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  1. Greener21

    Poole 2019

    I would be a lot more worried if our reserves were Shane’s and wajtknecht as it has been proved before reserves can win you the league if you have strength in depth
  2. Greener21

    Poole 2019

    I wonder if Somerset think using r/r was the best way forward when they lost holder against Poole which probably cost them the semi final
  3. Greener21


    Even if the were the colours of the team , woryna really looked out of place in red kevlars with a blue Poole bib
  4. Greener21


    I hope all teams return to matching race suits next year,the teams that wore them last year looked far more professional,Kline was the only rider who looked a true pirate .thoughts
  5. Off the subject of Morris I think using rr is very dangerous as Somerset found out in the semi final when they lost against Poole which probably cost them a place in the final.
  6. Anyone know how many medals are allocated , I would like to think Brady got one
  7. How many medals are allocated, I would like to thank Brady will get one. How
  8. Imagine if Ellis has a bad meeting at Poole and has a great meeting at kings lynn this forum will go into melt down
  9. Riding at reserve on his home track a bit different than a premiership grand final
  10. Greener21

    Poole 2019

    Should we really be talking about someone’s personal life on a speedway forum ,I don’t think so
  11. Greener21


    Looked on free sport Chanel 422 it says cricket
  12. Greener21


    Any idea what day the Swedish final is on, I can’t seem to find it
  13. Greener21

    Poole 2019

    I am not sure I would ever class a liability for Poole , I would sooner remember him for all the great races it has been a pleasure watching him in Poole colours
  14. Spot on wildcat I thought exactly the same
  15. Greener21

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    When you look at the meetings between the two sides this season +24 points to Poole in the a fixtures and +8 to Poole in the b fixtures I am not sure the stars would pick pirates in the semi finals

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