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  1. Chas245

    Workington 2018 .

    Well, it was cold, very cold, Though the riders got on with it, well done to them, Nice to have Hoggy back too. some good racing. There were 2/3 excellent races. nice to see that. the track was smooth and made for racing, I endured the cold and enjoyed the racing, My only reservation was the white noise they played at the end of each race !! Now I know they are trying to attract younger fans, surely not at the risk of losing all the older ones. Or was Rentokil trying to force the rodents out of the Stadium, I might have to join the youngsters n bring my own ear defenders or iPod thingy. Mason doesn't need to pretend he has bike problems when he gets it wrong, we are all human after all, just learn from the small errors. you know it makes sense. Well done to all

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