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  1. Neila

    workington ..

    5 days ago they broke down barriers that were stopping access to Northside area, now gypos are back (after been off for a couple of months) and this weekend lots of damage caused, make your own mind up who caused it !!! And the local police are doing an impression of French police in Calais. I see nothing
  2. Neila

    workington ..

    Sad breaking news looks like gypo c#nts have caused lots of damage around the venue got to feel for Andrew and all the helper's.
  3. H18TORY is spelt like this up in wukinton marra
  4. Neila

    Cardiff 2022

    Maybe waiting a while to see which way covid rules are going ? Wales have stricter rules than England
  5. Neila

    Glasgow 2022

    But gets away with it !! Hope they start and watch him moving like sarge
  6. Neila

    Cardiff 2022

    Think other rounds of the GP2 are nite before the GPs as I think they are run on normal speedway tracks, but with Cardiff being specially built, think they are worried the track would be damaged before the main event
  7. Neila

    workington ..

    Looks like them white lines have been painted with snow THJ you can stay in bed longer
  8. Neila

    Glasgow 2022

    Think mason campton ended up being a triple medal winner but was not riding for Glasgow H18TORY
  9. Neila

    workington ..

    Oh dear looks like it's gonna be a wobbly inside line. Especially if you have drowned your toon sorrows
  10. Neila

    workington ..

    No time marra got to be up at 5 to work in a local engineering company then home to do housework etc as my wife's disabled so very little time to put me feet up, but find time later on to do lots of fishing on this forum, you be surprised to how many big catches I get up the toon you need to start winning or you will be going down. Enjoy if that's the phrase watching the toon
  11. Neila

    workington ..

    You got no work to go to THJ ? Sat watching telly all day
  12. Neila

    workington ..

    The temporary road over the railway line Opposite Asda was removed a while ago after a new bridge on the road to the docks was built, so park up near the big pile of logs and walk round the locked gate 5 minutes down the road you will see the track on your right hand side. Also a small car park on the right just over the bridge, but the caravan people were parked here the other week
  13. Neila

    Glasgow 2022

    Easier and cheaper to fly up from the south these days, £24 each way from Luton !! have a bike and local mechanic for home matches.
  14. Neila

    Warsaw 2022

    Can 2nd the bulldog pub

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