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  1. bloom89

    Buxton V Coventry 18/8

    Are there many meetings tomorrow? Rob Shuttleworth guests for Mountain at 1 you can basically have the pick of any rider in the league why go for someone who has been poor all season?
  2. bloom89

    Stoke v Kent

    I can’t remember what year it was but Andrew Tully got injured on Newcastle’s p&p day I’m sure we used R/R for him until he was fit. Have the rules changed since then I take it?
  3. bloom89

    Edinburgh 2018

    Oh sorry I read your post wrong.
  4. bloom89

    Edinburgh 2018

    Seriously? Did you not see some of Perks scores last season for Redcar? I’d rather have Greaves or Perks over Stewart any day of the week.
  5. 1. Max Clegg 2. Danny Ayres 3. David Wallinger 4. Danny Phillips 5. Drew Kemp 6. Ben Morley 7. Luke Ruddick 8. Connor Coles 9. Jason Edwards 10. Ellis Perks 11. Luke Harris 12. Rob Shuttleworth 13. Tom Brennan 14. Alfie Bowtell 15. Kelsey Dugard 16. Tom Bacon
  6. Looks like Glasgow have the better guests imo. We are effectively replacing a heat leader with a reserve.
  7. R/R for Aarnio by the looks of things.
  8. bloom89

    Eastbourne 2018

    Looking from the outside what more help could he want? His family own Arlington so presumably he could practice whenever he wanted and he was riding equipment provided I just don’t think he’s good enough imo.
  9. bloom89

    Workington 2018 .

    2 sprained wrists and a broken elbow for Rene, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  10. bloom89

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    To be fair the likes of Bickley and Phillips are finding it harder this season because quite often they are coming up against riders with 5+ averages.
  11. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    Looks like we can rule out a return for Richie Worrall looks like he’s heading Edinburgh’s way.
  12. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    Crazy, I know most of them if they don’t ride they won’t get paid but, wow different breed these speedway riders!
  13. bloom89


    Granted his form this season has been very up and down but maybe he needed a change of scenery? He seems to be scoring better in the premiership than he was/is in the championship
  14. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    Doesn’t sound good! How has he even been riding lately?
  15. bloom89

    Newcastle 2018

    Yeah I gave them a thought but don’t really know what is happening with King like.

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