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  1. CottonOn

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    The fact that the meeting went to the last heat with 3 teams level, and the winner was only decided in a photo-finish on the line, will probably see this meeting claimed to be a success, but the reality is that it was a poor advert for the NL. The track caused numerous accidents, and it was lucky that Rob Ledwith was the only one badly hurt. Len Silver didn't seem too pleased that he may have lost Ledwith and Rowe from Monday's meeting. Some of the accidents coming out of the second bend were frightening to see. Thank goodness most were able to walk away as none were rider error, all were riders picking up on the inconsistent soft patches. The hole in the third bend wasn't as bad, but still claimed its fair share of victims. Did Max Clegg touch the tapes both times on purpose to avoid having to ride the track? Near two-and-a-half hours to complete the 16 group heats because of the accidents and two appearances of the ambulance meant the final was in danger of being beaten by the curfew, but some track work during the short break before the final improved things. If the track had been the same for the first 16 heat as it was for the final it wouldn't have been a bad meeting, but sadly it was poor. Congratulations to Stoke, commiserations to I.O.W, and best wishes to those injured
  2. CottonOn

    Belle Vue 2019

    The huge car park on the other side of the road is the Showcase Cinema. It's free but in theory it's only for use of cinema patrons, and for big meetings they often have someone on the gate trying to turn away non-cinema people. But for ordinary meetings you'd get in. The entrance to the Showcase Cinema car park is on Hyde Road, the big main cinema entrance there. The Speedway stadium is very disabled friendly. Being a modern stadium, they have to cater for the disabled by law. If you're going for the grandstand, there are disabled parking spaces right next to the main reception by the ticket office and turnstiles (Bring your disabled badge and you're ok). There are lifts inside, and wheelchair viewing areas at both ends of the grandstand. If you're going for the backstraight you want the South car park off Pink Bank Lane. You can again park very close to the turnstiles as long as you're there in time.
  3. Wells was injured on Friday. Edinburgh used R/R for him today.
  4. It seems some still don't understand it. The breath test is for alcohol only. Apparently no one had a problem with the breath test. The urine sample is for a drugs screening test. If this comes back negative, then all is OK. However it seems Howarth's screening test produced what is called a "non-negative". This therefore means the sample has to go off to a laboratory for a drugs test to find out what produced the non-negative (it may be a banned substance or it may be something else). Howarth declared taking Night Nurse, and this is what may have triggered the non-negative screening. Night Nurse is not a banned substance (anyone can google the IOC to get the list of WADA banned substances) and if this is what is found, then all is OK and Howarth is in the clear. Of course if the drugs test comes back positive for a banned substance, then he'd be in big trouble.
  5. Becker and Etheridge will strengthen up the Poole reserve berths. R/R could do better than Richie Worrall on one of his worst tracks. The Poole horse-for-courses select could spring a surprise here.
  6. What on earth are you going on about? No one said anything about Beta Blockers. Howarth has said he took Night Nurse. Before doing a drugs screening test at the track the rider is asked if they have taken any medication. Since he's said he took NIght Nurse, (and we have no evidence of anything else) we can only assume that NIght Nurse is the reason the screening test threw up what they call a "non-negative", which needs to be tested. With a "non-negative" in the screening test, the rider is disqualified from the meeting, and the sample has to undergo a drugs test at a laboratory. Of course if any rider's drugs test comes back positive for a banned substance they deserve to be banned for a long time. But if what Howarth says is true, then the drugs test will identify Night Nurse, and he'll be free to continue riding because Night Nurse doesn't contain anything on the WADA banned list. (There are many websites you can google yourself where you can easily see the IOC's list of what medications are on the WADA banned list).
  7. CottonOn

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    Please, not even in jest! The league currently has a coordinator who might take you seriously on this. Don't give him silly ideas. If I were the events organiser for the NL Fours and Pairs, the first second* thing I would do is tell the BSPA I need priority granting for these fixtures the same as the NLRC, so that I don't end up looking stupid if other clubs come bumbling in, 2 weeks before the event, taking away riders. (*obviously the first thing I'd do is order a personally monogrammed anorak).
  8. CottonOn

    Belle Vue vs Mildenhall 10/06/2019

    What would be the point of track covers, if as you say "it's fine here" at the moment? (assuming the "here" you refer to is Gorton?) If the latest weather forecast is correct that it's now 80%+ going to pee down at 7pm and 8pm, again what would be the point of track covers? Do you think they can race on top of track covers? In view of forecast heavy rain from 7pm and 8pm onwards, and a depleted Mildenhall team, I'd suspect it works out for the best to postpone and restage with a full team on a nice dry day.
  9. CottonOn

    Belle Vue vs Mildenhall 10/06/2019

    Dry all day with a 50% chance of a light shower at 6pm? Wouldn't have thought that would bother the BV track.
  10. CottonOn

    Photographers in British Speedway

    Are we perhaps not looking at this from the right perspective? Speedway these days is not a big sport, and doesn't give many people an income. In fact most people investing time and money in the sport do so knowing they're going to get very little back, and probably not even cover their costs. Say for instance you ran the track spares van at Leicester. It's hardly a money-spinner. Or say you had the burger van concession at Leicester. Probably not going to make you a millionaire. So how would you react if someone rocked up at Leicester selling fuel and oil etc and taking away the official spares man's meagre earnings? How would you react if someone parked a burger van outside the Leicester car park, taking the business of the guy who had paid for an official concession? Why should the Leicester official track photographer be any different? As far as I understand it, all of the official track photographers across the country usually provide all the pictures to the clubs free of charge. in return they might get a few quid back to cover their expenses by flogging pics to outside media outlets or the track shop for supporters to buy. Now an enthusiastic 17-year-old might not be any real threat to professional photographers, but if we give carte-blanche to people to just turn up at any track taking snaps, how long before the professional photographers decide it's no longer worth the cost of fuel to cover speedway? And the sport loses out? It might just be enthusiasm, but it does sound like this 17-year-old has encroached on the work of official photographers at half a dozen tracks. Perhaps the answer is for him to concentrate on his own local track and learn the trade there, with a view to becoming that track's official photographer? (N.B. I only used Leicester as an example in the above. I don't know who the photographer, spares man, or burger seller is at Leicester, but you can change Leicester for any other track name. The point is the same).
  11. CottonOn

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    The major shareholder and director of Pinegen Ltd who publish "Speedway Star".
  12. CottonOn

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    Well, it depends which club you are. When Belle Vue (under a previous promotion) fabricated a burst water pipe because Zagar had missed his flight, they got hauled over the coals, hit with a massive fine, and weren't allowed to call another meeting off for 2 years without SCB permission. Now that Birmingham have done the same and fabricated a "electrical fault" because Adam Ellis was missing, will they suffer the same punishment from the SCB? (Although there is a precedent that when Poole did the same thing they got away scot-free.) But not sure why this thread is titled "F.A.O. Phil Rising", surely it should be "F.A.O. Neil Vatcher"? He's the one you should all be addressing your concerns to.

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