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  1. CottonOn

    Photographers in British Speedway

    Are we perhaps not looking at this from the right perspective? Speedway these days is not a big sport, and doesn't give many people an income. In fact most people investing time and money in the sport do so knowing they're going to get very little back, and probably not even cover their costs. Say for instance you ran the track spares van at Leicester. It's hardly a money-spinner. Or say you had the burger van concession at Leicester. Probably not going to make you a millionaire. So how would you react if someone rocked up at Leicester selling fuel and oil etc and taking away the official spares man's meagre earnings? How would you react if someone parked a burger van outside the Leicester car park, taking the business of the guy who had paid for an official concession? Why should the Leicester official track photographer be any different? As far as I understand it, all of the official track photographers across the country usually provide all the pictures to the clubs free of charge. in return they might get a few quid back to cover their expenses by flogging pics to outside media outlets or the track shop for supporters to buy. Now an enthusiastic 17-year-old might not be any real threat to professional photographers, but if we give carte-blanche to people to just turn up at any track taking snaps, how long before the professional photographers decide it's no longer worth the cost of fuel to cover speedway? And the sport loses out? It might just be enthusiasm, but it does sound like this 17-year-old has encroached on the work of official photographers at half a dozen tracks. Perhaps the answer is for him to concentrate on his own local track and learn the trade there, with a view to becoming that track's official photographer? (N.B. I only used Leicester as an example in the above. I don't know who the photographer, spares man, or burger seller is at Leicester, but you can change Leicester for any other track name. The point is the same).
  2. CottonOn

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    The major shareholder and director of Pinegen Ltd who publish "Speedway Star".
  3. CottonOn

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    Well, it depends which club you are. When Belle Vue (under a previous promotion) fabricated a burst water pipe because Zagar had missed his flight, they got hauled over the coals, hit with a massive fine, and weren't allowed to call another meeting off for 2 years without SCB permission. Now that Birmingham have done the same and fabricated a "electrical fault" because Adam Ellis was missing, will they suffer the same punishment from the SCB? (Although there is a precedent that when Poole did the same thing they got away scot-free.) But not sure why this thread is titled "F.A.O. Phil Rising", surely it should be "F.A.O. Neil Vatcher"? He's the one you should all be addressing your concerns to.
  4. CottonOn

    Craig Cook: what next?

    Apart from all the "apparentlys", you only have to look back at all the other "facts" in all his previous posts which turned out to be pure fiction, to see he's just a troll with a downer on Belle Vue. Must be awful to be that bitter. But at least his made up stories give us a laugh.
  5. CottonOn

    SoN Belle Vue

    This is wrong. Head to heads don't matter with 3 or more tied teams. It is total bonus points that matter. This is correct.
  6. CottonOn

    How much to get in?

    So for the cost of MikeBV taking his son to Kent to watch an NL meeting, he could instead have 2 adults and 8 kids attend Belle Vue, and still get £3 back? Racing must be incredible at Kent.
  7. And the forecast was right. Raining late afternoon... raining at start time... still raining at what would have been finishing time. And the temperature never rose above 4 degrees. Even if riding had been somehow possible with the superb NSS drainage (it wasn't), no one would have wanted to stand/sit out in that weather for 2 hours. Only an idiot would think the promotion didn't make the right call. (cue the forum idiot).
  8. CottonOn

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Agree entirely. This is the way I read Speedway Star too, and I imagine the way most people read it. Read the main news on the first 2 pages first, then straight to the back for the full match reports and scorers. If we have to lose the match reports for financial reasons, and the scorer details will now be dotted randomly throughout, then I guess that's how it will have to be, but I don't think it's a good decision, and it may lose more subscribers. Surely though it can't be expensive to get someone to organise the pages so that the Premiership clubs' news is all together, the Championship all together, and the NDL all together? it's a terrible mess at the moment with everything all higgledy-piggledy and hard to read.
  9. CottonOn

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    Nicki took Pawlicki wide. Didn't leave him much room at all, and Pawlicki bailed. I'd agree with an exclusion for Pedersen as he ran him up just that bit too much. But nothing to comment on beyond an everyday run-of-the-mill exclusion. As for Ward, well I hate to see him the way he is now. I'd love to have him fit and well and back on a bike racing. I don't want to see any rider suffering the effects of serious injury. But as a person, he was an obnoxious pillock before his accident, and he's still an obnoxious pillock now.
  10. CottonOn

    2019 National League table prediction

    1. Belle Vue 2. Kent 3. Stoke 4. Cradley 5. Leicester 6. Isle of Wight 7. Plymouth 8. MIldenhall
  11. CottonOn

    Belle Vue 2019

    Once a Pirate, always a Pirate, but since moving to Glossop I get to see more of the NSS, Buxton (RIP), and Owlerton, than dear old Wimborne Road. Although, to be fair, there are people living on the Isle of Wight who know more about Belle Vue than you do.
  12. CottonOn

    Belle Vue 2019

    Ooops. Got it wrong again. Crowds have actually gone up. Although they want to get them to go up an awful lot more yet. Try sticking to just posting your daft opinions. No one can dispute that they are just your opinions (however daft). When you post things that are factually incorrect (as you have been doing), you're only going to look a fool.
  13. CottonOn

    Belle Vue 2019

    Ah. That explains a lot. That's why nothing he posts actually agrees with the facts. A bitter and twisted ex-fan Quite the opposite. He walks the terraces talking to and listening to fans. And not just at BV. I saw him at Wolves last year in discussion with fans He admits he'd never seen the sport until he joined BV, and I've never seen him tell a fan he knows more about the history of the sport than them. Although in actual fact he's learnt a lot in a few years and is now quite knowledgeable. Probably far less clueless than you. Ooops got it wrong again. He's got a strong business background, and had worked for Belle Vue's multi-millionaire owners for a long time before. (They are major players in telecomms and aerospace. Both been directors of British Aerospace, and one the current CEO of Airbus!). Here's your chance to give us your business credentials Speedytiger. (Make something up, we can't check up on you. Something glamorous... Lorry driver? Roadsweeper? Go for it!) Maybe check you're doing it right. I've never had a problem emailing him or finding him at the track to talk to, or even leaving a message with someone else for him. Keeping the volunteers out? More unfathomable nonsense. Can you list all the BV matches that were cancelled because the start marshal, clerk of the course, machine examiner, announcer, first aiders, programme sellers, etc etc were locked outside by Adrian Smith? He's also doing a very poor job of keeping ex-riders out, as there are always plenty of them at matches... Unless you're talking about one particluar bitter stubborn ex-rider who doesn't come to BV since falling out with John Perrin? A silly stubborn man who refused the invites of the Mole/Thomas promotion to come back, then refused the invites of the Gordon/Morton promotion to come back...and guess what? Adrian Smith tried to get him to come back, but he remains bitter and twisted. (You might get on with him).
  14. CottonOn

    2019 Regulations

    One would think so. It seems voting will be open from the interval (after heat 10) via twitter. You don't have to be at the meeting to vote (so everyone in the country can nominate Poole's 2 lowest scorers for heat 14), then the team manager nominates for heat 15, choosing from everyone except those who were in heat 14.
  15. CottonOn

    2019 Regulations

    The heat format hasn't changed, and is the same across all 3 leagues. The only different heat format needed is for the new Supporters Cup competition, which is the old 13 heat format plus a heat 14 nominated by the supporters via a twitter vote, and heat 15 nominated by the team managers.

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