Godfrey tried to pull by sacking someone after the cut off date though. He really should know the rules!
  12. bloom89

    Buxton V Coventry 18/8

    Are there many meetings tomorrow? Rob Shuttleworth guests for Mountain at 1 you can basically have the pick of any rider in the league why go for someone who has been poor all season?
  13. bloom89

    Stoke v Kent

    I can’t remember what year it was but Andrew Tully got injured on Newcastle’s p&p day I’m sure we used R/R for him until he was fit. Have the rules changed since then I take it?
  14. bloom89

    Edinburgh 2018

    Oh sorry I read your post wrong.
  15. bloom89

    Edinburgh 2018

    Seriously? Did you not see some of Perks scores last season for Redcar? I’d rather have Greaves or Perks over Stewart any day of the week.

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