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  1. Swindonseptet

    Corona virus

    Its easier on the mind iainb, i wasted minutes of my life arguing with the guy mute is the sensible way
  2. Swindonseptet

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I seldom post but always read, this is the 4th thread you have joined talking up your inane flu theory, you change your source on a whim to suit your next argument. Now here you are again arguing, please give your head a wobble and respect the medical advice and stop being a know all know nothing crank!!!!
  3. Swindonseptet


  4. Ok Bt camera work all night was shocking and i dont know if it seemed differentlive but from my armchair I would thank the referee on well let's be honest here gift us several points.
  5. You are used to this quality of racing every week at Wimbourne Road, I'm jealous.
  6. Swindonseptet

    Dogs Allowed?

    Ironically the same caring people that sadly turn a blind eye when the dogs health is no longer a priority and they get the luxury of a bullet and landfill site to end their days
  7. Swindonseptet

    Wolves 2019

    I have no problem with a bit of spoon blood now and then in the team ), would be a cracking signing
  8. 45-33 instead of a likely 41-37 .....hmmmm ref
  9. Whilst I somewhat agree NSS without doubt is currently the best race strip, every time it's on tv someone mentions riders weight, i do wonder how many times on the trot BV would win the league if they had 7 riders with similar size of a Bewley,Correy or Andy Smith
  10. Swindonseptet

    Where is SCB

    So he will be free in less than a year now with good behaviour, I am unsure how much work can be done to erm 'help rehabilitate' in such a short time #ridiculous
  11. Swindonseptet

    Wolves v Leicester 6/8/18

    Big home win 56 - 34 nice to see the new lad get a decent paid 9 from number 3
  12. Swindonseptet

    Unsatisfactory starts

    I would say exclude the rider if the tapes are touched, allow rollers/anticipating starts the rider would know the consequences and i think there would be less restarts which I think is far more irritating than a roller taking a punt. I go week in week out because I am a lunatic, but I doubt newcomers find start/stop meets much fun. That being said Greg Hancock would be a happy 15 time world champ now, that guy had more rollers than a decorator back in the day
  13. Swindonseptet

    Bob Dugard RIP

    Sad news RIP Bob
  14. Swindonseptet

    Swindon - Wolves 30.7.18

    I can't see anything other than a big home win so this could be a serious egg on face prediction for a first post going with 20 points Robins win.

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