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  1. Trotter65

    Hans Nielsen

    Nielsen was a great rider and probably the best I saw.. The first meeting I saw live was 1978 at Hyde Road.. Regarding Nielsen v Gundersen.. I would say Nielsen was the better all round rider and certainly a better team rider.. probably the best team rider I saw along with Ermolenko.. I think Gundersen on the big nights was quicker though and around Hyde Road was quicker than Nielsen consistently.. Gundersen was for me the best visiting rider I saw around Hyde Road along with Kenny Carter.. Some of the wide lines Gundersen took were amazing but day in day out on every track I'd say Nielsen was the best and most consistent rider I saw in my day since 1978..
  2. Trotter65

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    Cradley 83 was the best team I saw in all my years attending speedway... They were probably too good if you watched them every week though I would say... Didn't they lose Wigg, Grahame, Ravn and Pedersen to the points limit the following season ? The Ipswich side a good few years later was very good as well with the top 4 of Rickardsson, Gollob, Louis and Nicholls... I wasn't actually attending reguarly at the time but did travel to the odd meeting just to see that Ipswich line up..... But Cradley 83 for me was the best I have known
  3. Trotter65

    Soldier Boy

    I remember Soldier Boy at all Hyde Road meetings after I started going in 1978...Ole Olsen was certainly his favourite from what I remember and I can recall Olsen winning the second half at Hyde Road and going to the fence to give Soldier Boy his trophy...Always stood at the tapes and was very vocal..
  4. Trotter65

    Sheffield 2020

    Nick Pedersen will certainly put bums on seats and not just at Sheffield.. He should attract fans when Sheffield are in town as visitors.
  5. Trotter65


    What about Steve Finch or Steve Wilcock or Rod Hunter.. They doubled up and never had intention of signing for the Aces.
  6. Trotter65

    The first race you saw

    First meeting I saw was Belle Vue v Hull in 1978...I can't remember all 4 riders but certainly Alan Wilkinson, Chris Turner and Ivan Mauger.. and a Hull rider I cannot remember.. . Pretty certain Wilkinson won it and not Mauger... I think Mauger only got 7 points if I remember.... Peter Collins got a max... In fact it was a good while until I saw Collins lose a race.. It was eventually Dave Jessup who was the first rider I saw beat him round Hyde Road for Reading a good few matches later.
  7. Trotter65

    TV new deal?

    This is the best news for British speedway.. Eurosport is a good channel.. Far more reach than BT... available to view on Sky Go if you can...and highlists on Free to air on Quest.. This is news the BSPA should really build on.. whether they will is debatable but they have a great opportunity. As mentioned they do a great job with snooker.. I will watch Eurosport snooker even when they broadcast the same pictures simultaneously as BBC as the commentary and studio punditry is much better... Plenty of other good coverage as well of sports... A big step forward this
  8. Trotter65

    Poole 2020

    I remember Poole dropping to the Second Division and they were very good in it with the likes of Steve Schofield and Craig Boyce... What were the crowds like then compared to when they dropped down and did they increase a lot when coming back up when Marvyn Cox was the new number 1 if not mistaken?
  9. Trotter65

    TV new deal?

    I haven't watched hardly any league racing in BT this season to be fair so cannot comment too much on the quality.. I would imagine that the same production team would be used for the Eurosport coverage so there would be no better or worse coverage of the actual meeting.. Eurosport as a whole though is a fine channel.. I can only assume those criticising it haven't watched too much of it lately because its tons better than the channel it used to be and would be a fine home for British speedway although Eurosport do hold rights for some things and sub contract out elsewhere
  10. Trotter65

    TV new deal?

    I think currently Eurosport is the best sports channel out there..Since being owned by Discovery it has improved incredibly and I probably watch more than BT or Sky Sports which can both be very narrow and repetitive in its sports, especially Sky which invests so much in football it leaves very little for much else of great interest.
  11. Trotter65

    Forgotten Europeans...

    When I first started going to speedway in 1978 I only saw speedway at Hyde Road for the first couple of years...so for me that was what speedway was about..no idea about what Eastbourne for example was like so my early impression of riders was based on Hyde Road form disorders some of the southern teams who visited once a year had some particularly poor foreign riders...Henryck Glucklich may been ok ?...I remember him as being poor based on a Hyde Road visit....I remember Uno Johansson coming in for one Belle Vue match and being very poor...I remember Eastbourne coming with Borge Kling and Lars Hammarberg who did nothing at all...not sure if they were in the 64-14 match ?...Emily Sova at Belle Vue didn't last long nut was actually quite entertaining and a very friendly guy..
  12. It was a great race...but generally the races in the 70's weren't any better than today...today's GP's are generally better racing wise than most meetings back then...I lived 70's speedway and went every week at Hyde Road and quite a few away matches....I was probably spoiled a bit with Collins and Morton but I can remember some terrible strung out follow the leader meetings if I'm honest...today's meetings cannot match the crowds and atmosphere of back then but it can definitely match and better the racing in many cases and definitely can at GP and world level
  13. Trotter65

    Poole 2019

    If I had a business in would not want to be associated with comments like that..there are numerous major issues with this country..6 people on a boat is not one of them...why doesn't he just say shoot a few homeless people as well..disgraceful comments in my opinion and not something that would sit easy with me if I had to deal with them professionally.
  14. Trotter65

    Belle Vue 2019

    Having being on the riders side of the fence as a brother in law of a former rider I would take any statement made by any promoters with a huge pinch of salt ....mind you I would also take any public statement made by most riders with an equally big pinch of salt as well !!
  15. Trotter65

    Belle Vue 2019

    I think you still need riders with an affinity for the club and more importantly riders that the fans can see have an affinity for the club....I can still remember the old Bradford team having a great relationship with the fans , most based fairly local and ready to mingle with the fans..they broke that up for fly in fly out stars like Tatum and Nilsen and were successful on the track but much less so off the track and the whole thing closed for a number of reasons. Losing Cook is a big mistake..

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