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    Swindon 2019

    Swindon are better off sticking with a 6 man team rather than re-signing Shanes.
  2. I said it a couple of weeks ago and I will say it again. This team is rubbish. It's not an opinion it's a fact. Richie Worrall and one of the reserves have to go. The way the team was built it needs all 7 riding well to win meetings. But that's never going to happen because everyone is hit and miss in the side. Jakobsen was a poor signing and so was Richie Worrall.

    Poole v Ipswich Supporters cup Thursday May 9th

    Said at the start of the season the team is not strong enough and it's showing. Don't want to hear about Kurtz being injured because Nicholls done a very good job as his replacement. If we want silverware then Worrall & One of the reserves have to go. One of Morris/Nicholls/Thorssell should be signed along with a reserve.

    Belle Vue vs Poole 6/5/19

    The other day I told you a fact about the Belle Vue team and Lidsey. Ricky Wells will never do anything in the Premiership so don't be shocked that he is putting low points on the board. He has been around for a good few years and he's never pulled up any tree's. Berge you get what you pay for and that's a rider who will achieve his average on most tracks but wont over achieve and again you are getting what you paid for. He and Wells will not be putting a point on starting GSA's because they're not good enough to do that. More often than not they will achieve their averages but will also throw in the odd nightmare meeting here and their. Not going to over achieve. The entire Belle Vue team relies on Jaimon Lidsey living up to the hype and over achieving. If he doesn't the entire Belle Vue team falls apart. Yes it's asking a lot but that's the risk Belle Vue have taken. Lidsey is not doing anything at the moment so Belle Vue's best bet is to get rid of Ricky Wells or Dimitri Berge because they cant afford to have 3 riders struggling to put 13 points on the board every meeting.
  5. Last comment on the topic with Lidsey as the cry babies don't like it when someone tells them something they don't want to hear. Lidsey signed for Belle Vue on a 4.00 average. At home excluding the 4 bonus points Jaimon has scored 11 points from 12 rides. Below his 4 point average. Away from home excluding his single bonus point Jaimon has scored 12 points from 18 rides. Again below his 4 point average Stats are above. I'm right and you're wrong. Come back to me when you have facts to prove otherwise. Silly multi aliased comments don't bother me it's just an excuse the cry babies use because they cannot argue with my factual opinions.
  6. I speak the truth. You do have big problems. Jaimon Lidsey is the key rider of the side. If he doesn't improve then Belle Vue have big problems because Wells is not going to improve. Berge is not going to improve away from the NSS because he can only ride certain tracks. Was the same story in second tier with him which is why he had such a low average. Belle Vue's season all hinges on Jaimon Lidsey's performances.
  7. I don't think he's pulled up any tree's around the NSS either tbh.
  8. That was awful from Belle Vue. They have big problems with Lidsey. Not the bargain gem signing people thought he was.
  9. Australian's seem to ride well around Wimborne. If Lidsey takes to the track and has a good one then Belle Vue could win the meeting.
  10. You was blowing a bunch of smoke up Shanes' backside when he rode for Poole. I said he was dead weight and wasn't good enough to ride in the Premiership 18 months ago and some Poole fans started to throw a tantrum after Matt gave him the sack. The guy may as well not turn up as he doesn't score points unless they get handed to him.
  11. I'm not getting on Jack's back on here. I'm saying the boy needs some of the pressure to come off his shoulders as he's been thrown in at the deep end and the management is asking too much out of a young rider still learning his trade. Which is why i'm telling all of you the truth and speaking facts. Jakobsen or Covatti along with Worrall need to be sacrificed because Jack is not ready for the pressure of the No.1 race jacket. It's asking too much too soon. Let him progress year on year at his own pace.
  12. Rye House folded which won us the title. No Harris then no Grand Final. Proof is in the pudding on that one.
  13. Track was the same for Swindon. They have reliable race winners and we don't and that's why the won and we lost.
  14. It's all good having a strong reserve pairing when you have a reliable No.1 to go with them. But when you have a rider who is not a No.1 and the back up option is a rider (Kurtz) who has proven he cant ride at No.1 then it defeats the object of strength in depth. Jakobsen or Covatti have to be sacrificed along with Worrall because strength in depth does not work when the club doesn't have a reliable No.1 or No.5
  15. Pick up either Nicholls or Thorssell depending on who Wolves drop. Give Woryna a call. Milik a call. Give Kildemand a call and see if he wants to fill in for a month until Nicholls or Thorssell become available. Try and do some business.

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