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  1. Historian

    Wally Lloyd

    Just read some total nonsense on wikipedia about John Lloyd supposed brother of Wally and Jeff, he has absolutely no conection to the Lloyd brothers, John Peregrine Francis Lloyd came from a high flying very well off family from Edgbaston, Birmingham. A commitee member of the Birmingham MCC (Greet Motordrome) Also a member of the West Bromwich flying club, flew his Bride to Paris for their honeymoon in his own plane, cant trust Wiki John Peregrine Francis Lloyd, a bio of his life can be found on good ole google
  2. Historian

    Wally Lloyd

    Wally came from Hall Green Birmingham, John Somerfield would be the best man for photos, as he sells copies from his collection
  3. Historian

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    No it was NOT a dust bowl only the patch on B1 , being selective with the photo arnt we
  4. Historian

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    I believe Brum had a sponsor for last nights meeting. The crowd looked a bit down on last week only to be expected after last weeks farce but the upstairs stand looked more full than recent weeks. The track was ok well watered with the exception of the patch on B1, created dust every time the riders hit it, diliberately left dry because that patch had been bladed last week and the top layer removed which may have turned soft had it been watered. Good nights racing most heats providing some interest, very enjoyable . Chris Harris was in superb form, coming from the back in each ride, a joy to watch, rode the air fence all night and made a sensational pass in ht 6 riding the fence on B1 & B2 to pass both Monarchs. He would have got a max if only he could gate, only beaten by the opposition because they rode his line by the fence. Valatin Grobauer you are the weakest link , goodbye. Thought Monarchs Josh Pickering a bit of a disapointment
  5. You are entitled to your opinion but you are not entitled to be rude, No you cant say bol******s but at least you spelt it right I said they damaged speedways image in this instance not in general I dont speak for B'ham Speedway
  6. Dont know why folks are wittering on about the track ? It was perfectly raceable no different to last week or the week before, the real issue was the win at all cost attitude of the Bears manager who no doubt will be finacially advantaged as they are confirmed for the play offs. Both Kerr and Wright were on track ready to go for ht5 until their manager pulled the plug, I do not believe the Bears riders refused to ride (Why were they on track ready to go) I do not blame the Bears riders who were just doing as told by their manager. Bears were losing and looked unlikly to win, in desperation their manager complained about the track. and got it graded to suit his riders. Does anyone really think they would have complained had they been in the lead. The action of the Bears management showed a total disregard for the paying public and inflicted for the 2nd time enormous damage on B'ham speedway but far worse they did huge damage to the image of British speedway and should be brought before a tribunal and charged with bringing British Speedway into disrepute, fined and points deducted. I should like to point out that riders are free to choose what risks they are prepared to take or otherwise, the answer is in their right hand (no jokes please) its called a Throttle and as Eric Boocock once said it works in both directions Also, riders are always complaining about track conditions, when dont they??? especially after a poor performance.
  7. We need Shanes to put in a shift, gone off the boil of late.
  8. I shall be at PB, nice sunny evening should be great, better than being stuck at home looking at a screen, Watch football you must be Joking, rather watch grass grow. Come on Brummies!
  9. Historian

    Harry Bastable

    As reported elsewhere on this forum former Birmingham, Cradley and leicester rider Harry Bastable has passed away aged 93. R.I.P. Ive watched Harry race many times for Brum and Cradley, never a star more a steady second string but it was reported that back in the day Wembley wanted to sign him.
  10. The ref Jim McGregor a scot, wouldn't be biased would he?
  11. Trying to remain positive about this match but cant help thinking we (Brum) will be lucky to hit 38. With a following wind and a rub of the green I hope we may sneak a point! Harris should go well he likes this place, he and Shanes can handle a rough track being grass track riders. Our only hope is Schlien will not be a threat because he is too pre occupied with his testimonial and may wish to avoid injury at this late stage in his career as he is retiring shortly.
  12. Historian

    Birmingham v Plymouth 25 Aug

    Totaly agree great night , me and my family and friends had a great night, much bigger crowd than last week, Masons should be happy, even bigger crowd when Poole come visititing. I dont believe baggies playing at home has any affect on PB, Villa at home would make a big difference. Some good racing despite the score, Ruml looks to have a good future, exciting rider. Pederson, oh dear, din't look too interested. brings back memories of his time with Brum, Keleher a loose canon! Harris riding the fence he just loves PB, whent for the big one in ht 15 ,full bore on the outside and lost it B1 shame You cant beat a night at the speedway, love it, roll on Poole,
  13. ht 14 everyone was screaming put Castagna in place of Morris, what the hell was the manager thinking Grrr. Morris is the worst in the team for falls and mechanical issues, needs sorting! Thomas second to him.

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