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  1. Barbarian

    Newcastle 2020

    How do you book tickets if not on Facebook ?
  2. Barbarian

    Newcastle 2019

    Worral, Jorgensen and Bjerre have surprised me how inconsistent and poorly they have ridden this year as on paper this team should be doing an awful lot better than they are.
  3. Barbarian

    Newcastle 2019

    I for one have had enough and will not return until changes have been made as retaining Phillips is not funny anymore and as Diamond heart says he should go and it's also not fair on the rest of the team.
  4. Barbarian

    Newcastle 2019

    Again like a few on this forum why don't the promotion treat the fans like adults and replace Phillips. Some of the more established riders are still not up to speed and the team cannot carry anyone and especially someone who rarely scores points. I have nothing against Phillips but unfortunately he has not kicked in at all.
  5. Barbarian

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    Think I have seen Phillips pass one rider after numerous races but our guest Wallinger passed more than that just tonight on a track he is not used to.
  6. Agree with Mr P Phillips is not a newcomer and he is not getting any better Lambert was poor last night along some others again really only Clegg and Jorgenson came away with credit.
  7. A much better meeting than last week with most especially our heat leaders doing well. Phillips still struggling badly.
  8. Going to be a long season if that display by Newcastle is anything to go by. Only Clegg came out of that meeting with any credit for Newcastle.
  9. Barbarian

    Newcastle 2018

    It's not about being sour Barker should have been disqualified it was a shocking piece of riding and it looks like Aarnio has broken his arm because of it.Then the ref disqualifies Aarnio.Absolute joke.
  10. Got to agree with Brought Diamond as I also have had enough and it's not against the riders but the promotion. As Ranting Roy said tonight if your going to get a guest get a good one , refering to Summers.I think that sums it up.
  11. Beaten by a better team tonight but could not understand some of the refs decisions and re-run one after two laps and then resulted another two again after two laps.
  12. Was thinking of going up to see this match but heavy rain here in Newcastle now and weather forecast not great and NOTHING on diamonds website
  13. Barbarian

    Newcastle 2018

    Tsunami I understand the Kennett situation but how do Redcar get Jorgenson and we don't. I believe he would have been a suitable replacement for Rose as it's over a month now since he took time out.
  14. Barbarian

    Newcastle 2018

    Diamond@heart sums it up nicely in that Peterborough have taken action with Kennett joining and reading between the lines why we didn't get him or even Jorgenson who has gone to Redcar. The recent updates are deafening.

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