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  1. JamesHarris

    Poole 2020

    I realise that some people will not like Poole. As a Coventry fan I understand that. In football depending on who you support you may not like Man Utd or Liverpool. But I will say this, I have been disgusted by the comments I have read on here and social media from so called fans who seem to be gloating at the fact Poole may close. Poole have been the best team for years. Love em' or hate em' hats off to Matt Ford. If Poole go under any true speedway fan should take heed.
  2. One thing the powers that be who run speedway have to decide in the future is do you market it as a team sport or an individual sport because you can't have both.
  3. Good point to be fair. Off the top of my head though there is Sheffield, Swindon, Wolves, Birmingham, Kent, Newcastle & Poole so 31.8% of all operational tracks in the UK
  4. We can go on all day about the state of British Speedway. In my opinion I don't think it will ever be the same again in this country after effectively being closed down this year. I think possibly having Nicki Pedersen and Jason Crump back in the league plus being on Eurosport would have re-generated interest to the outsider but we will never know. I do think the biggest threat now to British speedway though is not the donkeys who run the sport but the lucrative price of land for housing and political correctness. Does speedway really make money? With regards to housing you may have noticed in the news this week the Government has pushed through policy making it easier to obtain planning permission for housing. If a stadium owners is offered big bucks by a housing developer for his land will he or her take it? If you were offered millions of pounds it would be hard to turn down. As for political correctness this refers to Greyhound racing which obviously affects most speedway tracks in the UK. The leftie brigade want Greyhound racing abolished. The way things are going its only a matter of time before they get their way. With no income from that and the lucrative bookmaker streaming services the owners will cut their losses and sell. British speedway needs to re-invent itself as a team sport and fast. The die hard fans in their 60's and 70's will not be here forever and I don't see any way of attracting the instagram generation to take their places the way things stand. I've said this before and been laughed at but how about setting up two "franchise" teams to compete in the Polish League? Manchester Aces, Sheffield Steel, Glasgow Tigers?? Could be marketed to a whole new audience. Has worked in Super League and other sports.
  5. I've not gone all through this thread but one thing I was wondering today is what if most of the riders who race in the British Leagues have now found themselves decent paid jobs this year to make a living. Come 2021 (if we are back to normal then) Will the same riders think "you know what, I'm quite enjoying having a steady income and not have to worry about the expense of running 2 bikes". Will the occasional spin in a Amateur meeting at Scunny be enough to satisfy their desire to race? Of cause I am only talking about the bread and butter riders here and not the top international one's who have lucrative deals in Poland or Sweden. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  6. JamesHarris

    Corona virus

    Look all you need to do with Boris is shout loud enough and he'll change his mind. What we need to do is start a campaign "we want to attend our sport stadiums", get it all over social media, get some mediocre premeirship footballer to vocally back it, have a segment on the Jeremy Vine show and within 30 minutes Boris will put out a release that he has done a U turn on attending sports stadia
  7. JamesHarris

    Newport 2008

    Does anyone have a spare programme from Newport 2008 they could sell me please? It was the year they closed down mid-May due to the death of Tim Stone. It's the only track I can't get one for for that year. Thanks.
  8. JamesHarris

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    Sorry if this is not allowed on here but I'm selling a very rare Norwegian Ice speedway programme form 2009 on ebay if anyone is interested https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383467373769?ul_noapp=true&fbclid=IwAR2NqTflHWn4spjHvGnC3itqAHx-FRICiOew0IK-pk553fConiReXSiXf_g
  9. JamesHarris

    Training track Lancashire ????

    Oooohhhhh!! Somebody needs a poo
  10. JamesHarris

    Training track Lancashire ????

    Cricky old lad, wind your neck back in. (Lancashire runs from the Lake District down to the north of Manchester) - Really!! I thought it was near Southampton??
  11. JamesHarris

    Training track Lancashire ????

    Sounds good if you have a landowner willing to provide the land. Only snag is though you already have Buxton. And it may not go down to well with Belle Vue. Good luck though.
  12. JamesHarris

    Newcastle 2020

    Brace yourselves for all the long winding press releases from your new manager that make it all about himself
  13. JamesHarris

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    Look I know my comments here are not going to make me any friends but here we go. The bottom line I think is that the BSPA has finally lost patience with "Ghost Teams" popping up year after year in the junior leagues and now that Cradley have folded, the thorn in the side of that argument has finally been removed. I've sat on the fence over the last few years and watched the MDL/MDSL with interest and In my honest opinion for what it's worth it has started to look a bit silly with all these old names being used. One or two like we had a few years ago is fine but when the league is made up of more defunct teams than actual junior teams of the promotion it starts to look a bit of a joke. Do the speedway star still run a fantasy league for people wanting to use such team names? I know the people running these teams are helping juniors get track time and that has to be applauded. But, I do believe that people running the likes of Reading, Weymouth, Crayford, New Cross, Wembley, etc, etc, have a very different agenda to those running the junior teams at Birmingham, I.O.W or Belle Vue. I could be very wrong of cause. I do sympathise with the people running the ghost teams. I know it takes a lot of hard work and enthusiasm, but if you are genuine about giving young lads track time and helping them develop then just swallow the bullet and call your teams Swindon juniors, Plymouth reserves, etc. After all if you are genuine then you will not care about team names, trophies and so on as long as the lads (and girls) are benefiting from a meaningful team competition. I know the objective of such enthusiast's it to find land and build a new track to revive them, but please, please, please wake up and smell the coffee. Unless you have endless pockets of cash, and are even lucky to get a patch of land when councils are after more land for homes, then you are just living in a romantic fantasy land. Cradley have failed and given up. Take lessons from that. The other thing you have to take into account is the 2 men now running the BSPA have no time what so ever for the junior leagues I will just finish on this. The language used in recent weeks on social media by the organisers of such teams to describe the powers that be has been very unsavoury when you are "promoting" yourselves as a family sport on the other side of the coin. It makes you look childish and like you are throwing your toys out of the pram. Sorry if my comments are a bit harsh but there's no point sugarcoating the truth.
  14. Hi, I'm after a bit of help please as I've started to collect programmes again. Since 2012 have any MDL or NJL clubs such as Milton Keynes, etc printed their own separate raceday programmes and what years? Also have any rounds of the youth championship been held at Sittingbourne or Northside since 2011? Thanks
  15. Sounds like the wrong topic to write about but I was wondering in these modern times when land is at a premium for housing, what will be the first track to permanently close its doors in the 2020's? At the turn of the last century there used to be a new track opening every couple of years but there has not been any new ventures (if you take Belle Vue's new track out of it) since Kent opened in 2013. I wonder how many tracks will be in operation in 2030?

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