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  1. I'm looking for an avid Kings Lynn programme collector who might be able to help with some match details which i am searching for.
  2. Im trying to complete fixture and results for the 1981 Anglia Junior league whereby i understand 7 teams were involved. K.Lynn, Ipswich, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Rye House, Mildenhall and my home team Peterborough. I've managed to find dates and results for Peterborough's matches against kings Lynn and Rye House, but not the others. Could anyone please help? Also likewise with the 1979 junior league. Would anyone have any possible fixture dates and match results please? I would also be very interested to find out if Peterborough were involved in any other junior leagues between 1979-1990. I know they had a junior team in 1983, but I have an inkling that they may also have had a team in 1985? If anyone can provide any information, then i would be extremely grateful.
  3. pleasureboy60

    programmes required

    I am desperately searching for several Peterborough panthers programmes to complete my ongoing collection. A few are proving difficult to obtain and so any help would be very much appreciated. They are as follows: Glasgow v Peterborough KOC Semi/Final 20/10/2017 Ipswich v Peterborough KOC Final 26/10/2017 Newcastle v Peterborough 19/08/2018 Workington v Peterborough 14/09/2018
  4. Please could anyone provide me with any information with reference to the fixtures for the 1983 Central Junior league. From what i understand Coventry withdrew partway through the 1983 season and Peterborough took over the remaining fixtures. Which fixtures these were is not very clear and i would really appreciate any information to update my records.
  5. pleasureboy60

    2nd leg play off final

    Farcical. The real champions are the team from Cambridgeshire. Peterborough Panthers. The sooner they scrap this unfair play off system in speedway then the better for all concerned. You finish top of the league then you are crowned champions. Simple!
  6. Unfortunately speedway in this country is governed by people who should have seen the warning signs years ago. It could be far too late now to suddenly rectify the problems that we the fans have been concerned about for some considerable time. A big change is needed starting from the top and people who fully understand and appreciate what the sport has to offer should be put in charge. I fear that may now be too late.
  7. Did anyone attend the NJL fours final at Redcar on Saturday and could they please tell me if a match programme was issued for this meeting please.
  8. I am desperately searching for the following Peterborough Panthers race day programmes to complete a lifetime collection. If anyone reading this article is able to help then it would be very much appreciated. I would be willing to pay for any of these programmes either blank or completed. Peterborough v Mildenhall 14/06/85. Peterborough v League Select 25/10/85. Frank Barney Memorial trophy @ Peterborough 21/07/94 British under 21 semi final @ Peterborough 11/04/2017. Peterborough v Edinburgh 13/10/2017 Mildenhall v Peterborough Challenge 10/11/74. Rye House v Peterborough Challenge 07/10/90. Kings Lynn v Peterborough Anglia junior league 04/07/2012. Long Eaton V Peterborough Anglia junior league @ Leicester 01/08/2015. Mildenhall/Boston / Peterborough Conference league three team tournament 23/03/2003. Championship best pairs final @ Sheffield 08/10/17. Championship individual riders final @ Glasgow 14/10/2017. Glasgow v Peterborough KOC Semi-Final 20/10/2017 Ipswich v Peterborough KOC Final 26/10/17 Anyone able to help with these can contact me through the forum or email bazzer53@gmail.com Mobile 07944726412

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