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  1. Spot on. I'm quite an admirer of Tai, but I can see he was wrong to do what he did in the final. The only thing to do was to hold back, try to help Lambert, try to mess Emil up. It most likely wouldn't have worked, but it was the ONLY thing available to try.
  2. Imagine the scenario… England have made it to the football World Cup final to face Brazil. Brazil take a first-half 3-0 lead…But Marcus Rashford (England’s top goalscorer) scores an amazing hat-trick to level it at 3-all. After extra time it’s still 3-3. It all comes down to a tense penalty shoot-out. Brazil score their first four penalties.. They look like they can never miss… But England score their first four penalties too. The Brazilian centre-forward steps up and calmly slots home the fifth penalty. Rashford is next. He must score to take it to sudden death. Then esteemed football journo Bill Prising runs onto the pitch. He shouts to Rashford “Don’t take the penalty!”. He explains “He’ll probably miss”. “Even if he scores, it only goes to sudden death and we’ll probably lose”. Prising continues “Rashford scored a hat-trick in the final and has been our top scorer in the tournament. Don’t criticise him for not taking this penalty. You should be happy to finish second” A silly story? No one would say something that silly in Speedway, right?
  3. CottonOn

    Stoke Vs Buxton (NT) 19/05/2018

    Going well now. 10 heats completed in just under 2 hours.
  4. CottonOn

    Stoke Vs Buxton (NT) 19/05/2018

    Heat 3 uneventful apart from Atkin not using a Dirt Deflector and getting excluded. Heat 4 O'Keefe touches the tapes... 15Metres. Re-run Pavitt falls. O'Keefe also down. Both withdrawn by the paramedics An hour and 10 mins gone....4 heats completed. Can't imagine the generator taking much more of this.
  5. CottonOn

    Stoke Vs Buxton (NT) 19/05/2018

    It's business as usual at the Stadium of Candle Light tonight. We've reached heat 2 here at the Theatre of NIghtmares... 1st attempt and Lewis Whitmore falls ..... It's all 4 back for the re-run 2nd attempt Wiliam O'Keefe leads, but falls while leading (He's making a hablit of this) He's excluded. 3rd attempt Lewis Whitmore falls again... colliding with Alcock and Douglas 4th attempt. Whitmore wins. Has anyone ever won a race before when he's already fallen off in two previous attempts? Rumour has it that the Battle of the Somme was originally going to be staged at Stoke until Field Marshal Haig complained about the conditions and got the fixture transferred to France
  6. CottonOn

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    Actually it's in Chesterton, and for a short period of their history, the team were known as Chesterton. But currently (and for most of their Loomer Road history) the team have taken the name of the nearest city, which is Stoke-On-Trent. Not sure the point of your note, but at least now it's been corrected.
  7. CottonOn

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    A big crowd at Stoke last night, but those who stayed away missed another Speedway Extravanganza at the Stadium of Wonky Light. A dodgy-awfully prepared track sent entertainment values soaring. If you blinked you might miss another faller. Stoke delivered on their aim to have fallers into double figures (10 at the last count). Where else in world speedway can you see 7 out of 15 heats awarded due to falls? Fantastic stuff. Why don't other clubs booby-trap the track in this way? Stoke convincingly won 8 falls to 2, which excited the crowd so much that they lifted the roof off the grandstand (at least I presume that's why parts of the bar ceiling are falling in). But despite winning on falls, Stoke lost by 7 submissions and numerous knockouts (mostly knockout blows to the credibility of the sport). Back to the beginning, Stoke started with a minute's silence for Roy Smallwood MBE (since he had worked at Stoke for over 40 years, an MBE seemed most insulting. He should have been given the George Cross for acts of heroism in extreme danger). I don't know if Roy was a good man or a bad man, but even if he is now in hell being tortured for all eternity, we can feel content that he is in a better place than Stoke. Roy was pictured in the programme in a 50s Teddy Boy suit. The picture was taken the last time the Stoke electrics didn't fail. Despite being dead, Roy was still in the programme's officials' list as the Pits Gate Manager. Then the announcer. It was his first time. Not just his first time announcing, but his first time at speedway (possibly his first time out of the house). He had no idea what was happening. Remember the taxi driver interviewed on BBC by mistake? It was far worse. The poor sod tried to hand over to a centre green presenter, but the presenter had no microphone. So the confused newbie had to read out Belle Vue names he'd never heard of all by himself, such as Ken Dicken and Joe Lola. The hapless announcer must have thought he had been duped into the Jeremy Beadle show, except for the fact that Beadle has been dead for 10 years, and is now presumably working as the Stoke Pits Marshal. Heat 1 and novice O'Keefe leads from the far better Clegg and Perry. He realises this is wrong and throws the bike at the fence to become first faller. SUN BREAK Heat 2 and O'Keefe becomes the first rider to cause an awarded race. Heat 4. O'Keefe retires and Shuttleworth inspects the "shale" to give BV an awarded 5-0 (Shuttleworth's first of 3 track inspections). SUN BREAK Heat 5 All 4 riders finish. This is to be an extreme rare occurance. Heat 7 Awarded again as the hungry Shuttleworth eats more "shale" Heat 10. Alcock falls, and Clegg goes an unexplained splat while in a comfortable lead. Awarded 5-0 Heat 13 Smith is the first BV faller, trying to use the outside on the first bend. (You can't do that). In the re-run tired Shuttleworth needs a third lie down on the track. Awarded Heat 14 Who else but O'Keefe falls. The ref puts on the red light and fuses the whole stadium. He's been over-using the red light. (Remember in the 70s when it got cold and you had to switch off the TV before you could put on the second bar of the electric fire, or else risk fusing the whole street? The City of Stoke still runs like this). The referee is warned that he must not use the red lights again. To do so would damage the flux-capacitor, destroy the space-time continuum, and we'd all be stuck here in 1955 with Biff Tattum, and Roy Smallwood playing Johnny B Goode whilst dressed as Stoke's answer to Showaddywaady..... Shoddyshoddy. The ref agrees that when the inevitable awarding of heat 15 happens, the race will be stopped by hand signals and the shouting of the moronic announcer, which will alert members of the track staff to wave red flags (the ones that are still alive anyway - Roy and Beadle are excused duty). Heat 15 and an actual race develops between Atkin and Lawlor. Perry is a distance back in 3rd, Clegg further back stone last. Lawlor chases Atkin and just gets ahead up the back straight. Atkin faces being moved into the outer part of the 3rd bend track (here be dragons) and tries to resist. The two collide and the race needs to be awarded. (the 3rd awarded race in a row, 7th of the night). The Announcer then announces Perry (who was minding his own business back in third) is excluded. The win awarded to Max Clegg (who was stone last). The announcer returns minutes later (possibly with a referees hands around his throat) to change the exclusion to Lawlor...but still has the awarded places wrong. After a further few minutes it is changed again. The MDL match is cancelled and everyone leaves, completely unsure on the final score or the final awarded decision of heat 15.
  8. They tried to. They contacted as many as could be contacted. Some just didn't reply. Correct. Was invited, didn't go.
  9. CottonOn

    Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Belle Vue have run in the NL for three years 2011, 2016, 2017. In all 3 years they have finished the season with the same declared 1-7 that they started with. In 2011 they made the play-offs and should have won the league. However they suffered injuries to 2 heat-leaders (Bekker and McKinna) just before the play-offs, and in those days there were no guests allowed so they had to cover a heat-leader with a 3pointer, and just missed out on the play-off final. In 2016 they finished 5th and just missed the play-offs. Their late start to the season (with new stadium problems) handicapped them, and when they had to cram all their last fixtues in before the cut-off they had lost Bewley to injury. Otherwise they'd have been in play-offs. In 2017 they ran away with the league. I'd certainly hesitate to write them off under any circumstances.

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