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  1. Smoggy45


    Wage caps etc etc if ever introduced could be policed but back handers which are common place cannot. Like with most things in life money speaks volumes when you want something.
  2. Smoggy45

    Birmingham 2018

    It was rained off , it's on today at 17.00
  3. Smoggy45

    Coventry v Cradley 10-06-18

    Watched on updates and the end result looked closer than I would of predicted , on paper Cradley had by far the strongest team .
  4. Smoggy45

    Newcastle 2018

    I've noticed a few on these threads that suggest robbo should go , apart from being injured almost as soon as the season got going he's been one of the diamonds top riders for many season's and can and does beat anyone round Brough park when he's fully fit .
  5. Smoggy45

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Just out of interest ,who would you of picked to guest at 7 for the bees ?
  6. Smoggy45

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    They probably fell foul of the rule that it has to be an unattached rider (3.00) and had very limited choice .
  7. Smoggy45

    Coventry v Birmingham 27-05-2018

    Couldn't agree more with any of that mate , one of my work colleagues attended the meeting and said more or less the same - only problem is there isn't many riders out there to be drafted in but I'm sure the management will be searching for options.
  8. Smoggy45

    Coventry v Birmingham 27-05-2018

    Looks like the brummies have gone r/r for cupitt which now gives them a potential boost with leon flint able to take more rides .
  9. Smoggy45

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    OK mate , I'll remember that .
  10. Smoggy45

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Good , in that case why are you making issues of my opinions. I have an interest in speedway generally - didn't realise everyone has to post on here only after getting clearance off you as to weather you'll agree with it or not and to help in your negative stance on Coventry speedway. As I said your boring me and many many others with this constant view. I'll not waste any more of your time but to do that you need to stop replying to my posts .
  11. Smoggy45

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Aggressive? I totally got what you meant about manor so please don't mock by asking me to look at your highlighted piece and have a think. I notice you've got bees as your team yet all you do is be negative and go against anything positive. For such an old poster I find your repetition boring. You aren't the only one though - why don't you go and sit up brandon and imagine what could of been. The situation is as it is and I doubt it will change very soon if at all. Many other supporters from other tracks have been through this or similar. You've got a very strange way of being a speedway supporter.
  12. Smoggy45

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    For many it is and that's their loss , for the rest who aren't stuck in the past and wishing for something different then they are the ones enjoying good speedway from the bees . The only drawback in your words is personal issue's and the weak argument of a few quid in petrol money. Like I said if you don't like it please don't spoil it for others who can deal with the current situation.
  13. Smoggy45

    Milton Keynes Knights

    Thankyou, your help is much appreciated.
  14. Quite right - give the team extra rides which gives them more track time and also keeps the money in house to benefit Redcar riders pockets which then presumably would be invested into their equipment .
  15. Smoggy45

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Has to be said - for all the negativity and willingness to fail in their new venture the bees as a team have started the season in a positive manor and I wish them luck for the season ahead. Hopefully they'll start getting the crowd they deserve and anyone against the whole thing in any way - it's simple , no one is forcing you to go and watch but for those who are choosing to then don't put a downer on it for them . These people are the real supporter's who club's rely on to keep them afloat.

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