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  1. Can’t see it myself. His only interest in the UK is using it as a European base. Hope I’m wrong, but!!!!
  2. CH’s heat times do not reflect on him as being “extremely fast”. Compared to the Poole track record it looks like he was riding a half charged mobility scooter.
  3. Looks to me like it was brilliantly prepared as far as Poole is concerned. 2 points in the bag and heat times that are only a second or so slower than current Poole times for a track that is 15% bigger, says something about it...
  4. Good result for Poole, well done.
  5. Just in case anybody had forgotten what speedway racing is really like, there were some good examples of it at the SON last night..
  6. Hope that’s not an indication of future standards or things to come from the new blood.
  7. I think we are in agreement however, I would make a couple of points. We have a very good stadium at Poole and potentially a first class track which with some reasonable investment could be the best in the country. Im not sure I agree the demise of the track is in sync with MF taking his finger off the pulse/foot off the pedal. I thinks it’s more a case of a lack of proper maintenance over many years is now coming home to roost. On the subject of the potholes, you may recall BV had major issues when their new track was first laid but it was sorted out properly and it appears the track now only gets praise. As they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”
  8. Possibly by having a track that is prepared in a manner that can consistently deliver sub 59 second heat times or even a new track record of circa 56 seconds!!! Oh, heady days..
  9. Not a chance, he only wants to do the “glory” bit of the job like having his photo taken with “the boys” and chatting gibberish on the pa and tv.
  10. I try to be neither a “half full or half empty” type of individual but, just say it as I see it. I am however a long time motorcyclist and there are three things you try and avoid when riding your motorcycle 1/ idiot car drivers, 2/ manholes, 3/ potholes. Fortunately, the former are either not allowed on the Poole track or, built into the track. However, there is an abundance of potholes, all of which can and should be sorted. Why oh why don’t the Poole promotion focus on making the Poole track the best in the country and, in doing so give us decent elbow to elbow racing. If then trophies happen because we can deliver decent competitive, no excuse racing, that’s the icing on the cake.
  11. It could be either, especially if you bring the gyroscopic effect into play!!
  12. Unless things Improve dramatically, I’m pretty certain this will be my last year of watching Poole at Wimborne Road. It’s just not worth the frustration of watching “precession” speedway on a poorly prepared track.. Bend 1 was pretty dire last night with riders having to concentrate on missing the famous pothole rather than muscling through the bend. After that came the inevitable precession!!
  13. The stage that the promotion sets for today’s speedway matches at Poole is a shambles. The days of great racing where you would leave the stadium with “your head on fire” are long gone. The track is a mess (and has been for a number of years) and the racing is bordering on non existent and boring. Not sure I can put up with this for much longer!!
  14. Aviator

    Poole 2019

    Might need to get some TM advice from Garry May on how to manage Holder Jnr.
  15. Aviator

    Poole 2019

    I can only image that might happen if the club makes a profit in 2019. Nobody in their right mind will continue with a business if it has to be bankrolled.

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