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  1. Yes, they prevent a considerable amount of the spray from entering the wider environment. It's far from failsafe by any means but it helps. Congrats DC2, you win best post of the thread so far. Not browsed here for a while before today because of the sociopaths and wingnuts (what's the point in trying to discuss anything sensible with people who lack empathy or anything resembling scientific literacy? It's a waste of effort) but popped by to see what's up. And this thread is as wacko as I thought it would be. Bit disappointed to see no rants about open mosques and halal easter eggs though!
  2. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    Waiting for what? Try and write coherently.
  3. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    Funnily enough, that makes it even more racist. Why should a person of colour have to go to another country --- when they are American citizens --- and sort out issues there? They're politicians in America. Trump's arguing here that the opinion of an individual with an non-indigenous heritage is effectively worthless until the problems of their state of heritage are sorted out. Let's apply this here... Sajid Javid, your opinion is invalid because the Pakistani Taliban are still operating. Bugger off back there, sort it out and then we'll listen.
  4. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    So what is objective racism then? Does it have to involve a body count? Let's hear your definition. I'm guessing that if it's just words then it's not objective, it's not racism.
  5. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    ' I struggle to see how Trump carries the label of being overtly racist by any objective test' That's an apology for his racism. You're failing to recognise his racism. With both you and BWitcher burying your heads in the sand it tells me you're in denial, don't have a clue about racism (possibly because you've never been on the receiving it) or you're sympathetic to it but can't quite admit it.
  6. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    Thank you. Let's also not forget when he told certain black politicians to 'go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.' Is BWitcher so blind he/she cannot see what racism is?
  7. dog

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Only after Wilhelm II came to power. 1897.
  8. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    Of course he's racist. Just listen to some of the stuff that drops out of this mouth. Why are you making apologies for him? Is it because a lot of what he says drops close to home?
  9. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    Of course you're squirming. You're moving the goalposts now. I'm not sensible because I won't agree with you. Boo hoo. Now that's a deflection.
  10. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    One man's racism doesn't automatically equate to employers across the land echoing that racism. Or is this inconceivable in your mind. How is pointing out your ludicrous 'logic' either nitpicking or an attempt at deflection? It isn't. It's a perfectly reasonable point I've made and now you're squirming. Keep going though. I also see EI Addio can't see the woods for the trees either. It must be really draining for you both to keep convincing yourselves that 3+3 really does make 7. As for the comparison with certain other racists from history, those don't particularly stand up. I don't see Trump setting up Gulags or having 'Arbeit Macht Frei' gated camps. It isn't going to happen. I guess you'll agree with me on that.
  11. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    Can't believe I missed this until now. This footage isn't even in the right building! Lol! Is the Maga Twitter account real, or is it based in St Petersburg?
  12. dog

    'the Donald' Trump

    Employment for minorities is the highest ever. Ergo Donald Trump is not a racist. That's hilarious!
  13. dog

    WAZE and iPhone 8.

    Glad you've got it sorted!
  14. dog

    Ipswich 2020

    Waking up every day when your brain isn't working properly can be a huge struggle. At times it can seem like the struggles and pain can never, never end. God bless Danny and his beautiful family. X
  15. dog

    WAZE and iPhone 8.

    I ditched Waze after experiencing a similar problem. It also seemed to stay quiet on occasions, seemingly without any reason, when it came to providing directions. Google Maps is much more reliable.

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