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  1. I know its a long shot but does anyone have any pictures i can view online either of this meeting, or in general from the 97 season?
  2. Newcastle 2018

    Yeah I remember him at Leicester & Scunthorpe decent heat leader maybe not the force he once was but can’t really think of many riders we could use at number 1
  3. Newcastle 2018

    What about Magnus Karlsson weren’t someone interested in bringing him back over a season or two ago? No idea what average he’d be on mind.
  4. Newcastle 2018

    Hougaard on that average would be a great signing imo but won’t he have polish commitments too? Wouldn’t touch graversen or roynon though.
  5. Stoke

    No idea what they’d do. If his average is too high then it would have to be between Knight and Mountain should they want to a ride.
  6. Stoke

    Don’t think so, so no idea what average they would use for him.
  7. Stoke

    Would Perks still have the 8.25 average he used for Buxton last season?
  8. Stoke

    Connor Mountain? Although he’d miss some fixtures.
  9. No job

    Can I ask who your son is?
  10. No job

    But if the championship had implemented 2 reserves must be English it would surely help? It’s no good teams giving riders a few meetings then getting rid of them that’s not going to help them at all. You have people like Todd Kurtz and Mason Campton have they ever averaged more than 6 in the whole time they’ve been here? Joe Jacobs his average rises every season and Ellis Perks was outstanding for the best part of last season but both don’t have clubs why is that? You can’t say it’s because there not as good as the two aussies why not give Perks & jacobs half the chance both of the aussies have had.
  11. No job

    Looking at the bigger picture why is it that say Australian riders in particular get much more opportunities than young English riders? Now don’t get me wrong some of them do add quality to the British leagues but it’s just so wrong when promoters bring them over supply them with a brand new van, a load of sponsorship and somewhere to live during the season. Why don’t promoters do all this for English riders?
  12. No job

    It is a shame that riders such as your son Joe Jacobs, Ellis Perks etc don’t get the opportunity that the likes of Todd Kurtz, Mason Campton, Tero Aarnio to name but a few have had.
  13. No job

    Good post, didn't Jake have a season with Sheffield a few years back? Unfortunately more experienced riders in the team weren't performing which meant more pressure was being put on your son and in turn he lost his place and has never had another go at Championship racing as it is called now. Riders like Connor Mountain and Alfie Bowtell need NL riding in my opinion just for instance say Bowtell has a poor start to the season doesn't score many points and gets dropped by Lakeside then he'd be completely without a team which is so wrong when teams like Berwick, Edinburgh, Peterborough, Redcar, Scunthorpe and Workington all have foreign riders riding at reserve now some of these have been riding over here for a long time but still get picked over young English riders. What's the incentive for young English riders who progress from riding in the NL to get CL places because promoters tend to pick foreign riders on "bargain" averages. Arguably you should have 6 & 7 in the CL for young English riders and promoters should be made and encouraged to stick with them for the full season.
  14. No job

    There seems to be a lot of riders in the 4-4.70 bracket will either be riding second string or even in Plymouth’s case one will be third heatleader. With the top two leagues having a 42.50 points limit would that have been possible in the NL?
  15. No job

    Was reading this weeks speedway star and surprised to find Alfie Bowtell without a spot good job he is at lakeside now though. A couple of others of note Dan Halsey, Connor Mountain and Jake Knight without teams also is this due to the low points limit?