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  1. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue v Ipswich Monday June 6th Live on TV

    Agree completely
  2. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue v Ipswich Monday June 6th Live on TV

    ........ and also a balcony at the other end of the Grandstand on the entry to turn 1.
  3. BarracudaAce

    16.05. Aces v Stars - league

    Indeed. Just been messaging a friend who is less than a half mile up the road from me. It was dry and the sun was trying to break through with me, but bouncing down with rain at his place.
  4. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue 2022

    Thank you for the full explanation. My obvious 'misunderstanding' came after discussing it with someone involved in the day-to-day running of a speedway club. (Not Belle Vue!!) I'll have to email him your reply!!
  5. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue 2022

    So here's an example of the reader interpreting something different from what the writer meant - speedway regulations anyone? When saying 'no facility was granted' I was referring to the quote I'd included of a Daniel Smith post re: Jake Allen's 28-day contract not being granted facility status. I wasn't referring to R/R.
  6. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue 2022

    So, I presume here that if no facility was granted, and Jake decided he didn't want to ride for Belle Vue after his 28-day contract expired, then the Aces would just be left with Rider Replacement as their only option. I'm thinking that they couldn't use the No.8, as he is only able to be used to cover the absence of the Rising Star?
  7. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue 2022

    Are we sure? If it is, then two clubs will have an extra two fixtures in their schedule as opposed to the other four. Four clubs will have 20 League & 4 League Cup fixtures, and the other two will have 20 League & 6 League Cup fixtures. 25% of 24 matches = 6 matches, and 25% of 26 matches = 6.50 matches. Surely, even our governing body, wouldn't base something on all clubs not having the same number of matches and, also, ending up with a non-whole number as the 25% figure. If they have then will they ‘round up’ or ‘round down’ the 6.50 – if the former then four clubs will be able to change their line-ups after six matches and the other two will have to wait until seven matches are ridden. So, if League Cup fixtures are counting towards the 25% as Daniel Smith suggests above, Belle Vue couldn't sign Matej Zagar until after six completed matches, four of which have already been ridden. So, they couldn't use him for Peterborough (H) on 2 May and Ipswich (a) on 5 May. He could then be brought into the team starting with Peterborough (a) on 9 May.
  8. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue 2022

    That seems to be the exact crux of the matter, given the differing views of how this particular regulation is being interpreted on this forum. As another poster has said, though, it is only the SGB Premiership Ruling Authoritites' interpretation that counts and how they want to enforce it. If Matej Zagar's signing is permitted then we'll know a few on here have interpreted it differently from the Ruling Authorities.
  9. BarracudaAce

    British Speedway statement

    I couldn't agree with you more on your last comment, but it is being weakened for 3 clubs (yes, only 3 clubs - but that is 50% of the league) and they would have had to release a rider(s) without the retirees and Dan's situation. The point I was making was the fact that one rider to lose his job because of team building limits could well have been a reserve (if Bjarne had not been retiring and Peterborough chosen to replace him than someone else) and just seems plain daft to me.
  10. BarracudaAce

    British Speedway statement

    And that just about sums up British Speedway!! Never mind the fact that Bjarne Pedersen himself is retiring anyway and the Peterborough 2021 team was built in a very specific way. The team building points limit is raised, yet one team is still set to replace one of the season-ending reserves with a lower averaged rider!! Not their No.1, but a reserve for heaven's sake!!
  11. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue -V- Sheffield POSF 2nd leg

    There's probably someone sat at a desk at British Speedway HQ that has read this, and right now is thinking 'Now that's a cracking idea, why didn't I think of it?'
  12. BarracudaAce

    belle vue v kings lynn 13/9/21

    My local weather app currently shows any rain in rhe Gorton area clearing by around 1.00pm and not returning until around 9.00pm. I'm actually 10 miles away from Belle Vue, it rained here earlier but the sun is trying to peak through the clouds now. Not too successfully though.
  13. BarracudaAce

    RIP Taffy Owen

    Taffy was in the very first race I ever saw back in August 1970 on the opening night of Boston Speedway, and he helped the Barracudas to a win against local rivals Peterborough Panthers. Taffy's passing means the two riders that represented the 'Cudas in their first ever heat 1 are sadly no longer with us. Taffy was guesting for the injured Arthur Price, and he and the late 'Jolly' Jack Bywater raced to a 5-1. On the wishes of Boston co-promoter Cyril Crane, Taffy eased up to allow Jack to pass him and take the chequered flag, as Crane told Taffy that he wanted one of Boston's own riders to win the first ever race at New Hammond Beck Road. There was an Aces match at the NSS in August a couple of years ago just about on the 49th anniversary of Boston's opening night, so I spoke with Taffy in the Peter Craven Suite about it. He remembered the night vividly and talked about all the pre-match media attention reporting on the opening night, and mementoes given to the riders of both teams. He was quite taken that I remembered he went onto notch up a paid maximum and ended the night as the track record holder. His contribution to opening night meant he was then always a popular visitor to Boston as an opposition rider. RIP Taffy and thank you for the memories.
  14. An email hit my InBox about 25 minutes ago advertising tickets. On a quick look at the Grandstand availability, there aren't many seats remaining in Block D but still quite a number across all the other blocks. Doesn't show the remaining availability in the South Stand standing, but you can still purchase tickets in there.
  15. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue -V- Wolves (Eurosport)

    Yes, Wolves' Leon Flint - and, with all due respect to Jack Smith, I reckon Wolves will be happier with the postponement than the Aces. With Leon in the team – and the way he rides the NSS – I reckon Wolves would have had a much bigger chance of winning than with Jack. Yes, they’re both ex-Colts, but Leon has already had a 15-point maximum in a National League match at the NSS this season. With the grippier conditions that there would have been had it gone ahead tonight, it would have suited his style of riding the NSS to a tee.

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