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  1. Mafiarule

    Swindon Robins 2020

    If the figures are correct..a 3pst reserve and 4.05 rider to be sort.. interesting thoughts too who they could be.. what would a new Dane.swede or Australian come in on .
  2. Mafiarule

    Swindon Stadium

    Or get passes and dont want too risk free speesway giving truthful thoughts
  3. Saturday is dogs. Sunday would require permission from local Parish I believe. My guess off Thursday following Monday or Thursday depending on whether Ipswich get first leg completed. Speedway summer sport with finals run in autumn. Cut out all the non racing weeks and could be done dusted by end August.
  4. If wet conditions wont suit batchelors or Doyle.
  5. Mafiarule

    Swindon 2019

    Where has it been stated tr stepping down..... worrying times for the club if does
  6. Mafiarule

    Swindon 2019

    Too busy building the new super deluxe stadium next year to worry about a team. Swindon will join oxford and Reading,Bristol
  7. Mafiarule

    Swindon Stadium

    The annual meeting of the local drawing club has been judged by the sbc... . Next contest set in March I understand.......
  8. Rain pretty much all day and showers throughout Thursday. . Correct decision to call off early..
  9. Think the result will be immaterial. More eyes will be how track holds up. I can see a narrow Poole win on a dust bowl.
  10. Mafiarule

    Swindon Stadium

    2 nice little brick walls. Hope no rider slides under airfence. Will be interesting too see if racing is better than before although too be fair couldn't be any worse. Last 3 or 4 season last yr in particular was gate and go track.will be nipping to oaktre quite a bit racers track and got a team of racers. HARRIS WILL THRIVE THERE
  11. Mafiarule

    Swindon Stadium

    Didn't Terry Russell state in the local rag work would start towards end of February in swindon advertiser yet today an article in Advertiser states permission wasnt granted for track changes till 11 March... why start changes then and not in October giving plenty of time for work to be done and track have a winter too bed in... will the delay of week make a ounce of difference in first turn bedding in....
  12. Mafiarule

    Swindon Stadium

    Common sense is a foreign language in speedway. Ha ha ha. Will be interested to hear honest views of the riders after the first meeting. Is one extra week going to allow track to bed in properly for a season of racing ....
  13. Mafiarule

    Swindon Stadium

    Why make the change too track so close too the season in the first place...now the predictable happens.. Swindon track isn't ready. Swindon go too Wolves having not even had a press day. So probably old stock pictures .Standard portraits in new colours doesent even need a track.... you wonder why the sport is in such a decline.
  14. Mafiarule

    Swindon Stadium

    I will let the track settle first. In mean time I'll view the feedback. .So when is press day. Could have held it ages ago.

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