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  1. Trotter65

    Forgotten Europeans...

    When I first started going to speedway in 1978 I only saw speedway at Hyde Road for the first couple of years...so for me that was what speedway was about..no idea about what Eastbourne for example was like so my early impression of riders was based on Hyde Road form disorders some of the southern teams who visited once a year had some particularly poor foreign riders...Henryck Glucklich may been ok ?...I remember him as being poor based on a Hyde Road visit....I remember Uno Johansson coming in for one Belle Vue match and being very poor...I remember Eastbourne coming with Borge Kling and Lars Hammarberg who did nothing at all...not sure if they were in the 64-14 match ?...Emily Sova at Belle Vue didn't last long nut was actually quite entertaining and a very friendly guy..
  2. It was a great race...but generally the races in the 70's weren't any better than today...today's GP's are generally better racing wise than most meetings back then...I lived 70's speedway and went every week at Hyde Road and quite a few away matches....I was probably spoiled a bit with Collins and Morton but I can remember some terrible strung out follow the leader meetings if I'm honest...today's meetings cannot match the crowds and atmosphere of back then but it can definitely match and better the racing in many cases and definitely can at GP and world level
  3. Trotter65

    Poole 2019

    If I had a business in would not want to be associated with comments like that..there are numerous major issues with this country..6 people on a boat is not one of them...why doesn't he just say shoot a few homeless people as well..disgraceful comments in my opinion and not something that would sit easy with me if I had to deal with them professionally.
  4. Trotter65

    Belle Vue 2019

    Having being on the riders side of the fence as a brother in law of a former rider I would take any statement made by any promoters with a huge pinch of salt ....mind you I would also take any public statement made by most riders with an equally big pinch of salt as well !!
  5. Trotter65

    Belle Vue 2019

    I think you still need riders with an affinity for the club and more importantly riders that the fans can see have an affinity for the club....I can still remember the old Bradford team having a great relationship with the fans , most based fairly local and ready to mingle with the fans..they broke that up for fly in fly out stars like Tatum and Nilsen and were successful on the track but much less so off the track and the whole thing closed for a number of reasons. Losing Cook is a big mistake..
  6. Trotter65


    I'm a fan of individual leathers..as a kid that was a highlight for me , picking out and knowing riders by their own leathers and colours....team Kevlars kook smart for sure but it all looks a bit bland with all the riders looking the same...
  7. Trotter65

    Boring formula 1 racing

    2010 is hardly the golden period people keep going on about...people go on about racing from the 70's and 80's and the current GP meetings can beat nearly all of these meetings in my opinion...they were probably good in 2010 as well but I cannot remember but I attended 100's of meetings at all levels in the 70's and 80's and today's GP meetings can beat most of those.....League racing in England is different matter however..
  8. Trotter65

    Boring formula 1 racing

    Yes..I cannot say I've been over thrilled with British League racing on TV this year, apart from the Belle Vue ones....but honestly I think the GP' s have in the main been quality and better than most of the fare served up back in the 70's and 80's...
  9. Trotter65

    Boring formula 1 racing

    GP speedway racing is actually better now than ever I would say...most GP's are better than any meeting I can remember from the 70's and 80's However both my son's have zero interest in speedway..and that's despite having an uncle that rode in the top division in the 80's and early 90's....but they are huge F1 fans...in fact my 13 year old could describe every car, every driver, every track ..and my 20 year old went to Silverstone this year for the first time and came back buzzing...ask them to stay on the same room when I'm watching speedway on TV and you've got no chance.... So I don't know what the answer is
  10. Well that was a terrible meeting racing wise...not really seen racing at King's Lynn since my brother in law rode there and I saw it every week for a season and the racing that year from Henka and Loram and Brhel at times was unreal...that was a shadow of that if that's what it's like now....crowd looked decent though...
  11. Just watched the meeting now on tape...what a shocker of a meeting..Gate and go....good job for the fast forward button..I was able to watch it in 10 minutes ...10 minutes of my life I'll never get back though !!
  12. Trotter65

    A top 10 to be proud of.

    Nielsen was a great team rider..especially in his Oxford days when he was probably at his very best in that era, I think the best rider I've seen over a range of tracks I think....Ermolenko in his Wolves peak was a great team rider though , especially at Monmore where he covered every bit of track behind his partner at times ..Gundersen was the best rider I saw around Hyde Road I think and Nielsen the best overall..
  13. Trotter65

    A top 10 to be proud of.

    I'd have Ermolenko ahead of Hancock any day..more talent in his little finger and the greatest team rider I've ever seen....all the other names are fine most entertaining trio are probably Loram,Gustafsson and Screen
  14. Trotter65


    The picture in SD on 422 on Sky is poor compared to HD channels though..better than nothing I suppose but you cannot compare an SD channel to an HD channel for picture quality.
  15. Trotter65

    Daily Mirror International Tournament 1973

    I haven't watched much of this yet but I started watching in the 70's and I certainly think you can look back with rose tinted glasses...sure league racing back then was in a different level to now due to more teams, regular matches and settled teams... But this was highlights and not live so of course it's packaged well with no delays etc..if it was live it would have the same delays as today.. and it does have the crowd with helps..but to say the starts were better back then with less messing about ?....I remember starts taking an age with tape pushing all over the place and basic cheating going on..they are actually quicker on the start line getting underway now with starts 100 % fairer than back then.....and I've watched old videos from meetings I was at and a lot of racing was underwhelming to say the least...and I watched every week at Hyde Road in the 70's ..speedway racing will never get the crowds on this video again but I certainly think it looks more professional now than ever and the racing when a track is good is probably better than back then on the whole.. I still like to look back at these though but I'm on that say sport moves forward and progresses in all sports...GP's can equal this racing wise

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