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  1. Going back years here but when my brother in law rode he was given a little book with all banned substances on plus a list of various things that are in everyday medicines that could be banned and advised to check with the doctor with this list before taking anything.... No idea what happens now but there were always open rumours back then about certain riders and I assume it may still be the same
  2. Trotter65


    When I was a kid the pre meeting parade was a highlight for me...and the line up of bikes and riders at the tapes being introduced....it's a chance to see the riders and not just as faceless individuals.. It's important for fans to identify riders and to identify them as riders for their team...riders today are seen as guns for hire...riding because it's convenient for them to be at a club but with no affinity to it all...changing rules and points limits don't help but it all creates a lack of bond between riders and fans at club level...don't get too attached because they'll be off next season.. It needs to get back to being a proper team sport..the riders are your team..they are your riders with a proper bond between the two...it's far from that at the moment ..plus when I was young Saturday night at 7 was speedway....I'm only a casual follower now but I don't have a clue when meetings at home are scheduled any more..
  3. Trotter65

    Dull Danes

    Nielsen was never dull..a great rider and a fantastic team rider...Gundersen was my favourite rider and to me was fantastic to watch around Hyde Road..his wide lines were like nothing I'd seen including Collins and Morton..and Jan O was possibly the best passer I've seen... I must admit I thought Jepsen Jensen looked pretty exciting in the World Pairs though..
  4. One thing I noticed about Lambert is that he used to look a bit weighty for a rider but now he looks lean..he looks very fast and stylish and his build now is perfect...he has every chance of being a big star
  5. Great stuff..even my wife says she wants to go to see a meeting at Belle Vue now...she's checking the calendar now !
  6. Of course Lambert was left out of the race regardless of who was programmed..Lambert had ridden well in Manchester..he rode the first race and was competitive against the Swedes and beat Lindback...so he was replaced for sure....I'm a Cook fan but at that moment it was a huge error and just Rosco trying to look clever and it backfired...
  7. Trotter65

    How good was the racing at the Shay.?

    Went to the shay lots of times following Belle Vue in the 70's and 80's and can't say I enjoyed many visits there...you got absolutely showered with Shale on the bends..much more than anywhere else...the loose grey stuff they used...the racing was fast but I cannot remember much passing there in my visits although Peter Collins was invincible there for a long time... I used to go regularly away locally to see Belle Vue back then and loved Sheffield, Cradley and Coventry but The Shay was never a favourite track for me
  8. Trotter65

    For or against team suits

    Race suits do look professional..but I'm definitely for individual race suits...fans from when I was young liked to support certain riders and the riders were known by their own colours and you got to know those colours and things for each individual riders and made riders stand out more and be more individual....after all its an individual sport masquerading as a team sport really and in team suits all riders look the same which to me isn't a great look
  9. Trotter65

    Bt Sport Coverage

    How do people know that TV has stopped people attending ?...I actually went to some meetings last year because I saw the NSS on TV and it made me go...I'd not been to a live meeting for years....sure I didn't go every week but that's circumstances...without TV I'd never have gone at all.....how do people know others haven't done the same....how do they do that crowds wouldn't have dwindled even more without TV....they wete dwinding before TV anyway...certainly less people would actually know about the product if it wasn't on TV... It's easy to blame TV for speedway's problems but that just papering over massive cracks...a sport needs TV and without it even less people will know anything about it and even less people will show up..
  10. Trotter65

    No TV deal?

    If promoters actually promoted the sport properly in their local areas then the TV coverage could be a huge promotional tool going forward...for every person lost they should gain 2....if there is no promotion and no TV then nobody is going to even know about league speedway and it's future is far bleaker ..TV is a must..
  11. Trotter65


    Well i think Jason Doyle deserves a lot of praise for riding in the meeting...Most World champions wouldn't go near any meeting unless they were receiving a nice appearance fee ...let's face it he's not short of meetings....so to do this one deserves praise....he doesn't have to And it is different to other riders doing it...his appearance will definitely put more on the gate, get more publicity and make more money..which after all is the aim so I cannot see why anybody would raise any negatives
  12. Trotter65

    Is the league stronger in 2018?

    It's a very unappetising league and product this year...doesn't really make me want to make the effort to go every week I'm afraid
  13. Trotter65

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Yes they use these bats instead of the traditional rubber bats.... It's a Matchroom event created and promoted by them...Barry Hearn knows how to promote and get events on TV...what would speedway do for a figure like that..

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