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  1. Hi all, It’s been interesting to read the comments in this thread and it’s good to see people talking about Great Britain - whether that’s with excitement or scepticism! The most frequent question seems to be ‘where is the money come from?’ and while I’m not too sure why that’s of such concern to some, I want to try and answer the questions put forward to us. Great Britain Speedway Team has a group of commercial partners that are really enthusiastic about what we’re trying to do and they are 100% committed to it, and we’re extremely lucky that we are in a position to build something over the next five years thanks to their support. This isn’t a short term project, and success (or lack of) won’t be defined by one, two or even three years. We are trying to change the culture of the national side, we want riders to feel a part of something special and to become the best speedway riders they can be. That’s why we have built, and are continuing to build, the best support team we can. We want our top riders to feel like elite athletes and have access to the same things that elite athletes in other sports do, from psychology, physiotherapy, recovery, sports massage to training programs and nutrition plans. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we certainly don’t expect to become the best speedway nation in the world overnight, but we do have a plan in place with very achievable and realistic targets - we know for 100% certain that everything we have spoken about so far can be achieved. We know that what really matters is what happens on the track, but to achieve that success we need to build a structure that gives British riders the best chance of reaching the top. Put simply - that’s what we are doing! Happy to answer any questions, it’s really important for us that we get the fans behind the team and I want to be as open as possible - so fire away if you so wish! Josh

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