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    Newcastle 2020

    It just shows how much Paul wants Archie to achieve his speedway dream , I would imagine he ( possibly with some sponsors help ) spent a few quid on fuel etc doing those three meetings.
  2. It could be the right circumstances for Ben barker to do very well . Like has been mentioned , alot of the would be favourites have had very little track time and the younger riders in the field might let the occasion get to them. If Ben's bikes are reliable and he races with (in his own words) the win it or bin it attitude then he won't be far off . Hoping everyone has a good day and stays safe.
  3. It would be nice to see the thompson twins as meeting reserves , in a somewhat non conventional lineup then why not ? They've been riding probably more than most this season.

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Years ago I spoke with the worralls dad and he said it cost him over 50k a year to support the twins at the factory rider standard they're were at and the return was almost nothing - bearing in mind Steve was with ktm and richie was a ccm rider. Speedway is a decently paid hobby in comparison . Obviously the upkeep of speedway equipment is alot more than maintaining an mx bike.

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Also richard lawson , lewis kerr , lewis rose were pretty good mx riders.

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    I think this topic is one that people could argue for and against any rider that "never made it ". In reality most riders either make it to a point that they are happy with and enjoy doing so without the aspirations of being world champions or expect too much of themselves and people around them do , this leads to pressure and riders simply fading away into the shadows.

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Paul lee had a very bad arm injury which ended his career .

    gp challenge 2020

    Yes , his brother has been with him a long time . He used to ride a few years back .
  9. Correct on both , Tony swales always prepped a very good track - wonder wheel followed by some sort of wire fencing to scatter the shale material evenly . I don't think many tracks were as good.
  10. Cleveland Park was located almost partly under the flyover on the south side of the water . I remember as a child seeing on a few occasions car's pulling up on the exit of the flyover to have a quick watch of a heat or two before the Copper's turned up to move them on lol. If you look for it now it's five-a-side football pitches ( the cage type).

    Coventry Drone

    At 11.36 into the footage the boarded up window to the left of the blue door is about as near to Charles's office as you could get ( I know his wife always sat in there) to the best of my knowledge. I know the management office was always in that area.

    leicester lions track hire ?

    Probably due to the choice of scunthorpe being the only other option available in the current situation , and as far as I know Leicester has been available for hire seven days a week for quite a few years now. Obviously not available if any pre arranged event has filled the date already.

    Mr Garrity

    Lee smart retired for the second time in his career

    Mr Garrity

    I think pinny is referring to Michael Lee and Frank smart ?
  15. Didn't Danny bird live somewhere like Penzance when he rode for Glasgow and fly up for meetings ?

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