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  1. Neila

    SON 2020

    Don't know about Manchester but been heavy rain past 2 days in Cumbria, would have been no chance of speedway
  2. Neila

    Jason Garrity

    Jenga can remember him doing all-sorts of strange behaviours both at Derwent park and other places, think at last everything has caught up with him and got what he deserves
  3. Neila

    Jason Garrity

    He did not turn up to meetings that "random drug testing" was taking place !! For some reason
  4. Neila

    Jason Garrity

    Was he really on drugs ?? Saw several times some very strange behaviour in the pits, once a team manager told him to get out of sight part way through a meeting due to his behaviour !! Then another time after falling off was screaming in pain, until he went in the medical room came out smoking something and seamed right as rain !! I'm saying nowt about the jail term but must deserve it
  5. Think Kyle bickley has spat his dummy out and gone home, sorry but don't think he has got it to go any further, should be doing a lot better than this with all the years he's been riding !!
  6. Neila

    SON 2020

    Not really Workington comets got several mentions
  7. Only problem with Plusnet is they use older bt hubs not as fast or reliable, yes cheaper but get what you pay for, if a fair distance from exchange or one of the local green boxes, broadband strength is lost
  8. Neila

    SON 2020

    And some people said Manchester in October was dodgy for rain !!
  9. Neila

    SON 2020

    Bomber Harris is a has been, got to look to the future, give the up and coming kids a chance
  10. Saw several clips of finals enjoyed what I have seen, like the look of the kid called Luke Harrison looked very good in the 250 final, even going into corners without putting his feet down !! One for the future, how old is he and where does he ride at ? Thanks for any info
  11. Tickets rolled over for Warsaw and Cardiff, hotels booked on cancellation just flights to sort, but got to wait to see if this virus does one first
  12. Is that one where the mighty comets win a trophy or 2 or Even 3
  13. Neila

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Was that the year they had dodgy silencers in the return leg at Derwent park ??
  14. I have got only bt phone/broadband package then download bt sport app, got to use account login details to access app, then watch all by sport channels, for the moment it's a perk for bt customers
  15. Only got bt phone/broadband won't pay for bt sport as it's mainly football, just watch app for speedway GP and Moto GP

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