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  1. CottonOn

    Belle Vue 2019

    It's 57%. Not so impressive.
  2. CottonOn

    Wolves 2019

    Quote from the AGM Statement: " (NB to support the progression of riders who have progressed through the National Development League, all riders will receive a 2.5% reduction in their average) "
  3. CottonOn

    Wolves 2019

    The deduction has nothing to do with where you're born or what passport you have. It's a deduction for riders who started in the NL. Morris rode NL for Buxton, so should get his deduction.
  4. CottonOn

    Workington 2019

    Not aware that Aarnio has said anything. I'm guessing he's the one going to be announced. But I knew Ostergaard couldn't sign for Workington as he had already signed for Brum.
  5. CottonOn

    Birmingham 2018

    Ulrich Ostergaard first signing for Championship Brummies
  6. CottonOn

    Poole 2019

    Jack Bjerre? Cook should do well at Poole though.
  7. CottonOn

    Mildenhall New Owner

    Won't find out until Easter does what?
  8. CottonOn

    Workington 2019

    No. I'll guess Aarnio.
  9. CottonOn

    Leicester NL 2019

    Since there's very little shale on the track, a good nickname would be... Leicester Sweepupafterwards
  10. CottonOn

    REDCAR 2019

    How about: Michael Palm-Toft 7.96 Charles Wright 7.68 Ben Barker 6.87 Coty Garcia 4.47 Jordan Stewart 4.09 Carl Wilkinson 3.86 Jack Smith 2.73
  11. CottonOn

    Workington 2019

    Since BWD has already signed for the Comets, adding those 6 would take us well over the points limit at 39.89 Take out Jensen and add in a 4-point newcomer like Jaimon Lidsey or Joshua McDonald and you're sorted.. S Worrall, Aarnio, Campton, Wilson-Dean, Lambert, McDonald, Bickley
  12. CottonOn

    NL AGM 2018

    Why are people thinking 6 or fewer NL teams? Reckon there could be 9. Birmingham should be moving up, so that's one team lost. Also Eastbourne are moving up, but there could yet be a twist with the Eagles also maintaining a NL interest. Almost definite: Kent, Isle of Wight, Belle Vue, Stoke Highly likely: Buxton, Plymouth, Leicester (rebranding of Coventry) Possibles: Two more clubs running a second team. One needed in the North and one in the South (Eagles II) Unlikely: MIldenhall The biggest problem now for the NL is the points limit. With fewer than last year's 10 teams, the points limit needs to go up slightly. 9 teams at 40 points? However this will not happen. There are promoters in the BSPA Championship who want to destroy the NL, and they will force a suicide limit of 35 or 36.
  13. CottonOn

    All Clubs are For Sale

    No they're not. Current assets are things which are either cash or will be quickly turned into cash. e.g. Debtors, Stocks and WIP, Bank accounts, short term loans, and cash in hand. If anyone were to list riders contracts as assets, they would be listed as Fixed assets and amortised over their expected useful life... but why would anyone do this when they can write the whole lot off to P&L at the time of purchase?
  14. CottonOn


    Didn't expect Sheldon Davies to score much, but yes, I expected him to keep up, which he did. Seems a promising young rider. Agree entirely. Wouldn't fault Rodgers at all on this one. The organisation was good, the meeting seemed pretty well sponsored. I didn't even think the programme was too bad. The only thing wrong with the meeting was the diabolical track. As you say the riders spend more time battling the terrible track than battling with each other. Rodgers wasn't responsible for the track. in fact he looked quite embarrassed by it.
  15. CottonOn


    Definitely the worst track I've seen this year and the worst meeting. Despite a lot of the top NL riders being missing, there was still a good quality field, but they were unable to show their skills on such a diabolical track which saw races finished with riders half a lap apart in nearly every race....(that's when 4 managed to finish). Quite a few fallers and a hell of a lot of races where the track just sent riders shooting across the bends and they then pulled up having been left so far behind. I was told there were big holes in the 1st and 3rd bend that had been covered up with just loose stones and that's what made it so dangerous.

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