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  1. JamesHarris

    British Speedway statement

    Because British speedway is now an effective dictatorship run by a two bob scrap metal merchant supported by a few stoogie minions who aspire to fill his boots one day. Fair play to Godfrey. 16 years ago he set up a track in the middle of a field with no basic facilities. Now he holds all the power
  2. JamesHarris

    Kent kings are no more ??

    With all the best will Uncle Len still be here in 2028? The guy must be 120 already!!!
  3. JamesHarris

    Rule change for tape exclusion

    Sorry if this has already been asked but I've seen videos from the 70's and 80's where the riders are rolling over the tapes at the start. What was the deal with this? Were they excluded if they did it so many times etc?
  4. JamesHarris

    Swindon Stadium

    It may be unpopular but it's a very honest assessment. I've been laughed at and mocked for saying this but if you can't beat them join them. Instead of living in the past and pretending the British League is still the worlds premier competition why can't our promoters or even motorsport loving business people get together and enter a British "franchise" team into the Polish leagues? The financial backing and logistics required would be huge but if it could be done I believe it would be a winner with the fans and sponsors alike. You only have to see how much the German riders have improved by having two teams in the competition. Sunday racing every other week and long weekends away in a nice Polish city via Wizz air if any fans wanted to travel to the away meetings. Yes laugh at me but If I was a millionaire or could get people to invest I would be going for this.
  5. JamesHarris


    You can't change the weather but another classic example of how British speedway shoots itself in the foot and lives in the past. The season should be finished now. The play-off for what they are worth in a 6 team league should have begun the first week in September. Octobers are cold, mostly wet and dark!
  6. JamesHarris

    Why speedway is failing

    Bit of a strange one really. I've watched Polish speedway and the atmosphere in the crowd it buzzing. We just don't have the same thing here. All that happens here is the DJ will play some cheesy tune from the 80's and the fans will clap like sea lions at feeding time when the home rider wins. I've even been to meetings here where the racing was good but there was probably more atmosphere on the Moon! I remember around the turn of the millennium Belle Vue used to bring a band of foul mouthed oinks on their travels who got a little animated but I wouldn't call that an atmosphere.
  7. JamesHarris

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    I know I'll get shot down for this but IMO Newcastle speedway is a dead donkey. Mr Grant has done a great job and must be applauded for the job he has done considering how he was screwed over by the last promotion. But the track at Brough Park has always been small and technical and I have to say not great for flat out racing. I do apologise but I have never witnessed a brilliant meeting at Brough. The stadium is a relic of the past. Times change and unfortunately Brough Park hasn't.
  8. Just a thought but what would happen if a would be promoter ever went on Dragons Den asking for investment? Could possibly be the best car crash telly ever!
  9. Was only saying this last night. I know riders have to display sponsor logo's etc, but surely there could be a more discreet way of doing so. Having images of bikes and so all over a van is a written invitation for such robbing scum. I hope he gets his bikes back but perhaps this should serve as a warning to other riders about the images they display on their vans.
  10. JamesHarris

    Why speedway is failing

    The ultimate demise of the traditional Friday/Saturday race night for "elite" speedway in the UK was the Grand Prix. When the GP launched in 1995 the British League could cope with 6 weekends a season where their top stars would be unavailable. Slowly over time the GP series increased in the number of rounds and with the big bucks of the Sunday Polish league on top of that, the British league system could no longer sustain weekend racing at an elite level.
  11. JamesHarris

    Why speedway is failing

    Basic question here but what do the Poles, Swedes and even Danes do different to us? What can we learn from them? I know there will be some obvious answers but if Speedway is ever going to return to it's glory days in the UK, we have to start looking into why it is so successful in other countries. Of cause to do so the dinosaurs that run the BSPL would have to start living in 2021 instead of 1971.
  12. JamesHarris

    RIP British Speedway

    Random thought but have the bikes just simply too fast now? The bikes have evolved but the tracks have stayed the same. You wouldn't have a modern day F1 car racing around a 1950's circuit layout.
  13. JamesHarris

    Rye House 2020

    One assumes then that you are at the forefront of the project to bring Speedway back to Hoddesdon and are doing so with an open cheque book? I wish you well - you will need it and I hope you can make something to cover your return. 2017 was four years ago. If Uncle Len was making so much money from it why did he wash his hands of it and go to Kent? If you want your address to be public then that's your call. But ask yourself this - When most of the objections come from people who live 100 miles away do you really thing East Herts Council are going to take those objections into account compared to those in favour or against that live local? Again a case of people living in la la land.
  14. JamesHarris

    Rye House 2020

    If you have objected or supported the application on the East Herts council website I hope you all realise your full address is publicly there for all to see. Not sure If I'd want tom, dick and harry knowing where I lived.
  15. JamesHarris

    Rye House 2020

    I wish you luck with you plans and I hope you prove me wrong. I understand your frustrations but your attack is very personal and extremely unprofessional. I am entitled to my opinion just as others on this forum are. You may not like them but sometimes people will say it as it is (myself being one of them). I am neither Lazy nor Ill informed and I am not undermining your project. I am not a self serving expert either. Sometimes you have to listen rather than pretending to live in la-la land.

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