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  1. dog

    Ipswich 2020

    Waking up every day when your brain isn't working properly can be a huge struggle. At times it can seem like the struggles and pain can never, never end. God bless Danny and his beautiful family. X
  2. dog

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Is a zero point return any worse than a zero point return? I don't expect Rowe to be there at the business end of the season. No criticism of him, but I think we'll see a replacement once the team average drops.
  3. dog

    Swindon Robins 2020

    That's not unreasonable. There's going to be a lot of pressure on Stewart and Perks.
  4. dog

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I've had similar thoughts, I just hope Anders takes his chance. If he's not ready then nothing has really been lost due to his age and he's gained experience.
  5. dog

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Let's hope so. My concern is that tail is going to be very long. Just don't want another Jack Smith scenario.
  6. dog

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Ricky Wells? No thanks.
  7. dog

    Swindon Robins 2020

    One of them on here? http://speedwayu21.com/en/riders.html
  8. dog

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Quite likely but a stopped clock is right twice a day.
  9. dog

    Swindon Robins 2020

    The only things true are that AE tweeted about the new Panthers logo and liked a tweet that said something along the lines of 'hope you're signing for us' from a Panthers fan. But he's also liked a tweet by a Robins fan about hoping he's not moving. Lol!
  10. dog

    Nicki P

    Looking forward to see him in Swindon, hopefully having one of his unhinged moments. At the back end of his career but he's a legend and will be a great addition to domestic speedway.
  11. dog

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Kurtz at 5 suits me.
  12. Good point. Swindon are very much my team but I've a lot of time for Wolves and Belle Vue. Only club I dislike are Poole. More and more I find myself following specific riders regardless of who they turn out for.
  13. What has really struck me about our side this season is the togetherness of everyone since Perks, Jensen and Vissing arrived, not only among the team but also on the terraces. Such a shame the team will be broken up.
  14. Well done Robins. Total hiding tonight which reduced the entertainment but I don't care.

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