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  1. Yup big camber along length of pitch dipping into big dip in middle for ducks !!
  2. Not growing yet seeds keep getting washed away !! 100k on new pitch and no drains put in !!
  3. Any updates on weather ? Setting off from a wet Cumbria
  4. So shoud gp practice but Poland calls the shots !!
  5. Just wondering if meeting rescheduled for Sunday, how many of the riders will turn up and not hot foot it to Poland to ride ? Think at least 8 of these riders due to ride in Poland on Sunday
  6. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Was announced and put up on screens in stadium last week
  7. Flights can be cheaper than petrol to Cardiff, when traveling from north, hotels a hell of a lot cheaper as is drink and food, only 11 zloty's for a beer in stadium, just over £2 think it nearer £5 in Cardiff,
  8. Only paid £24 for a brilliant seat in Warsaw middle of 1st/2nd bend 6 rows from front, paid £55 for bend 2 in Cardiff last year, I know which gp I'm going to next year !!
  9. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Had a great weekend in Warsaw for 1st time visit as part of a group on a 30 years reunion, met on way to Munich 1989 !!, Warsaw was so cheap reasonable priced hotel, wuffy was staying Friday nite, think he over did breakfast going by his scores Saturday night !! Looking to return next year as lots cheaper than Cardiff, Also scooters looked fun need to find out how to hire them, saw a couple of retired northern speedway riders enjoying themselves bombing about on Sunday afternoon,
  10. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Thanks for the offer, but will be in a group meeting up for a 30 year reunion, met on way to Munich in 1989 !!
  11. Tom Brennen was very impressive at Berwick in under 21 final
  12. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Think practice is around 18.00 thought I heard bt sport saying on Saturday nite, that it was showing it live, I'm in Warsaw for my 1st gp abroad, would it be worth going to watch practice ? Also on gp day is their an area fans gather before going to stadium, thanks for any info
  13. Any weather updates please, monsoon at Carlisle
  14. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Thanks for info will be looking around as staying 3 nites but will be drinking as well
  15. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Coming out for 1st foreign gp, question is their an area in Warsaw where people gather for pre gp drinks ? Thanks for any replies/info

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