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  1. Racing as been top notch all season on a well prepared track that's not prepared for home advantage like some I could mention.
  2. How much is Panthers success this season down to Rob Lyon. Its clear to see that all the riders have the ultimate respect for the guy and the team respond accordingly. Team spirit is high and its great that the club are percevering with Jordan Palin. The boy has obviously got talent and needs to be neutered. He will come good. Past seasons Panthers have tended to loose patience with some of their younger riders if they don't immediately produce the goods.
  3. Plenty of Lynn fans at Alwalton last night. Not sure if they were there to see the quality racing on show or to take a swipe at Buster.
  4. Lots of Lynn fans at Alwalton tonight, obviously they know where to go to see good speedway.
  5. If every track in the country was as good as Peterborough then speedway wouldn't be in the mess its in now and crowds would increase ten fold. Always produces excellent racing on a track with no home advantage. Tonight was no exception with so many racing lines. Riders must be in dream land!
  6. pleasureboy60

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    For everyone who wrote the Panthers off this season. Shame on you!! No substitute for experience and a damn good team manager. Let's keep it going and prove all those doubters wrong.
  7. pleasureboy60

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Can we use Bewley to cover for Ulrich if BV are not racing on the same night?
  8. I'm back researching Junior league matches from the 1980/90s. I'm now looking for any help with the 1989 National Junior League. Teams who took part and any scores please
  9. pleasureboy60

    1990 Junior challenge matches

    Many thanks for the update and match details
  10. Would anyone have any information with reference to Peterborough's junior team in the 1990 season. As far as I'm aware they were not in any particular junior league but they did take part in some junior challenge matches. I have details for the matches at Wimbledon 25/07 and Arena Essex 14/07. Does anyone know if they were involved in anymore.
  11. I would be interested in buying it from you. How much do you want for it?
  12. Hi. I would be interested in the programne if it is still for sale please. My contact details are 07944726412
  13. pleasureboy60

    World Final tickets

    I'm looking to add to my collection of Speedway World Final tickets and if anyone has any that they would like to sell at a reasonable price, then i would be very interested in purchasing them. You can contact me through the site or on my private mobile number 07944726412.
  14. I'm looking to complete my personal collection of Peterborough junior league programmes from 1978-1985 and I'm looking for the following programmes if anyone could help me please. All these programmes should have a junior second half event involving Peterborough. 16/07/78 Mildenhall v Workington. 04/10/80 Cradley v Halifax. 28/08/80 Ipswich v Poole. 26/07/80 Swindon v Wolves. 16/09/82 Ipswich v Reading. 04/05/85 Stoke v Middlesbrough. 31/08/86 Mildenhall v Glasgow. 03/10/91 Sheffield v Long Eaton
  15. Has anyone got a spare copy of the 2019 Prague speedway grand prix final programme please from June 15th 2019. I'm looking for a copy to complete my collection.

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