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  1. CottonOn

    All 4 back question

    I'm sure I was told a few years ago that referees were briefed that in the case of two riders from the same team colliding, it is the teammate who falls that is excluded, regardless of whose fault it was. Don't think it's ever been in the rulebook, but something in the back of my mind says that a referee told me they were directed to do it like that.
  2. CottonOn

    TV new deal?

    The point was that they are POLISH companies not UK companies as the previous poster mistakenly thought. He thought they might be interested in the UK if they were UK companies. (which they're not). No one is suggesting Polish companies are interested in the UK market. Try reading it properly rather than rudely rejecting it. Sorry if I didn't make it simple enough for you.
  3. CottonOn

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Belle Vue's season hasn't finished. Still potentially 3 home matches left. The first of which is tomorrow. Would be a bit stupid trying to pencil in open meetings when the dates are needed for play-offs and cup finals. if you want some meaningless open meetings, why not do as suggested above and ask Sheffield? They've had every day free since Sept 11. As a second division club they'd probably draw a massive crowd if they invited all these top liners who you believe are free and desperate for meetings.
  4. CottonOn

    Brandon Update

    Yes. Nowhere near Coventry, but only about 15 miles from Milton Keynes. I believe Brafield has been looked at by those wanting to revive Milton Keynes, but as it's basically just a Stock Car track carved in a field, with no stadium to speak of, it would cost a fortune to bring it up to any suitable standard, even if planning permission could be obtained, and it would be cheaper to just start from scratch elsewhere. Anyway, that's nothing to do with this Coventry topic
  5. CottonOn

    TV new deal?

    Not sure what all that's got to do with the price of fish. I was simply pointing out that Fogo and Cash Broker were Polish companies,since a poster mistakenly thought they were British companies.
  6. CottonOn

    TV new deal?

    Fogo is a Polish generator manufacturer from near Leszno. Cash Broker is a Polish currency broker from Poznan
  7. CottonOn

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    Yes indeed. Very easy to buy the book from WH Smith. Just follow the link below. For a delivery charge they'll post it to your home address. Or for zero delivery charge you can just pop into a WH Smith branch and collect it in person (including Beckenham and Bromley) https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/raw-speed-the-autobiography-of-the-threetimes-world-speedway-champion/tai-woffinden/hardback/9781786062789.html
  8. CottonOn

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    This total makes sense to me, and is in no way the ramblings of a fantasist who is making up crap and seeking attention. It's simple. He went from his home in Penge to Bromley for a lunch (which he said 3 pages ago he was treating himself to with the money he's saved because he definitely isn't buying Tai Woffinden's book). After lunch he called in at the Bromley WH Smith to ask about the TW book (which he isn't going to buy) by giving a vaguely misleading discription of Lewis Hamilton. The confused assistant took the easy way out by telling him they don't stock whatever book he was rambling on about and describing so badly. He then got the bus home to Penge... but part way through the journey, he disembarked the bus in Beckenham, to visit another branch of the self-same national chain of shops, who had already told him they don't stock the book that he doesn't want to buy (even though they do). He then had to wait for the next bus of the same service that he had just needlessly got off. Sounds believeable to me. No Mr Dodd. That's not how income tax works. But the good news is that there is no VAT on books. (And definitely no VAT on books you haven't bought and never intend to buy). Again, why are you so sceptical? What is the point of Facebook if not to ask for book reviews from people who don't have the book in question? Maybe you aren't a member of enough prestigious Facebook groups?
  9. CottonOn

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    Perhaps Mr Magoostix should have called next-door-but-one before going into WHS? Meanwhile there's a twitter account that could be interested in the story of his failure in the simple task of finding a readily-available book. It's called @_DHOTYA
  10. CottonOn

    Peterborough Showground

  11. CottonOn

    TV new deal?

    Out of interest how many meetings have you been to this year compared to last year, or compared to 2017? What bit of the structure and organisation of the meetings you've seen this year did you have a problem with?
  12. CottonOn

    Belle Vue 2019

    He doesn't need to change his mind about the Scunthorpe team spot. He could sign as a Belle Vue asset and still race for Scunthorpe in the Championship in 2020. In fact that might be his most sensible option.. Sign for Belle Vue as an asset. Go on a free loan to Scunthorpe in the 2020 Championship, stay there until he's ready for Premiership and then straight up with Belle Vue. It'd be the same path as Dan Bewley who signed for Belle Vue and went on loan to Edinburgh (and then Glasgow and Workington) whilst having a ready made place at BV once he was Premiership ready.
  13. CottonOn

    NL Pairs August 25th

    So presumably both are now banned for withholding services?
  14. CottonOn

    NL Pairs August 25th

    Only other meeting on is Newcastle v Birmingham, so only Max Clegg is required elsewhere. Jack Smith and Tom Spencer are crocked. Presumably Dan Halsey and Luke Harris are now banned for withholding their services?
  15. CottonOn

    Rosco steps down as GB boss

    Hope that's a typo, or we're truly in a mess!

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