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  1. Neila

    Workington 2019

    Oops slip of the keyboard !!!
  2. Neila

    Workington 2019

    Just out of interest what assets/riders do comets own, I can only think of mason and Rene who are riding, probably others on list who have retired.
  3. Neila

    Workington 2019

    Yes a very sad day for comets and fans but to be honest not totally unexpected with over a six figure loss last year, thanks to Laura for the last 6 years, as without her we would not have been able to say 3 times champions, at least I have seen us win the league after 48 years supporting the comets
  4. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Also 1st trip to Warsaw, is their an area or street for pre meeting drinks that fans hang about, staying at holiday Inn city centre which I think is near tram stop for transfer to stadium, thanks for any info
  5. Neila

    Workington 2019

    Think I heard on local radio, but maybe wrong, that Laura would be willing to run this season but was hoping someone would help out with money, Also heard over the weekend that after the season finished several people/firms promised money, but so far, very little has come through, this maybe is the reason the statement has been releeased, I'm a big comets fan, but totally understand they can't keep on losing lots of money.so if it's the end fare enough.
  6. Neila

    Workington 2019

    Statement on comets website not good reading
  7. Neila

    Newcastle 2019

    Several of the reasons Workington did not sign Dan, if fit to start the season, has polish Swedish and possible Danish teams lined up along with belle vue, then world under 21, team U21 grand Prix qualifiers and any team GB commitments, so would be missing for over half of weekend fixtures, so I don't think he will be a diamond
  8. Neila

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Good signing with cook 10 plus points taken on team building, 2 poor reserves and an even poorer No 2 in sarj !!! No need to build a trophy cabinet again this year
  9. Neila

    Workington 2019

    Just to add to this, from what I gather, if fit, he will ride at belle vue, Poland and Sweden hoping to sign to ride in Denmark, then U21 championship rounds ,team U21 rounds and possible European championship and/or grand Prix qualifiers, and maybe full team GB side, so would be unavailable for over half of comets fixtures, it would be good to see Dan back, but not any good if going to be missing most weeks,
  10. Neila

    Workington 2019

    After reading in local paper an article with a quote from Laura about yet another case of stupid money being offered to riders, is it not about time the club / clubs and / or riders were officially named and shamed ?? After all one club was quoted to be losing lots of money and must tighten the purse strings, yet this same club is rumoured to be the main one who is splashing the cash, IMO this leads to all riders potentially asking for more money and the club's losing even more money then risk closing end of season or even mid season, Rant over.hopefully the spell the witches put on a certain club to win naff all will continue with an extra spell next season and the trophy cupboard will still be bare
  11. Neila

    Workington 2019

    1st signing announced tonite at 5pm, bugger at work no phones allowed !!
  12. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    No defently travel plus went to Munich 1989 then a few more in later years, vojens and Gothenburg and ice speedway to Frankfurt and Assen, tee mill tours were about a the same time
  13. Neila

    Warsaw 2019

    Can remember 25-30 years ago going with travel plus to old world finals and they chartered a ferry to take speedway fans to vojens
  14. Neila

    Workington 2019

    For what it's worth I think current prices are about right, but don't think concessions should be got rid of, as a vast majority of crowds at Workington ( and other places ) fall into this category, you would lose more money as a lot of older people would not pay. Another point that should be considered is have fewer meetings a month, one week home, one week away, a bit like football, sometimes less is more,
  15. It was -2 when meeting was abandoned ice was forming on both bends and track was white !! So not very original

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