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  1. kelvinlapworth

    7 teams in M+SDL in 2019 plus squads

    Well done Sir, Very well done. I take my hat off to you for finding that one. I bet you got a little stiffie when you came across that page and had to sneak into the kitchen for a crafty pocket shuffle. £2 a year - what was I thinking??
  2. kelvinlapworth

    7 teams in M+SDL in 2019 plus squads

    Hmmm! Unless I've been suffering from dementia for the last 10 years I seem to recall that the Mercia Vikings were in fact the Coventry "Mercia Vikings" hence they were Coventry's junior/MDL team so I'm not sure where you get the ghost team idea from? This may help you ... http://www.coventry-speedway.com/news_mdl.php?cat.5
  3. I have not been to a speedway meeting since 2014 so I can't really comment on the current standard of the MDL but as a marker when I ran the league between 2011-13 the standard of the average rider then was between NL reserve and Open (A) class riders from the Scunthorpe amateur meetings.
  4. I understand where your'e coming from but "mature riders" are nothing new in the MDL. If you go back to the first couple of editions of the MDL a good number of the riders were over 30 but thankfully league developed into what it was intended and the majority of riders are now under 20. Sadly though with the league now combined with the southern tracks, teams may have to rely move heavily on the over 30's to travel down to the likes of Eastbourne, Isle of White and Plymouth as midland and northern based youngsters will struggle to do the journey in the week if their dads can't get time off. Lets not forget they are not paid travel expenses, etc at this level. Someone has pointed out on another thread that it won't be a problem as lads want to race regardless of where in the country it is. True, but its not the kids that are having to take the time off work and drive them around. I do hope the S+MDL works but I do fear it will put too much on the Midland/Northern based riders. Hopefully this is just for one season and next year more tracks will come back into the fold so the leagues can be regionalised again.
  5. kelvinlapworth

    revamped Dev League 2019

    Whilst I'm pleased that development league speedway will continue, Is it not a little unfair to expect lads (and most likely their dads) from the Midlands and the North to travel all the way down to the Isle of White and Plymouth at their own expense? Will their be sufficient sponsorship to cover their costs?
  6. kelvinlapworth

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Just watched the highlights of the Kazakhstan round of the Grand Prix and must admit I was very impressed with the quality of the racing. I've never paid much attention to Ice Racing before as I've always thought of it as a Russian dominated procession where first out the traps always wins but I will be watching more from now on
  7. Dick Barrie (press officer at Berwick?) may be your best bet. I'm sure he was the one running it from 2010 - 2012. After that Jamie Swales took it over for a bit.
  8. Thanks Mike, The 2011 edition was known as the Midland League but came to be known as the MDL half way through. It was an unofficial league as the MDL was not sanctioned by the BSPA until 2012 so I doubt any results for 2011 would be listed in their archives. For the record 5 teams took part - Halifax, Long Eaton, Scunthorpe, Sheffield and Team Viking Academy (based at Sheffield). Long Eaton and Viking Academy then raced in a 2 leg Grand Final. Unfortunately I dont have the scores anymore as my laptop from that time has died. I will do my best to dig any info I can out though. I would have a good bet on Connor Dwyer being up there. In the meantime this may help http://www.spensites.co.uk/mdlinfo11.html
  9. Hi Mike, Just out of interest do you know who is the all time leading points scorer to date in the MDL since its debut in 2011? Cheers
  10. kelvinlapworth

    Swindon Stadium

    I wonder if the embarrassment still lingers from that "Goodbye to the Abbey" meeting a few year ago.
  11. kelvinlapworth

    Oxford Speedway

    The reality is who in their right mind would want to invest thousands of pounds into a business that is probably not going to make any profit? It would be risky enough buying an existing team/promotion but having to start from scratch with having to pay for a new track to be laid and renovating a stadium that has not been used for years is financial suicide especially when the future of Speedway in this country as we know it is starting to decline before our very eyes. I've seen a similar thread on here about the future of Coventry stadium. One must admire the enthusiasm of these people but I'm sorry to say it is just fantasy. Unless you have got endless pockets of cash to spare why would you take such a huge risk?
  12. Some good views on here. I really do like the idea of a Euro Super League. Could it work? In current circumstances probably not. But maybe, just maybe. It would have to be franchised and administered and marketed by an independent body affiliated to the FIM. The BSPA or other national bodies would never be allowed to run it. I like some of the comparisons to Rugby League which now has French and Canadian teams involved. Before Super League and Sky Sports investment, RL was a rough n' ready northern sport played in the middle of winter and followed by a die-hard fan base. Pretty much could be said for speedway these days. However since Super League was launched, it's franchising and marketing has brought a whole new fan base to the sport and also enjoys huge media exposure. So how about if for Speedway? Such a competition could still run alongside the domestic leagues and most importantly the Grand Prix series. There would have to be brand new teams (or in this case franchises) set up to successfully market such a competition to a wider audience. 8 teams - say 2 from UK, 2 from Poland, 2 from Sweden and 2 from Denmark. You could possibly make it 9 by inviting a franchise from one of the other main speedway nations on a yearly basis providing they meet strict entry and financial criteria. So that would be 8 home meetings over the year and of cause probably 1 more depending on a Grand Final play-off series. As someone has rightly pointed out I don't think fans would mind spending £20 admission to see 15 action packed heats featuring the best riders in the world (I love the idea of Woffinden, Cook and Lambert as the heat leaders). It would also have to do away with stupid team points limits. Some will say what about the away fixtures? - Nobody will want to travel over? Wrong. Not every meeting no, but some fans would want to travel over to say Poland or Denmark and make a long weekend out of it. I remember going over to Perpignan in France a few years ago and the city was rammed with 3000 Leeds Rhino fans there to see their team take on the Catalan Dragons. Broadcasting rights and big sponsorship deals would be key for such a competition to work but if left in the hands of the right management this could be done. Maybe such an idea is just a fart in the wind, but if Speedway is to generate a new fan base with a new exciting future could such a competition be the cure? Cheers
  13. A random thought I had the other night was if I was a serious promoter with a business brain would I consider purchasing a track/franchise and by-pass the British league and instead enter a team in the Polish League? The BSPA wouldn't like it or probably do their best to block it but would the benefits be for the long term good of the sport in this country? Think about it. Sunday fixtures, Television exposure and having quality riders at every meeting providing the paying public value for money. There would be the logistical problem to deal with but what about striking up a commercial partnership with a low budget airline like Wizz. Probably a crap idea but I must admit if I was a speedway enthusiast with a business brain and a few grand to invest I would be looking at the option.
  14. kelvinlapworth

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    Hello Simon
  15. kelvinlapworth

    St Austell

    I don't know about the original St Austell at Par as that was way before my time but the Eden Project is not situated in the quarry where the speedway track was situated in the late 90's early 00's. The Eden project is very close to it but opened in 2001 whereas the speedway closed in 2003. But saying that they may have extended it. I went to the 90's St Austell whilst on holiday in 2000 and I will fondly remember it. Good racing in what has to be one of the strangest places ever to host a speedway oval. It was like being on the moon. The funniest memory is my mother wouldn't go to the toilet as I told her the toilets were over the lagoon and you had to hold on to a rope to squat over it!

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