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  1. You can have klint from Workington !!!
  2. As for Mr klint looking left and right to wave an opposition rider through in more than one heat is taking the p*** , but all sorts of rumours going round, understand riders need the money!!! but fans are spending well earned money to be entertained, wonder if any quotes are coming through from the promotion ? Another 3 weeks to next home meeting
  3. If ALL the team don't turn up and ride to their potential the money bags Tigger's may turn us over, up the comets, Numbers 1 and 5 this is you !!
  4. Neila

    Workington 2018 .

    My self and a few other people I know will be at work on Fridays, so some people's attendance will be down 50%, so less money coming into the club, you just can't win whatever they do, not having a go at management just a valid comment
  5. Neila

    Workington 2018 .

    Advert in local paper today advertising comets, big tick for advert BUT no speedway again for people to take notice of advertising, gonna have to do a big relaunch next week to remind fans speedway does run in Workington !! 6 weeks ? Since last meeting
  6. Travelodge about 1 mile away from stadium on main road A57 don't know location name sorry
  7. Neila

    Workington 2018 .

    Looking at updates seems a certain Mr sarjent has taken his Workington form to Glasgow Tigger's at Redcar tonight
  8. no Dan bewley, told me at Glasgow that he had to sign on for gp qualifyer at 08.00 in Denmark Saturday morning !!. BWD in same meeting but I think 28 loan is also finished, maybe someone from the management could confirm things !!!
  9. Maybe are but think you will find comets will possible be without a rider or 2 due to gp qualifiers
  10. Got to keep BWD rode very well at Glasgow, could not see Mr campton doing as well, but the visa issue could be a problem, it's a shame while the comets are riding high in results and in local papers and on local radio due to 2 fantastic away results we don't have a home meeting for 3 weeks !! Then another big break, by this time the floating fans will have forgotten how good the comets can be.
  11. Looks like I was correct now to find some lottery numbers
  12. Comets to do same to the Tigger's that they done to the pussycat's on Friday nite
  13. I'M hearing a pop concert planned for Derwent park on a Saturday nite comets susposed to have a fixture,anyone heard this? If so another big hole in fixtures
  14. On Facebook saying next week v Scunthorpe cancelled, gonna try and run a best pairs if not it's another few weeks between matches then all to cram in July and August
  15. Did not see a result like that coming a big well done to the comets, as for kyle he is only 16 and as said a big step up to this level, but looking at most teams this year no one has any inexperienced 2 point reserves, kyle is up against riders with multi.years experience and a lot are on a 5 point average, I think by the middle of the year he will be scoring 3/4 points a meeting

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