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  1. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I agree totally with what you say. According to the Speed way Regulation 2018 rule 15.2.1 and I quote "The time from finish of a heat to the start of the next not exceeds 4 minutes( including the 2 minute time allowance)". Allowing 60 seconds for the race then a meeting should last about 75 minutes (assuming no hold ups). I do not understand why we need an interval after 10 heats to my mind its an unnecessary delay and should be after heat15 and before the after match racing. After all if a match is exciting a 15 minute break could break its momentum and if the match is a bore it only prolongs the agony. Here ,up in the frozen north east it can get chilly late on and any unnecessary delays are not always welcome.
  2. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I can see your point but a rider cannot guarantee to ride to his average. How often do we see a heat leader score badly and a reserve get a very high score?
  3. Very heavy rain here in Thornaby, 5 miles from track
  4. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Tonight Redcar will be using 2 guests for the missing Anderson brothers, and I am not going. Had they used r/r and a guest then yes I would be there . I do not like guest riders but unfortunately in speed way they are a necessary evil but it has to be controlled. Use a guest for an injured no.1 only and limit the appearances to say 6 or 8meeting only and withdraw the facility three quarters of the way into the season so guests cannot influence end of season play off positions.No guests for reserves, use the no8. I am very much in favour of the r/r system , you are at least watching your own riders. Wouldn't it be cheaper using r/r than paying for a guest? However the system falls down because you are not replacing like for like, you are replacing a missing rider with riders of inferior average in many cases ,why not allow riders up to 2 r/r rides to even it up.
  5. Thornaby48


    This sounds like quite a good game to play. I am not modern technically minded but could an app be made so youngsters can play this on their phone's and it might encourage them to start attending speedway with their friends.
  6. Have I missed something, but have the semi finals been raced yet or have they been abandoned ?
  7. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I have never understood why we have play offs, just copying football I think. Why not, at the end of the season have the KO cup with the top 4 teams automatically going into the quarter finals to meet the 4 surviving teams from a series of qualifying ko rounds. The top 4 would then be drawn against the other 4 and not each other until the semis.
  8. Thornaby48


    Here is an idea , if we want a Mickey Mouse sport to attract the kids ,have the riders dress as Disney characters. The rider in red would be Prince Charming, in blue Mickey, in white The Wicked Witch and yellow/ black would be Black Beard the pirate (no disrespect to Poole).
  9. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Are we starting to get to the crux of falling attendances ? After having the starter and main course at SP 177's cafe we are told there will be a 15 minute delay before the dessert because the chef wants a rest.
  10. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Could one reason new young fans are not coming through is the time meeting finish? They usually start at 7-30 and finish between 9-30 and 10 and then they have to get home ,it could ,perhaps be too late for many when they have school or college the next day or they want to get back to their computers. The most popular sports such as football and rugby are 9 times out of 10 played on a weekend afternoon so there isn't a problem, we never hear them comment about lack of support. So if this could be a factor lets try to finish the main match in good time. Why do we need an interval after heat 10 ? All we are doing is standing around for 15 minutes twiddling our thumbs waiting for the last 5 heats get under way. Redcar do provide entertainment of a sort with a competition, interviews with any former riders who are there and the excellent Smoggie the Bear entertaining the kids but I would rather be watching the racing.Whilst the Redcar stadium is very pleasant with a friendly atmosphere it is basic in places, no cover from the weather on the standing terraces for instance , and it can get chilly up here late on. Last Thursday I attended Redcar v Ipswich (a very good meeting) which was threatened by rain so the promotion got a move on and 15 heats, a couple of delays as the track was graded ,no interval until after heat 15 and the main match was over by 9pm, which if you had kids gets them home in reasonable time. Let's return to the old "40-38"(13 heats) days with the interval after the main match and before the Rider of the Night second half then people can decide whether to go or stay It would be interesting to know if a Saturday track ,like Berwick starting at 7pm, pulls in more youngsters than a mid week track.
  11. Thornaby48

    Redcar v witches 26th july

    Very good meeting and Ipswich deserved the win, Redcar just cannot all fire at the same time. Due to the threat of rain the main meeting was finished by 9 pm so no hanging around ,good all round.
  12. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    You know me too well ha ha
  13. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I am of the older generation and my mobile phone is very basic, I don't want a fancy phone that does everything but make a simple call.I enjoy collecting the match programmes and filling them in and looking back at past meeting I have attended ( well over 1100) .Having said that for the modern generation it could be a good idea.
  14. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    What we have to be care full of is that we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Basically speed way has existed for 90years as a team sport with 4 riders racing four laps scoring points for their team trying to win the league, no fancy Mickey Mouse gimmicks like bump starts or 8 riders in a race or female riders ( although if my memory serves me correctly Middlesbrough had a lady rider in the second half in the early 80's). You don't find the other major sports of football, rugby,or cricket worrying about attracting young fans and reinventing the basics of the sport.True cricket keeps trying to reinvent itself with the T20 and run yourself silly competitions, football doesn't say make the goals double the size and have 3 goalkeepers. So speed way must keep its basic format but alter the internal mechanics of the sport such as guest riders, r/r etc. The people to blame for its demise are the promoters pure and simple and their lack of foresight and business sense.Speed way will exist for many years to come I am sure.
  15. Thornaby48

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I quite agree about the cost of the programme.At Redcar the programme is £2.50 and basically there is nothing in it. I always buy one ,I don't know how people can get full enjoyment without one. Surely a basic score card with results and fixtures is all that is needed costing say £1.00. Does anybody really look at all the adverts in a programme, I dont

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