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  1. Aah but that’s not politically correct whereas putting the residents on notice that the Public Conveniences will be closed in “x” months and then carrying it out, is.. subtle difference. Also, they’re scared stiff of the Gippo’s..
  2. Probably get sold by the same lot who closed most of the Public Conveniences in the town and do diddly squat about the travellers camped out in the Borough.
  3. Probably being slightly naive if you don’t think a bunch of well paid lawyers couldn’t make mincemeat out of that. Remember BoP have a commitment to build 14,000 new homes in the borough over the next few years. Block of “social housing” with a hopscotch rink and appropriate parking for the site should do the trick.
  4. Sadly, as speedway club I can’t imagine there is any value left in the business. However, an impatient developer might try to buy MF out of any “facilities contracts” he may have and thus remove a barrier to some form of fast track (excuse the pun) property development.
  5. Don’t quite get this “must have speedway people at the top” philosophy. We’ve had this since speedway first began and look where it’s got us. What is needed is a UK Speedway Regulatory Authority (UKSRA) that is made up of people with sound business minds and, that have NOT been tainted by all the suspect principles and processes currently in being that has taken our sport to the precipice. The UKSRA should be accountable to the FIM (possibly through the ACU) for the delivery of speedway racing to the British people and it should be totally independent of organisations such as the BSPA. Remember the BSPA by the nature of its title is only an “association” and therefore, it’s basically a “club”. The UKSRA would be The Authority responsible for the regulation and licensing of all elements associated with the delivery of the sport including but not limited to: The Venue including The Track, Referees, Riders, Promoters, Track Preparation Staff, Medics, Bike Checkers and, appropriate Safety Management Systems. I can hear the wails of who’s going to pay for this? The answer is the increased footfall of paying public which should be generated through improved marketing carried out by The Promoters getting their sorry a...s out into schools and colleges and Marketing their product...
  6. I don’t either love or loath MF and he must do as he sees fit for his own future, whilst ensuring the best interests of Poole Speedway is not compromised. I fully agree that the structure of UK Speedway needs a complete overhaul with totally independent oversight and regulation of each and every element of the sport including the “promoters”. I think we’ve all had enough of the antics of the BSPA and it’s “self licking lollipop” approach to the way the sport is run in the UK. It’s long overdue for a major restructure!!!!
  7. Aviator

    Poole 2018

    Sensible approach.
  8. The alternative is to do nothing, which is not an alternative if you want to be watching speedway in this country beyond 2020.
  9. Aviator

    End of season playoffs to change

    The Muppet Show springs to mind!!
  10. Aviator

    Poole 2018

    Nobody pays the asking price for anything, unless they’re stupid. MF may well have a figure in mind but, a sensible prospective purchaser will carry out his due diligence process and most likely find the real value is miles adrift from that being asked. e.g. not sure what value you would place on an Assett Register full of riders who don’t wish to ride here!!!
  11. I would have thought a “Professional” motorcyclist would have demonstrated a better and more coordinated control of his machine. It appears the “hand/eye” coordination of this particular rider is not as good as it should be and he relies on the “3-2-1- go” principle which clearly let him down last night. In terms of “interbreeding and messed up heads”, perhaps that could be the underlying cause of the crash which eventually saw this particular rider effectively withdraw from the meeting and let his team mates down. Is this the stuff today’s Captains are made of? I should think not. LMF!!!
  12. You’re only as good as your last success. Unfortunately Middlo needs binoculars to see his.
  13. Aviator

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    It appears Poole had 2 managers in the pits at Somerset on Wednesday, so who was making the decisions and calling the shots. Was it the TM or, the Promoter!!! Clearly a breakdown in Job Descriptions/Responsibilities which I guess are clearly defined in some sort of Operations Manual/Document...
  14. Aviator

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    I guess that’s the problem with Poole then!

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