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  1. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Mine too, was on computer nearly 3 hours trying to register then buying/printing tickets
  2. Regarding the comets fixture pile up, how about this, comets were the 1st to qualify for the shield then had to wait to see who it is against, the comets were the 1st to qualify for the KO cup and had to wait to see who we were against, and finally the comets are the 1st to qualify for the playoffs and we are still waiting to see who we ride against, Who are in the wrong now ps what happens if the weekend of the 27 + 28th and the following few days are wet ??
  3. I think (but maybe wrong) as it's part of a national championship guest riders are allowed, but as its comets who may need guest, I would expect someone in charge at the bspa will see it different
  4. This fixture should have been rearranged for mid week to give the possibility of 2 weekends for the final to take place, now got to pray no rain forecast for last weekend in October
  5. Regarding the track with the amount of rain that fell in Workington in the previous 48 hours thank your lucky stars and the track staff for getting the meeting on with a raceable track Also the announcer is linked up to the referee so will have got a message of what needed to be said
  6. With the amount of rain in Workington over the last 36 hours and probably more to come, will need a good drying wind to get track anywhere near raceable, let's hope for the best
  7. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Finally got tickets booked and printed off for a group of 9 on a 30 year reunion after meeting in Munich 1989, But what a nightmare the website was took ages to register an account then had to go through dotpay in polish to pay for them, had flights and hotels booked before tickets came out, gamble but works out cheaper than going to Cardiff !! Most expensive standard seats around £25 cheapest Cardiff seats £29 bonkers
  8. Just one ?? way it's looking nowt will get finished and if it does looks like teams will be full of guests !!
  9. Well if the season does finish God knows what team the comets may have for a final !! Just when you think speedway could not get any worse !!
  10. Forecast for Sunday looks a lot better both in Workington and Glasgow, maybe an idea to call off Friday and Saturday and run both meetings on Sunday one at 12.00 and the other at 19.00
  11. Just seen long range forecast on countryfile and doesn't look good, does anyone know if a re-stageing date has been thought of ?
  12. What a shame they had a golden heat, if they did not have one, none of our Scottish freinds would win a trophy this year !! Also I thought a golden heat was 2 riders from each team, this was decided by a run off
  13. Neila

    Workington 2018 .

    Totally agree but when has people in charge of speedway done anything sensible and straight forward !!
  14. Neila

    Play offs

    And the only cup either teams at t'other side of wall gonna win

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