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  1. Creambunkid

    Speedway Dvds & Videos

    I have just finished transferring all my Vids to DVD, and have around 100 tapes to get rid of. Basically, they are nearly all recordings from T.V. mainly GPs ,W.T. cups and league matches from 1995 to 2015. Not looking for cash, just an agreed donation to Ben fund. Leics, LE 10. Contact me on 01455 447464.
  2. Creambunkid

    Characters of the sixties

    Sorry, first time on Forum. Past "characters". I see "cass" Middleton has already been mentioned. Did he really bring Gerard Ullenbroch from behind the iron Curtain in the boot of his car???. How many remember Roman Matousec and his mode of transport. Front wheel of his bike comes out, and the whole lot go on the back set. Stan Williams, clip his fag on the way out to his bike, and tuck the fag end under the roll of the top of his socks.

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