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  1. bloom89

    Poole v Newcastle 25th August 2021

    Hope I'm wrong but can't see anything other than a big home victory.
  2. I think that's a bit unfair and disrespectful of Bowtell personally, if you look at his career in the Championship he had last couple of months with Newcastle, a season with Lakeside and then had a large chunk of the season riding at 3 for Eastbourne and now this year with Plymouth. Even when he rode for us you could see he had a bit of something about him and his scores this season have been quite good and riding with Crump & Pedersen weekly should improve him. He's still only 23/24 I think so has plenty of time to improve further imo. And I for one hope he does.
  3. I think Bewley has to start as favourite for obvious reasons, but I think Ellis will be his main danger.
  4. I personally thought Cook did ok, he's riding as third heatleader because of the way the team was built and shouldn't really be there. For his first time seeing the track he was always in the thick of the action. Shame to see Crump getting well beaten off riders he shouldn't, but personally I think he's been away from the sport for too long.
  5. Bit harsh on Summers, granted he hasn't started this season great but he normally rides our place pretty well. If the opportunity ever arose for us to sign him i'd snap him up straight away.
  6. Echo those thoughts hope all injured riders from Friday a speedy recovery, only 2 guests I can see who would do a job Summers or Jorgensen, personally I'd go for Summers.
  7. Wow must admit I was expecting a hammering tonight, happily proved wrong though great effort from the Diamonds.
  8. Yeah I totally get that he's usually bang on... just don't really understand why the promotion don't say if Wells isn't guesting anymore?
  9. Newcastle have just put a post on Facebook previewing the two matches and it's still saying Ricky Wells is guesting for us on Sunday...
  10. Do you know if there's any way I could get in touch with the guy selling them please?
  11. bloom89

    NL fantasy team... for fun

    1) J Edwards 7.53 2) S Hagon 3.00 3) G Blair 4.50 4) B Compton 6.52 5) J Thompson 6.48 6) H McGurk 3.00 7) A Freeman 3.00
  12. bloom89

    Redcar 2020

    If Redcar can get Jake Allen over that would be a very good top 5 imo, and with Jenkins at reserve if he can stay fit could have a good season I rate him.
  13. Do you know if anyone took those speedway stars?
  14. bloom89

    Redcar 2020

    What about Ellis Perks for the last spot? He was practicing over the weekend albeit on borrowed machinery. Obviously mustn't have any equipment left so could be a tricky one to sort out but options for Redcar do seem limited.
  15. bloom89

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Surely BWD is nailed on for you guys? Not many places remaining in either league and he's stated on social media he is coming across.

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