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  1. 8 hours ago, BWitcher said:

    You can abuse all you like. Just because you are unable to accept the truth is not my issue.

    I absolutely 100% guarantee you know plenty of people who will have influenza/pneumonia on their death certificate. They most likely had other conditions that you would say they died of, but very often when folk are vulnerable, it's a virus they catch that sadly ends things for them. You don't say they died from the flu though, you say whatever the main condition was that they had. That isn't the case now. Every death where they had covid-19 is labelled as that.. even if they had cancer, leukaemia... or heart failure for example in the case of Eddie Large.

    THERE lies the difference.

    I bet you say Freddie Mercury died from Aids don't you? He had aids, but it was the flu, which developed into pneumonia that finished him off. If he was around now and caught covid-19, it would be reported he died from that. 

    I'm not going to debate your alleged stories, perhaps they are true, perhaps not., I am debating reality. And that reality is.. absolute 100% proven by official government records, is that up till March 27th of this year there were a total of 28398 deaths with influenza/pneumonia on the death certificate. 

    If the truth pisses you off, so be it.

    It's beyond me why you are so worked up about it.

    Tell me the reason that you don't want to accept the facts..... And I will gladly pass it on to my wife and her fellow NHS colleagues..... In the meantime enjoy all the conspiracy theory out there 

  2. 22 minutes ago, BWitcher said:

    You do realise at least 80% of cases aren't tested?

    Try again with countries that test more.

    USA has tested the most, its 3.5%

    Even that's not accurate, as there will be thousands that aren't tested... plus there will be more die of those already tested. No figure can be given with any certainty at this stage. 

    One thing is absolutely certain though, its nowhere near 6,8 or 10%.

    If that's your argument don't compare it to flu then as the vast majority of flu cases go un tested/confirmed.  If you want to quote figures you can only use official ones in which case covid 19 is running at approx 8% in the UK compared to less than 1% for normal flu. 

    People like you piss me off. Neither myself or my wife know any family that has had a loved one die because of flu so far between us we know 4 family's that have had a loved one die because of covid 19. 

    I have nothing more to say if we don't see any speedway this year that is totally fine as long as this is beaten. In the meantime go and stick you head in the sand and let those of us who have to deal and work with this get on with it. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, BWitcher said:

    Of course it isn't completely invalid. They are both viruses caught from social contact with others.

    If you die, you die. It's not something extra special if you die from covid-19.

    As for the experts?.. Yes, they told us without a lockdown 20 x more people would die..

    Only problem with that... it hasn't happened in countries where they've not locked down.

    The 'experts' don't know. That is what they assumed would happen... and it hasn't. That's why their projected death figures change day by day. It's all new.

    Besides, this discussion is nothing to do with that in the slightest. We're discussing when covid-19 eventually goes away.. and as I have clearly said, if the media were telling you 400 people were dying daily, people would be scared of going out.

    What we have established though Falcace is 350-400 deaths a day from social contact is irrelevant to you..  so, I assume, in a month or so when flu/pneumonia deaths are down to around 100-150 a day, if Covid is down to around 250 deaths a day, all is good with you right?


    I think the fact that covid 19 has a death rate of between 6 and 10% make it far worse that flu which runs at approximately 0.1%. I'm genuinely shocked at the amount of downright prats who still insist on comparing it to flu.... Wake up! 

  4. 4 hours ago, martinmauger said:

    It is indeed a VERY goord read, highly reccomended as is the follow-up 'More Confessions'.  Tony ain't paying me either B)....

    Both these books are a superb read! It's also quite sad how Berry could see how speed should and could be ran and sadly how his predictions of how the sport would end up is pretty much bang on. 

    A great man with so many forward looking ideas however just like some before him and more since the BSPA sucked all the enthusiasm and energy he had for speedway out of him. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, scoobydoo said:

    With the possible 6 month timescale of the country getting back to normal now, maybe Jason and Seth Crump will now return home to be with there family if they can get home that is,  expect they have visas that dont allow them any other work 6-8 months of no income would drain there finances 

    Jason Crump never required a visa before as he was born in Bristol and held due nationality. As far as I am aware he didn't require a visa this year either. 

  6. 45 minutes ago, Arch Stanton said:

    All riders in the country and “ready to race”. If all riders are here wonder if press and practice will still go ahead as planned? Can you practice without medical cover?

    Really riding 500cc bikes with no brakes without medical cover! Are you serious? 

  7. 5 hours ago, BWitcher said:

    It isn't bad now in the slightest. 

    Yes it will get worse, but to suggest its bad right now is just nonsense.

    400,000 to 700,000 die every year from influenza for example. This particularly virus has taken 5000 lives so far worldwide, barely a blip.

    This is what's scary when people are so panicked over such small figures (compared to what happens every year)... christ knows what they'll be like if and when it shoots up.


    I think the biggest issue is the death rate. In Italy its running at 6% the 'normal flu' runs at about 0.1% in Europe. Then you have the speed this thing seems to double in cases every 3 to 4 days. Like you I thought its just flu until I read up on it. 

    Then you have to factor in that several countries including Poland are in the process of closing their boarders. 


  8. 43 minutes ago, Baldyman said:

    As much as I want Ipswich to do well,,, I'm not sure we have enough improvement in our team,,, which can be key

    Possibly, however people are talking about Peterborough. They have riders like Harris Andersen and Nicholls who have been on a downward trend for a while. I think this year its going to be very tight. 

    I'm quietly conferdent for Ipswich. We will have a high scoring number 6 all season given an injury free season I feel Allen can up his average as hopefully can Heeps and Klint. As I said much will depend on crump if he is only scoring 6 and 7s each week we could be in trouble. 

    Just keep the pressure of young Kemp let him enjoy his speedway and he could be fantastic at 7. 

  9. What diffence does it really make? Either way He isn't going to come back and not put 100% in. 

    It might actually be easier for him if his son is over. 

    One thing is for sure he'll be as committed and probably more so than some of today's star riders who are chasing Polish money and GP points. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, BWitcher said:

    Phil Crump returned in 1990.

    Some reserves were literally half a lap behind in those days.

    You had riders such as Bryan Larner, Phil Disney, Max Schofield, Mike Lewthwaite, Andy Meredith, Lee Coleman, Mark Robinson, David Haynes, John Bostin, Paul Dugard, Nathan Murray, David Steen to give a few examples.

    They weren't quality and far far lower than current reserves are.

    But the league as a whole is far far far lower in standard now aswell its juts the gap between second string and reserve is not so wide. Just a loom at the reading team from September 1990 shows that. Doncaster, Wiltshire,andersson, jonsson and castanga the 1 to 5.

    Crump will be fine after a few meetings I'd expect a return of 7.75 to 8.00


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