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  1. Neila

    Championship Shield

    Fixtures were agreed pre season then bspa and Mr Godfrey said Workington and others could not run agreed fixtures, where have you been over the last few months when this has been discussed ?
  2. My car of 4 people won't now be coming to rough park, so less money into Newcastle funds, probably a few more comets fans will be missing as well, after 48 years of watching speedway my time is just about up with these stupid rules by the BSPA maffia
  3. Not sure if correct but have heard if comets qualify in the top 4 for play offs and all fixtures are not completed then we Do Not qualify for the play offs !!! You could not make it up, maybe wrong but who knows
  4. Nothing to do with Saturdays meeting, but does anyone know the team for the comets on Sunday, heard a rumour we will be without 2 of our Danes !! Was thinking of going to rough park, but won't if we only have half a team !!
  5. Neila

    Championship Shield

    Workington v Scunthorpe, Lakeside v pussycats think I saw were the 2 semi finals, think they are due to run on boxing Day !!
  6. Am sure Mr Godfrey will try his best for us to use a poor guest !!!
  7. Neila

    Workington 2018 .

    Yes agree team riding above expectations and any publicity is good and hopefully bring in more fans, but has anyone got any news on when next fixtures are and going forward are we any nearer rearranging all the cancelled fixtures?, Been away on holiday so missed any info !!
  8. Neila

    Workington 2018 .

    While the Workington away results continue to amaze me, can I ask when is our next home meeting?? Am I right in thinking that the cut off point for the league is around 10th September, think we have 8 home league meetings to fit in before that, then at least 2 (hopefully) in KO cup, then semi final of trophy match against?, And hopefully a play off semi and final to squeeze in, that's a minimum of 10/11 home fixtures, If the weather returns to normal that's another factor to squeeze in, Not being negative I know that the bspa caused most of this, but is asking a hell of a lot to squeeze in and provided the opposition agrees, Come on comets it's coming home lets get the crowds flocking to Derwent park to see some silverware.
  9. Just hope bspa will let us ride home matches, can only dream how well this team could do, it's coming home !!!
  10. Think Poland on a 4 week break, so shud have been some rider wanting to earn some money riding for the comets
  11. Am away in Greece at the moment, was anything said that nite when the next meeting is ? Or does Xmas come 1st
  12. I'm flying to Cardiff gp from Newcastle is that impressive too Jenga ?!!
  13. Neila

    Workington 2018 .

    Put a new thread up you may get an answer
  14. Neila

    Workington 2018 .

    Imo Workington comets and other teams affected by this joke decision by the bspa should tell them to return to the published fixtures, if not all should walk away from speedway and the bspa would be responsible for forcing clubs to close, I love my speedway but think it would be better to have no speedway than to abide by joke decision like this !!
  15. Neila

    Workington 2018 .

    From what we were told on Saturday Workington comets were sent some communication from the bspa to say dispite future fixtures in July and August being agreed and published at the start of the season, they are now saying (bspa) that Workington can't now run on some or all nights due to other teams rider availability or non availability How the hell can the so called controlling body say this and what effects will it have on a Workington buissness plan or fan base, maybe someone can explain how and why it has got to this stage, IMO speedway has very little future if the controling body do things like this,

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