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  1. GiveusaB

    Leicester v Birmingham 25/5/19

    Missing 'Zach' isn't going to make any difference to the outcome imo.... 55-35 ? As for Ulrich? he's a good rider on 'desparate' machinery........
  2. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

    I think it will be even worse next week? Half-term ? Europa League Final? Eastbourne in a dead rubber ?
  3. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

    Not great ? Unfortunately, I don't think it was as big as the promoters would have liked?
  4. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

    Echoing a few of the positive comments already mentioned above.... Such a relief to hear that the very impressive Josh Pickering is going to be ok ....his crash looked awful, especially as it happened on the back straight...he went for a gap that literally wasn't there! Amazing what having a 'real' No.1 brings to the team...it seemed to 'inspire' the rest of the boys to perform! Ellis was head and shoulders above everyone and it already appears that he has developed a great on track understanding with James Shanes, who had his best meeting so far this season. Morris rode like he had a point to prove ? recording the fastest time of the evening in his 3rd ride! Zach (already mentioned) brilliant when he makes the gate....but lacks considerable confidence/bottle when behind. A promising start for Stoneman....should get even better after a few more meetings. Paco is another rider that looks class when he makes the gate! Felt a bit for Ulrich?: came down heavily in his first ride and appeared to have damaged his number one bike and then struggled for speed for the rest of the evening? Overall, I'd say that we beat a very mediocre/poor opposition.....and I think that the 'biggest' difference to previous performances was the simple fact that we actually got out of the starts for a change!?
  5. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    What a really funny post ! : )))))))))))))))))))))) From someone who thought that Edinburgh were going to turn us over last night ?
  6. GiveusaB

    Leicester 2019

    If the walls in the pits weren't concrete, then JB would have even fewer injuries !
  7. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

    Looking forward to tonight's meeting : ))))))))))))))))))))))
  8. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

    Cameron Heeps looked like a class act on Monday night at Ipswich....can't see anyone but Ellis getting near him?
  9. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

    Sticking to the thread.... Weather looks great.....team looks 'hungry'....let's hope for a positive result! Ashley Morris is my biggest concern....he can't become a bad rider over-night?
  10. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Ashley Morris looked way out of his depth at Ipswich.....'BIG concern' ! I think he'll be next in the firing line?
  11. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I don't see it as a lie to the fans......I see it as a lie to the 'control board' to avoid a fine for non compliance! Anybody with half a brain can see that!
  12. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Peter/David are not local....they could quite easily take their money and invest it in another club if fans aren't happy with how they're running things? Where would that leave us ? Strewth.......
  13. GiveusaB

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    We need to be backing the 'promotion' not persecuting them! I don't think you realise how much money the Masons would've lost had they run the meeting? I applaud them for making up an excuse to call it off and not take my hard earned money to see a farce!
  14. GiveusaB

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    I think we've already gone over this part? If they'd called it off for a so called 'weakened' team, then they'd have surely been fined or at the very least reprimanded ? (i.e official meetings/hearings, costing time/money) It's starting to get boring now .....
  15. GiveusaB

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    EXACTLY! We then have to hear about unhappy so called supporters who want the management/promotion punished for an obvious business decision? We're already in a financially difficult situation with low attendances and rising costs etc....so why try and put another nail in the future of another speedway club??? Beggars belief! The decision to postpone the meeting didn't affect anyone........everybody had advanced notice? It's the so called vigilante supporters who will close another track down, not the 'common sense' of a benevolent promotional speedway operation! Call yourself speedway fans ??? maybe be just an envious Coventry supporter ???

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