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  1. It's been on all year !!
  2. Neila

    Derwent Park Workington

    Yes but the area the potential speedway track is situated over the railway line,so you have to walk along a road about 3/4 a mile to reach it, but as the crow fly's from said bus stop at Asda is about 100 meters, wish I could fly Nearest but stop is just off the roundabout opposite Northside school
  3. Neila

    Derwent Park Workington

    You could have parked up at parking area just over the bridge and walked to see what was going on, you lazy sod or were you in the big red bus ?
  4. Neila

    Derwent Park Workington

    Think plans are for a Redcar size track, but as I have previously said a long way off staging any practice/events, wish the guy good luck, maybe more information will be released when the track is nearing completion
  5. Neila

    Poole Pirates 2021

    In the past a injured rider could be replaced by a guest, but only from a team not involved in the playoffs, but because it's Poole probably some new rule will be invented allowing Tai, bartoz or laguta to be a guest
  6. Just hope it's not gonna be like the Belgian F1 GP all standing/sitting in the wet and cold October evening in Manchester But I will be one of them . Ps not many standard speedway stadiums would have a capacity of more than 4000,that will take on water !! and fairly central for most speedway fans
  7. Got a link with an email confirming new date which takes you to new tickets to print off
  8. Would think of all the hotels in and around London will be lots cheaper than the few hotels in Cardiff,. Only 2 GP stadiums have a full roof. Cardiff and Warsaw so what does it matter !!
  9. Bspa have nothing to do with the GP it's now discovery who own Eurosport and other channels who now run the GP's, previously it was bsi part of a big sports promotion group
  10. Plus the owner of Tottenham will want some money back to cover stadium build costs, and to showcase the stadium moving forward for more events. Fingers crossed for speedway in a new stadium, plus hotels in London won't rip people off as much as in Cardiff
  11. Neila

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Sad news for the fans of the diamonds, but unfortunately due to the mess left behind by you know who, to be uncovered by Rob and the taxman, this was on the cards. I doubt Newcastle will be the last to say such things, I wonder when the people who run British speedway will wake up to try and save the sport before it implodes on itself. Was an article in today's belle Vue program saying things must change with how speedway is ran !!
  12. Was a rumour a while ago that the new Tottenham stadium was being looked at, and I think the head groundsman is a speedway fan
  13. Neila

    Derwent Park Workington

    Had a walk down to Northside today, been a little bit more activity, on surrounding area, but still a very long way to go before bikes can be raced.
  14. Neila

    Glasgow 2021

    Dan's polish team are in the playoffs so won't be released, I know another team made enquiries, Dan would ride, as loves riding a speedway bike, but his polish team said no
  15. Coming down from comets land for this hope the racing is half as good as the British final, then I will be a happy chappy

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