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  1. I would be interested in buying it from you. How much do you want for it?
  2. Hi. I would be interested in the programne if it is still for sale please. My contact details are 07944726412
  3. pleasureboy60

    World Final tickets

    I'm looking to add to my collection of Speedway World Final tickets and if anyone has any that they would like to sell at a reasonable price, then i would be very interested in purchasing them. You can contact me through the site or on my private mobile number 07944726412.
  4. I'm looking to complete my personal collection of Peterborough junior league programmes from 1978-1985 and I'm looking for the following programmes if anyone could help me please. All these programmes should have a junior second half event involving Peterborough. 16/07/78 Mildenhall v Workington. 04/10/80 Cradley v Halifax. 28/08/80 Ipswich v Poole. 26/07/80 Swindon v Wolves. 16/09/82 Ipswich v Reading. 04/05/85 Stoke v Middlesbrough. 31/08/86 Mildenhall v Glasgow. 03/10/91 Sheffield v Long Eaton
  5. Has anyone got a spare copy of the 2019 Prague speedway grand prix final programme please from June 15th 2019. I'm looking for a copy to complete my collection.
  6. I'm now trying to update 1991 Sunbrite Div 2 reserve league - Midland section. Apart from Stoke junior Potters, Milton Keynes junior squires and Peterborough junior Hobbits. Does anyone have any information please on other teams which took part. Dates and scores would be an added bonus
  7. pleasureboy60

    1983 Central Junior league

    Update on the 1983 Central Junior league. 27/08/1983. Stoke juniors 12 Peterborough juniors 6. 1985 Anglian Junior league 04/05/85 Stoke juniors 11 Peterborough juniors 13
  8. pleasureboy60

    Books etc wanted

    I have a 1979 Speedway regulations book in very good condition if you are interested. I'm willing to sell for a reasonable price. Contact details are Barry 07944726412
  9. pleasureboy60


    Hi. I've got a copy of the Aces triple Champions which I'm willing to sell for a reasonable price. My mobile number is 07944726412. Regards Barry
  10. I'm looking for details of the 1987 National Junior League - Central Section. I know Peterborough Skoda Cubs and Boston Piranhas both had teams and matches consisted of 7 heats. Any more information would be invaluable.
  11. I'm desperately trying to find out some relative information with reference to the 1983 Midland junior league. I have recently found out that Peterborough took over from Coventry mid-way through this particular season and completed their outstanding fixtures. To date i have results and dates for away matches at Leicester 06/09, Long Eaton 23/03, Sheffield 15/09, but i'm still trying to find information for matches at Birmingham,Stoke and Swindon. if anyone could fill in these blanks for me, then i would be extremely grateful. Unfortunately i dont have any Speedway stars from the 1983 season as i think that might be a point of reference.
  12. Good morning. Yes it's the same in the programne I have obtained., unfortunately mine doesn't have the heat details so is it possible to send me the heat details if you have them please. Kind regards. Barry
  13. Good morning. i just wanted to query the 1985 Anglia Junior league meeting on June 2nd against Peterborough. Ive just obtained a copy of the programme for that date, Mildenhall v Ellesmere Port and i cant find any details of that junior meeting being held. Can yu confirm that this is the correct date please Regards Barry
  14. pleasureboy60

    programmes wanted

    Evening Dan. Just wanted to say thanks for the Wolves programmes. They arrived today. Regards Barry
  15. Good afternoon Dave.

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your recent help with obtaining details for the Anglia junior league.

    I'm almost complete now with my Peterborough results and match details.

    The ones i am missing are: 1982 Away to Ipswich and Long Eaton. 1985 Away to Stoke, possibly two separate meetings.

    the other question marks concern  1983 when Peterborough took over from Coventry in the central junior league, midway through the season. I know that Peterborough completed 12 fixtures, 6 home and away. i have the heat details for all their fixtures, but no dates for the away fixtures at Birmingham, Stoke and Swindon.

    If you are able to contribute to any of these then i would be very grateful.







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