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  1. JamesHarris

    Swindon Stadium

    Have you ridden a speedway bike before?
  2. JamesHarris

    Swindon Stadium

    Fair enough if that's how you feel. I would suggest though that you put yourself forward, make an offer to the promotion and put your money where your mouth is.
  3. JamesHarris

    New Junior League 2021

    Have you been to any speedway meetings in the last 10 years? There was this thing called the Midland Development League
  4. The news over the past week has shown how the European Union is now flexing it's muscles with threats to others about banning the export of covid vaccines, probably in an effort to take the headlines away from it's own shambolic rollout. It got me thinking - with vaccines becoming such a powerful and valuable commodity could it lead to countries going to war in order to grab it's neighbors supply? I'm not saying the EU is going to invade us but what about when the vaccine gets to Africa? Will for example say Congo invade Rwanda to take it's supply? Angola threaten Namibia? Just examples of cause but could it happen?
  5. JamesHarris

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Maybe Hans Nielsen has been approached about a comeback?
  6. JamesHarris

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Well it's a bold signing that's for sure but one can't help think the owners are throwing their money around with more focus on winning a trophy than focusing on managing the finances. As someone else has pointed out Workington comes to mind. Very risky for a track that has been operating in the National League and still would be if it had not been for Somerset deciding not to run. I wish them luck but I really hope this doesn't end up being a reckless move that will bankrupt the club. British speedway has lost enough tracks over the last decade without losing any more.
  7. JamesHarris

    Whats actually going on?

    Its Crazy isn't it. Can you imagine if in Rugby Union they said Wasps and Leicester Tigers couldn't play their respective home games on a Saturday because Leicester were the senior team and had priority. Or Even in football. It would never happen. Each team has its own support base. If Plymouth ran on a Friday night it would have no effect whatsoever on Scunthorpe's attendance.
  8. JamesHarris

    Whats actually going on?

    Simple answer. The BSPA does not like what they refer to as "Ghost Teams" unless it suits them of cause. There have been a few such teams using such names operating in the junior leagues over the last few years but prior to the 2020 season the powers that be banned them. I think Cradley not running was finally the excuse they needed to remove this thorn from their sides. I think it got to a case where some of the people (not all I may add) running the ghost teams were nothing more than a bunch of glory hunters using defunct names to play real life fantasy speedway. The BSPA gave them a criteria that they had to show concrete proof that they had acquired land to build a new track in the catchment areas of the said defunct clubs but the reality of that happening is like Donald Trump becoming the president of Greenpeace. Things can change though and if Rob Godfrey ever decided it may be good business to run a second team in the National League as either Halifax Dukes or Hull Vikings the ghost team rule would change overnight.
  9. JamesHarris

    European Union - In Or Out?

    This has been an interesting thread over the last few years but can the admins of the forum change the title heading now? It's not In or out any longer. It's OUT with capital letters from the 1st January 2021. The doubters will carry on doubting. The Remoaners will carry on moaning but like it or not the United Kingdom is no longer a client state of the European Empire. Time to move on and get on with it.
  10. JamesHarris

    Brandon Update

    It comes under Rugby council
  11. JamesHarris

    Rye House 2020

    You say it as it is and it is very true. Unfortunately British speedway will never change whilst it is run as a personal fiefdom by two promoters who only have their own interests at mind. This type of governance was ok back in the 1960's when we had competent businessmen running the show like Mr Ochiltree but it does not work in 2020. British speedway needs to move with the times. It needs to be run by an independent third party who has no financial or commercial interest in any club. Promoters could still have a say and voting rights of course but not the power that a select few individuals enjoy at the present.
  12. JamesHarris


    I've said it once before and I'll say it again. Now is the perfect time to create one or two British franchise teams to race in the Polish League. Any smart business minded promoter would realise this. If Poland are going to call the shots (and who can blame them) it's better to co-operate than fight against it.
  13. JamesHarris

    'the Donald' Trump

    Maybe Trump has been on the phone to his mate Kim to ask his advise on what he would do in that situation?
  14. JamesHarris

    'the Donald' Trump

    You know what, when Trump made his statement in the early hours of Wednesday morning I thought "what a tw#t". But as robust and over the top as he is, he may actually have a case. I thought he was talking boll*cks until a top democrat came on the radio and was insistent he knew that all the uncounted postal votes were for Biden. How did he know that if the postal votes had not even been seen or counted yet? Of cause he may have just been saying what he was told to but it does make you wonder. Secondly you have to look at the fact Trump was ahead in key states on actual physical votes that had been counted. Lastly this has apparently been the highest turn out for years with more postal votes than ever. I wold ask the question who are these additional voters and where were they in the last 2 elections? Trump has lost but he may have a point. One thing is for sure, the next 2 months are going to be interesting. He's not going without a fight.

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