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  1. kelvinlapworth


    I've only been to Osdal once and that was on a business trip to Bradford and I stopped by to have a look. This was long after speedway had finished. It's a fantastic location and from videos I've seen was one of the best racetracks in the country. Would I invest shed loads of money in it now and try and bring speedway back? Errm - No! If I had a few hundred grand spare I would buy a Ferrari. Take it for a drive every Saturday and then after a couple of years when I'm bored of it I could sell it on for a profit or at least get back what I paid for it.
  2. Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Rachel Hellowell and Monty Jowett raced in the same NJL meeting back in 2011?
  3. kelvinlapworth

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    Now that's a very interesting question. As a whole the percentage of attendance in the USA would tiny. In the state of California it would be small but if you narrow it down to the counties in California that host speedway it would be interesting to see.
  4. kelvinlapworth

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    One question worth asking is does speedway need to re-brand itself (in the UK at least) to bring in a new audience? As I mentioned in my earlier post, the first thing people who are not familiar of have no knowledge of the sport think of is Speedway is some sort of car racing. A complete name change perhaps? One other thing that could be looked at to reduce cost and admission prices is to reduce the number of riders in a team. 5 a side has worked for Denmark.
  5. kelvinlapworth

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    Oddly enough a few years ago I was chatting to a few Polish lads and asking them of cause if they were into speedway or Zuzul as they call it. They were also shrugging their shoulders but one of them had heard of Tomasz Gollob. So even in countries where it is one of the biggest followed sports there are some that have hardly heard of it.
  6. kelvinlapworth

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    Lack of general interest or just promoters stuck in the past? I work only a mile or so from Brandon stadium and when I mention the speedway to some of my younger colleagues they don't seem to know what I'm on about. Most assume it's some sort of car racing. Most folk my age or older have been or at least know of the Bees. Even when on holiday I have been talking to fellow Brits and they come from say Poole or Sheffield and I ask them "ah I bet you know of the speedway track there then" most look bemused and again car racing is the first thing that comes to mind unless they are speedway followers of cause. Don't even go down the route of asking if they have heard of Tai Woffinden. But another major factor in this debate is do most promoters simply still live in the 80's and just assume all they have to do is open the gates, charge top dollar and a few thousand will turn up to watch?
  7. kelvinlapworth

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    I would offer the job of GB team manager to Scott Nicholls if he wanted it. Highly respected by his peers, still in touch with modern speedway and still has enthusiasm to win.
  8. Very fair point. No disrespect meant to Harris but I wouldn't say that he is in the top league of riders anymore. I understand Woffy is injured? Rosco should have gone with selecting another youngster in place of Bomber. Nothing to lose but everything to gain had we done well.
  9. Not watched the GP or World Cup for a while so just hooked up to a stream of the new World pairs champs after reading rave reviews from last year. Just turned it off as well. What a bore. Rider touches the tapes - they spend ages getting ready for the re-run. Is there really any need for 5 mechanics to attend to the bike on track while they are waiting to re-start. In between heats drag on. Then after the round of heats have concluded we have 20 minutes of boring studio talk. Sorry for the rant but the presentation of the racing and studio coverage is like watching paint dry.
  10. Whats the latest update on the all singing and dancing brand spanking new Swindon stadium folks? I've noticed it's all gone very quiet again and nothing recently as such on their website. Do the stadium owners still think its viable? With all those new housing developments creeping up around it maybe they are waiting to be made an offer for the land they can't refuse. And one other question - Will Mr Russell be staging another Farewell to Blunsden haha.
  11. kelvinlapworth

    MSDL Results no longer included in Speedway Star?

    I've not read the Speedway Star for a good 5 years now so I can't comment on it's current format. I found it to be boring, repetitive and not worth the £2.90 it was back then (sorry Philip Rising but that's just my honest view) What I can say about the development league from my time running it is that you have to rely on the guys that run those teams to feed you back the results, heat details and times etc so you could submit them to the star on time for it's next publication. At times it was difficult getting the results let alone heat details without chasing but that was just a minority and most of the team managers/organisers were spot on. Of cause I can't speak for now. There is a facebook page for the MDL (MSDL) so maybe that's where the majority of people look nowadays?
  12. kelvinlapworth

    One League - Matt Ford

    To be honest we are going on about the best riders giving "One league" a miss but the truth is we don't really have the "best" riders here anymore to begin with. I really don't mean any disrespect to the star names we already have here but they are no where near to the high standards (maybe a couple of exceptions) we were used to watching on the terraces in the 80's and 90's. Maybe a few of the modern star names are charging top dollar for their services? You can't fault them for doing so if promoters are daft enough to pay what they are asking but does the standard of racing reflect that? I Know people will come back and say "No - we saw good racing last night" but come on lets face it, it's probably once in a blue moon you actually see a decent meeting these days. I could be wrong of cause, but the last few meetings I have seen on BT sports including the GP's I have turned the channel over after a few heats. That said, I also recently watched a Swedish league meeting on the Free Sports channel and that bored the hell out of me so maybe the standards have dropped in other countries? It all comes back again to asking does the punter get value for their money? In my opinion NO. British Speedway needs to re-invent itself fast. Let it be run by the organ grinder not the monkey.
  13. kelvinlapworth

    One League - Matt Ford

    One League - Future of British speedway. This subject will never go away. In my honest opinion like I've said before, Speedway in the UK in it's current form is falling flat on its arse. The people who run it are still living in the past and the whole structure is completely mismanaged. One league would be a benefit as it would mean an end to riders doubling up which has made the sport a joke. Admission prices are also a major factor. I don't believe that the punters are getting value for money. The quality or racing now in the British league is nothing like it was 25 years ago.

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