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  1. 5 hours ago, Sidney the robin said:

    Have you anough firepower at the top end of the team? Kurtz, Holder have huge potential but if i was a Poole fan i might be a wee bit worried.

    I would be a lot more worried if our reserves were Shane’s and wajtknecht as it has been proved before reserves can win you the league if you have strength in depth

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  2. 16 minutes ago, ray c said:

    And the Scunthorpe promoter Rob Godfrey . I've said before r/r would have been the best way forward .will we still be the hated team in the league when Matt is gone ?

    I wonder if Somerset think using r/r was the best way forward when they lost holder against Poole which probably cost them the semi


  3. 2 hours ago, Trotter65 said:

    I'm a fan of individual leathers..as a kid that was a highlight for me , picking out and knowing riders by their own leathers and colours....team Kevlars kook smart for sure but it all looks a bit bland with all the riders looking the same...

    Even if the were the colours of the team , woryna really looked out of place in red  kevlars with a

    blue Poole bib

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Steve0 said:

    Kings Lynn did not cause anything - the rules (as was) permitted them to use Adam Ellis in the first leg at Poole - they didn’t (and still don’t) allow Poole to use Nick Morris at Kings Lynn.   I don’t have any agenda either but what I can’t stand is a team (any team - including Swindon) that benefits from a blatant disregard of the rules.  As I have said, Poole could have legally used RR and won with a legal team - and I would have congratulated them for that.  However, they chose to include an ineligible rider according to the rules and a team that benefits from ignoring the rules are cheats! QED

    Off the subject of Morris I think using rr is very dangerous as Somerset found out in the semi final when they lost against Poole which probably cost them a place in the final.

  5. 22 minutes ago, Steve Shovlar said:

    OK it’s time to put this mess behind us and try to look forward to the final. For those travelling down from Kings Lynn, the weather is dry and overcast. No rain is forecast so it’s all good to go.

    I believe Kings Lynn are far stronger with Ellis in the team. It should be relatively easy to outscore Iversens efforts this year. Lynn are certainly strengthened tonight. If Iversen doesn’t ride in the second leg they could be weakened but around Wimborne Road Iversen is not a serious threat.

    Poole need to start the meeting far better then we did against Somerset. We can’t afford to wait until heat 8 before waking up.

    Very hard one to call. I think we need 12-14 points to be in with a shout of winning the title. Not going to be easy to get any type of lead.  Just hope it’s a great meeting.

    Imagine if Ellis has a bad meeting at Poole and has a great meeting at kings lynn this forum will go into melt down

  6. On 9/22/2018 at 10:22 PM, Aviator said:

    Most of what has been going on in Holders life is of his own making. I would not waste a nano second in negotiating a contract for him to return to Poole. More of a liability than an asset. Time to move on!!!

    I am not sure I would ever class a liability for Poole , I would sooner remember him for all the great races it has been a pleasure watching him in Poole colours

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  7. 5 hours ago, AFCB Wildcat said:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. All riders played their part and it was hard to call how any heat would go. There isn't much home advantage at any track these days and I think this could go either way in the 2nd leg. People seem to be very harsh on Middleditch. I don't think for a second that he punched the air thinking it's all over, only that Klindt kept Holder behind him knowing that the difference between 4-2 and 5-1 in that heat will be huge going into the second leg. 

    Spot on wildcat I thought exactly the same

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