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  1. I’d also be looking at replacing Wilkinson surely? He’s been really poor considering he was meant to make up half of the strongest reserve pairing in the league. I’d rather see someone like Greaves or Perks brought in who will at least improve unlike Wilkinson who is only going one way and it’s not better.
  2. Just waiting for tsunami to tell us how many problems he had with his bikes last night etc etc....
  3. Anyone know what the line up for this is? I’ve looked on the bspa website but no mention of the field.... thanks
  4. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    Haha well played sir
  5. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    Come on it’s obvious in some people’s eyes on here Lindgren can do no wrong and thou shal not criticize him.
  6. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    It does that’s true. Considering he has or seems to have so many problems with engines etc has he never changed or thought about changing engine tuners?
  7. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    If you’re judging him on facts then he is very inconsistent and has been since he joined us.
  8. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    Yeah that’s true.... he’s more than good enough to do it on a regular basis it’s frustrating. Yeah absolutely you wouldn’t have expected Wethers to not trouble the scorers considering he’s been pretty steady since he’s signed for us.
  9. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    Yeah fair play to him for beating schlein and that’s what he should be doing at home all the time the problem is he doesn’t. Next home meeting he is quite likely to go out and score 7. Technically Pickering is a reserve although I get what your saying he’s riding way beyond his average. I’ve never once said riding at 1 is the same as riding at 4 if you read my posts properly if you take out heat 13/14 which ever number you ride at you still have to face the opposing heat leader once in your first three rides? It just seems to some on here he can do no wrong and is immune of any criticism imo. Don’t get me wrong he is a huge talent when he wants to be he should really be getting double figures home and away for the experience he has but for whatever reason he doesn’t and is so inconsistent.
  10. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    And at the same time there are a few on here who according to them Lindgren can do no wrong. The poor meetings he has for us massively outweigh the good ones. Well Hume/Mountain are reserves and Pickering is for Edinburgh so 3 reserves. Lets just see how our super number one fares on Friday
  11. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    Against a team of 3 reserves plus R/R and a hitty missy Barker? Not a great deal to write home about. Our next meeting is away at Scunthorpe I’ll be surprised if he gets more than 6 points
  12. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    If you take out heat 13 he has to face the opposing heat leader once each. Which is the same as riding at number 4 it’s no different really. All we get is his engines aren’t right, the set up isn’t right. It’s all we’ve heard every season he’s been with us. Bottom line is he is what he is so frustrating he could beat the opposing number 1 then be trailed off against there number 7. Such an enigma.
  13. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    You usually want your full 1-7 on track at all times but I think we might be stronger using guests if we can?
  14. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    We do but I’m sure Kasper Lykke only averaged mid 5s last time he was at Rye House so I don’t see the point in going after him.

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