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  1. Hi does anybody know who this engine tuner may be thanks jkk tuning
  2. harris

    engine rebuilds

    hi i have a gm engine can someone tell me who the tuner may be it has the letters SJR on the plastic id insert thanks
  3. harris

    engine tuners

    sorry guys my previous post the initials on the plastic engine insert is S J R thanks
  4. harris

    king muffler

    hi i have two king mufflers one is older style no baffles the other later model it has baffles i want to install on a gm 500 which one would give best bike performance regardless of noise level thanks
  5. harris

    blixt carb settings

    hi just bought a blixt carb can someone help out i do have a dial gauge and know how to use but have no idea where to set and do i need to change the setting and the reason to change if needed thanks for any help given
  6. harris

    pvl ignition

    just bought a gm 500 has sellectra ignition fitted but it has had the coil swapped for a pvl unit can this be done and for what reason would it be done i know little about this topic thanks

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