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  1. Coltsareus

    Leicester Lions 2018

    After the drubbing by Poole, its difficult to see where the Lions go next. The loss margin was unexpected, although the team rallied in the second half, it was way too late. How can Auty with a 9+ championship average have such a bad meeting. Was it that the new guys weren't used to the track, though they've all ridden it before? Can anyone who attended add an explanation? It may have been that the Poole team is getting charged up and just wanted it more.
  2. Coltsareus

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Can Bjerre be used as a guest until Josh is back or would he replace him for the season?
  3. Coltsareus

    Swedish Elitserien Team Structure 2018

    Thank you f-s-p My search of the forum was clearly inadequate. Glad to find another area of the forum to look at.
  4. The Swedish teams seem to have a squad or 10 or 12 riders. Can all of the top riders ride in a match or must there be some lower point riders at reserve etc. Is there a limit on how many foreign riders that can ride in a match. I looked at the SVEMO website but couldn’t find any translatable answers.

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