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  1. Neila

    workington ..

    Geoff100 did you hear about the Harrington caravaners ? The ones that are left have gone abroad somewhere and left some east European caravaners looking after things till they get back !! Then will claim they have to stay put as in quarantine for 14 days
  2. Neila

    SON 2020

    Probably rolled over till next year !! Same as my Cardiff and Warsaw GP tickets, looks like a busy 2021 if this virus does one !!
  3. Neila

    SON 2020

    Probably more attending than a normal speedway meeting, don't know how stock cars have got round the rules regarding crowds, but SON will a near sell out so don't know how it's gonna happen
  4. Neila

    workington ..

    If this comes true would be good, but I think our local council could be a stumbling block !! Good luck to the guy in his efforts
  5. Neila

    workington ..

    Was it when the circus was in town with 2 elephants ?
  6. Neila

    workington ..

    Comets top the comments table again !!
  7. Neila

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Think they may put in a temporary stand around turns 3+4 to spread the crowd out !!
  8. Neila

    Newcastle 2020

    Well done ruthless may have a decent go at GP's next year, brought the house down when he won a race in Warsaw last year, I was many of the Brits in the stadium going bonkers, also had a cheeky bet for Rob to win sec at 12/1
  9. Neila

    Season Cancelled

    Think this is the correct decision can now focus on 2021 with the same teams, hope all clubs are able to run
  10. Neila

    start date ?

    I'll go for 1st April 2021 got something about it
  11. Neila

    bandits 2020

    With all the various rules surrounding getting a stadium ready for fans, then will enough fans turn up to make it viable, will teams have a full set of riders willing to race for maybe a couple of months, will any potential sponsors have any money left to spend on helping speedway run ? All these very big questions, and the answer will only come if they decide to run, but if no one turns up and money does not come thro, clubs are running at a far higher loss than normal !!. So imo it would be best to forget about speedway in 2020, and focus on 2021 with the same teams
  12. Neila

    Cardiff 2020

    Wow got hotel booked premier Inn city centre £120 for 2 nites !!!! Easy jet Newcastle to Bristol £50 return, who said going to Cardiff is expensive
  13. Neila

    workington ..

    Did you give it to THJ
  14. Neila

    workington ..

    Whoooo comets top the forum league again, thanks to the Brummie fan stopping us going off the page
  15. Neila

    Newcastle 2020

    Unfortunately in this climate, even without that virus, it would be near impossible to build a new track imo, too many people to complain about noise, dust, disturbance etc and just complaining because they can.

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