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  1. It's like being stood at a meeting in the UK this not knowing what's going on haha.
  2. Hopefully he can do well, if he gets all his rides riding against better riders should improve him. The only thing I'd say is he will need to improve his starting hopefully woffy has been giving him some tips.
  3. bloom89

    Newcastle 2020

    Grant Tregoning he was a New Zealander wasn't he?
  4. bloom89

    Newcastle 2020

    During this pretty scary period nothing much is happening on the side of news in speedway, i'm just trying to keep speedway in people's minds if you like. I was thinking would people like to select there dream team 7 from any riders who have ridden for us until the current day? It might help pass a bit of time I'll start I only started going to speedway in 97 when the diamonds re opened, 1) Jesper Olsen (Was very exciting to watch a great servant to the diamonds unfortunately had a few injuries later on in his career. 2) Nicki P (Only with us for one season but wow some of his over taking was brilliant, even in his one season you could tell he'd go on to bigger and better things. 3) Bjarne Pedersen (Again done quite a lot of work from the gate but a super consistent rider rarely seen him break down, could be ruthless when he needed to be. 4 Kenny Bjerre (I went to Berwick away his first meeting for us I think he only scored a point thought to myself what have we signed here! But as soon as the league program started he was fl$ying and some of his passing was brilliant.) 5) Kenni Larsen (Again another brilliant starter, had a magnificent 2010 as did most of our team, scored bucket load of points for us. A shame things outside of speedway took his career off the rails.) 6 Rene Bach (I think probably my favourite diamond... couldn't make a start to save his life but brilliant watching him come from behind, awful injury which i don't really think he ever got over. But still a joy to watch when he's on song.) 7 James Grieves (Only with us for 2 seasons i think but 2005 was fantastic especially at home, scored a lot of maximums. Dipped a little the second year but a really good signing wish he'd stayed for longer.) Well that's my choice I look forward to seeing everyone elses!
  5. bloom89

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    I don't think he got shafted by Redcar did he? I thought after one meeting he asked to step down from the team then subsequently changed his mind but by this time it was too late Redcar had already found someone to replace him.
  6. bloom89

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    Totally forgot about the Zetterstrom incident! Was an awful move that one.... James Grieves managed to do a Craig Boyce on him though didn't he haha, yeah unfortunately Rene's was horrible too, don't think he ever got over that one massive shame because he looked like he was going to follow Kenni Larsen and move up into the top league etc.
  7. bloom89

    Newcastle 2020

    Hopefully there's a chance we can see Nicki P riding in the 90th anniversary meeting saying as he's riding for Sheffield. Wouldn't mind seeing Josh Pickering either he's always good entertainment around brough.
  8. bloom89

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    Didn't Pickering put Kenny Bjerre through the fence at Brough one time? Also remember Sean Wilson T-boning Robert Erikson I think when he was our number 1?
  9. bloom89

    Newcastle 2020

    Bjarne Pedersen back for our 90th anniversary meeting should be brilliant seeing him ride brough again, he’s also bringing over 18 year old Dane Andreas Jensen.
  10. For Newcastle I'd go with this, Kenni Larsen 9.57 Robert Lambert 9.32 Steve Worrall 9.13 Mark Lemon 9.09 Stuart Robson 8.96 Danny King 8.84 Rene Bach 8.81 Total 63.72
  11. I think you've totally missed the point of this thread, it's not a 1-7 of who you've enjoyed watching it's to pick 7 riders of the team you support who have had the highest averages since 2010 to see if you can beat the Sheffield team in the opening post.
  12. bloom89

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Jordan Stewart has signed for Swindon.
  13. bloom89

    Newcastle 2020

    He won't Wright's average is 100% 4.00
  14. bloom89

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    I used to watch Rene when he first came over to Newcastle and in 2010 he was flying, I thought he would kick on and be something special unfortunately in 2011 I think he broke his leg and personally I don't think he's been the same since which is a shame. The big thing that let's him down is his gating 8/9 times out of 10 it's atrocious and he struggles against better riders because of it. I think he's been riding in Poland though so he could well be an option. I'd like to see him do well if he does sign for Belle Vue.
  15. bloom89

    Edinburgh 2020

    I wonder if they'll be more patient with this Aussie than they were with etheridge

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