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  1. Falcons50

    Plymouth speedway

    Well said lewy
  2. Falcons50

    Plymouth speedway

    No track issues from last night Richard Lawsons comment after his winning ride.
  3. With Ben having announced retirement and the meeting being postponed several times any appointment/holiday already booked would have to take preference surely. These guys fit speedway in with a normal life job, they deserve to have a holiday at the end of the season. Postponements through weather can't be accounted for always, is this the third attempt at running this one, I've lost count. Having a 6 or 7 in for a Championship title against the likes of Ellis Perks is no good for anyone. It should be for riders purely riding the National league.
  4. Do we actually KNOW FOR SURE they turned the meeting down !!
  5. He rode a couple of meeting for Plymouth as well !! before saying the journey down was too difficult then signed for Kent
  6. Falcons50


    I think the same with our reserves, both Adam and Jamie,. Adam had a couple of really good rides last night but all too often can slide off when under pressure. One thing I won't ever say though is that he hasn't got heart, he is a real team man. With the second half last night 10 rides I think, with some of the "bangs" he get he must feel battered the day after a meeting.
  7. Falcons50


    Can only agree with Mike, it was an enjoyable meeting, Stoke looked to be well on top then the tables turned, well done our boys for keeping at it. Nathan was spot on form again after his Cradley score. Well done to all and speedy recovery to Danny who looks a good prospect.
  8. Falcons50

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Totally agree Frenchie....it's time this thread ended !!!
  9. Falcons50

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Quote from Joe Thompson last night in an interview was that he was sorry not to be racing as the track looked good, none of the Leicester boys had any problems riding it neither the Brummies team in the second half of the meeting. Only fallers were our own lads, hope Jamie and Adam are ok.
  10. Falcons50

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    Not sure what the irony is to my post really as I'm a Plymouth supporter who is fed up with reading negative posts about our track, am saying that tracks all round the country and in every league have issues. Poole, Swindon, Peterborough, in the higher leagues just to name a couple. Dust is always another issue, I loved the photos on Facebook of the Birmingham meeting last night, very atmospheric (said tongue in cheek) as to me it all is part of watching speedway :-)
  11. Falcons50

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    So pleased to read that Plymouth is not the only track that "supporters" criticise. Makes a real change to see. At least our curfew is reasonable 9-45. :-) Trying to be sensible about tracks and issues with them it does seem to be a nation wide problem. I watched Peterborough v Belle Vue on BT Sport last night. After 3 heats two riders injured, ambulances on track both times and three riders out of the meeting. Riders were picking up grip on the bends and straights and having to struggle to keep control at times. Scott Nicholls said there was a hole or rut that had appeared on the first / second bend and track work had to be done. So some longish delays. I think there are problems all round with the sport and the rules governing it. However the main issue for me is lack of supporters. Speedway is a great night out for all the family, in todays world though it is all about winning and having a successful side, not the old Olympic idea of just taking part. WE have some brilliant young riders, full of courage who give us tremendous entertainment. The promoters, most of them have to have very thick skins with the flack they take, some of it very personal. If it wasn't for them putting their money on the line we wouldn't have our speedway fix. Personally I really enjoy my Friday night at Plymouth, " issues " and all. Long may it and speedway continue but it does need us to get behind it :-)
  12. Falcons50

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    As an end to this debate, it does need to be put to bed I would say if they are in their 70's they should know better, foul language is and should not be tolerated in ANY arena. My mind does wander though to the one or two things you could accuse me of, come and talk to me, you will find me a reasonable person :-) Talking to the promotion might be better than blazing things around on forums, I've found that works often :-). I hope you have further friends to stand with on your visit and that you don't indeed hear any bad language or swearing :-)
  13. Falcons50

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Ass kisser is that a reference to me ??? wow is all I can add and of course if that's the way your friends on bend one react they are not wanted at Plymouth, speedway is a family friendly sport not like football where the language used both on and off the pitch is appalling !!!
  14. Falcons50

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    So it should be, speedway is supposed to be a friendly family sport. Grown men as those guys were should know better.
  15. Falcons50

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Ah that would be all the pals on bend one no doubt who have nothing good to say about the Plymouth setup, that tells me all :-)

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