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  1. bloom89

    Somerset 2019

    Nothing against Simon but you couldn't risk him with the two reserves Somerset have it would put too much pressure on them if he wasn't scoring many points in the main body of the side. Also you want people who will improve there average and i'm not sure Simon will.
  2. bloom89

    Sheffield 2019

    Maybe but the season Sheffield won the league when josh g was number 1 it took most the pressure off howarth now they have king it should do the same so I can easily see his average going up.
  3. bloom89

    Sheffield 2019

    Probably because Howarth has the ability to put 2 points on his average whereas Wright doesn’t?
  4. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    I was being sarcastic mate apologies if it didn’t come across that way.
  5. bloom89

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Definitely, Clegg is on a good average too they could have the best top 2 in the league imo both of them in this watered down league have loads of room for improvement on there averages.
  6. bloom89

    Ipswich 2019

    Just throwing a name out there but what about a return to British speedway for Smolinski?
  7. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    What do you mean the league has been watered down are you not looking forward to Craig Cook riding against Paco Castagna etc haha
  8. bloom89

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Brilliant signing on that average.
  9. bloom89

    Confirmed Signings for 2019

    Corban Pavitt to stoke
  10. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    Just throwing a curveball out there what about baby bjerre as a possible heat leader he has a pretty low average although he’s never looked that great at brough. And he seems to have been a bit problematic for team managers he obviously had incidents in his last season at Redcar, and Sheffield last season.
  11. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    In the SS today looks very unlikely Tero will be back as he has signed to ride in Poland.
  12. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    I do, granted the team wasn’t the best on paper last season but it didn’t turn out too bad did it? There is still loads of riders available I’m pretty confident we will have a competitive team once again I mean look at Edinburgh for example they had Wells, Riss & R Worrall I’d be very surprised if they went with 2 of either of them. I’m sure we will be ok.
  13. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    What if there is nothing to report though? Not that I’m trying to stick up for the management but if there is no news you can’t come out and report news. I’m sure we will be in talks with riders like other clubs and were not the only club who hasn’t signed anyone yet.
  14. bloom89

    Leicester 2019

    Yeah get David Speight in as a double deal too eh.
  15. bloom89

    Newcastle 2019

    Yeah I get that. You’d imagine Phillips will be a certainty though what with his connections to Newcastle now and the reserves being promoted from the National League

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