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  1. What's the weather like over there ? Coming over from Workington
  2. Hope you will not be drinking too much, as updates will get all mixed up !!:)
  3. Stop trying to wind the Tigger's up
  4. Wonder why Glasgow are not trying to apply the rule they wanted to bring in last season regarding the play offs ? That a team that did not complete it's fixtures by cut of date, could not qualify for play offs !!
  5. Oh dodgy weather and a lady referee what could go wrong !!
  6. Had a walk down to Northside arena today, must be 100 wagon loads of shale from Derwent park dumped along the edge of the area, just need a track to put it on !!
  7. Barker pulled out of semi final at Redcar, think garrity was injured or something, don't think with qualified, think Lambert next on reserve list, or only one left to be bothered to turn up, could be a good meeting no one on top form at present
  8. Allerdale council also announced today that no garden waste or tin/plastic recycling will be collected for at least 2 months, so something in the council must be in a pretty poor place.
  9. Yea keep this thread running soon be end of season if the matches run !! Rain no rain in Berwick !! Scunny call off ?. But don't think anyone will be 3 X champions this year
  10. Just seen the news about stadium plans being rejected (on hols in a far flung Greek island ) artical saying smaller capacity stadium to be discussed, think around about 500 capacity should be more than enough for town and reds, Has any grass started to grow on swamp/desert in middle of Derwent park ? 1st town game on ' new ' pitch is susposed to be in 2 weeks time !! Just asking like
  11. Yup big camber along length of pitch dipping into big dip in middle for ducks !!
  12. Not growing yet seeds keep getting washed away !! 100k on new pitch and no drains put in !!
  13. Any updates on weather ? Setting off from a wet Cumbria
  14. So shoud gp practice but Poland calls the shots !!
  15. Just wondering if meeting rescheduled for Sunday, how many of the riders will turn up and not hot foot it to Poland to ride ? Think at least 8 of these riders due to ride in Poland on Sunday

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