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  1. bloom89

    Eastbourne 2019

    More often that not Morley will score his average or above at home, away will be a different matter but most fans are only concerned about a team that wins home meetings.
  2. With that scunny team i can see a big home win. Don't think any of the top 4 pull up any trees around brough,
  3. bloom89

    Belle Vue 2019

    What about Aarnio? He didn’t do too bad in the son plus he’s a real trier. Other names Jordan Stewart although might be a year too early for him and obviously Pickering once he’s fit. Not sure on averages of any of those though.
  4. bloom89

    One League - Matt Ford

    Surely part of the problem here is clubs in the elite league in the past with the sky money just throwing the money towards the top guys and once the money has ran out most of the top boys are on there way because they no longer want to ride for peanuts and in half empty run down stadiums. Surely the promoters must've seen the crowds diminishing year on year and should of cut there cloth accordingly instead of continuing to give the top guys all the money. They must have realized they can't pay top wages if you can't afford it. Ideally you need a pay limit introduced which everyone would stick too but that's easier said than done. Then you wouldn't get riders holding clubs to ransom they would have no choice but to take the deal on the table.
  5. Aye it has to be up there like... our only saving grace could be that the couple of times Flint has been here this season he has struggled. It could well be a case of seeing if Phillips can beat Wallinger which would be dreadful if he can’t. With our reserves tonight puts even more pressure on the top 5.
  6. Is Wallinger really the best we could do? He doesn’t even seem to score that well in the NL most of the time.
  7. bloom89

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Knew he’d possibly be missing home meetings. He’d already agreed a deal to ride in Denmark so they get priority over Birmingham I’d assume your promoters would’ve knew this before signing him! And I’ve no idea if he will miss the next 3 home meetings that mainly depends if he gets picked for his danish team.
  8. bloom89

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    But surely they knew this when signing him?
  9. bloom89

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    He should but i doubt he will. On another note that's more like the Stevie we know.
  10. Wow thank god for Zmarzlik pretty boring gp other than his two passes.
  11. bloom89

    Newcastle Diamonds 1997

    That would be brilliant if you could thanks and yes didn’t even realize I meant review. I will message you now thanks again!
  12. bloom89

    Newcastle Diamonds 1997

    Yeah I'm familiar with that website I’ve visited it a few times. I don’t suppose you know anyone/where I could possibly get a hold of a speedway star from 97 with our end of season team preview in? Thanks Stephen
  13. Seems a bit silly that you would seed a rider who's recently changed his nationality instead of perhaps either of the Worralls or Wright?
  14. bloom89

    Newcastle Diamonds 1997

    Hello i don't suppose anyone can point me in the direction of any pictures of Newcastle riders during the 1997 season? Thanks Stephen
  15. What about Tero Aarnio? I think his average is 6 something if you could get him in and maybe replace Zac W? It would make a huge difference although he does ride in Poland I think so he may miss some meetings.

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