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  1. Neila

    Cardiff 2022

    With being lead booker you show the tickets on your phone, friends go in. Then you go in last
  2. Neila


    Would love to see a GP at odsal as I can do a day trip from Cumbria, but it may distract the crowd from Cardiff, then making this unviable !!
  3. When I flew out to Warsaw GP from Luton with wizz air on the Friday morning,Jason Doyle, jack and Chris holder (plus son), and Pete Adams were ones I saw on the flight maybe others as well
  4. Neila

    Cardiff 2022

    Can't print anything as you need to show the app as it has a colour changing icon to prove its not a fake
  5. If it's the app, along the bottom is a football/sports icon click on this then sports come on the screen what is showing live click on the button
  6. Neila

    Cardiff 2022

    I managed to get tickets on me phone at 1st attempt, bit of a faff with a couple of emails to confirm its me, but now on phone. Got to wait and see how good the gate procedure is letting people in ?
  7. Neila

    workington ..

    Apparently the jam eaters are in as much trouble as town, chairman quits struggling to get people on the board to run the club
  8. Neila

    workington ..

    From recent reports coming out of Derwent park looks like town are in deep do do big wage cuts and win bonus cuts, but that's safe as only won once,, looking to off load players and appealing for sponsors to help them out of trouble !!! I won't put a smiley face on, but Speedway may not have to compete against the rugby
  9. Edinburgh are past masters of " injured riders " replacement did they not run a full season a while ago with r/r ?
  10. Neila

    workington ..

    Think in the present economic climate for fans, riders and promotor, Workington have to start small, conference league and run training schools and track days etc to get some money in, 1 to pay off what has been achieved so far with the track, 2 to provide funds for a possible return to championship racing in 2024, but that's provided they are enough teams and riders to have a League at that time !!
  11. Neila

    Ozford v Berwick..13/7

    Can Oxford not afford some flour or something to put a white line across the tapes ?? Hope we don't get a close finish as the ref has nothing to judge it against
  12. Hope you get back before morning Geoff as the old biddies will be waiting for the bus driver
  13. Euro millions still up for grabs, better buy a ticket for Tuesday £190 million
  14. Neila

    workington ..

    But was it 3, 4 or 5 laps THJ

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