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  1. What? I wonder why no R/R ? no disrespect to Connor, but I don't understand that selection? Look like B'ham are heading North just to make the numbers up....'why bother'!? Also, no pre-match build up on the OFFICIAL website?
  2. GiveusaB

    Speedway shambles

    Agreed....you've either got it, or you haven't !
  3. GiveusaB

    Speedway shambles

    On the plus side...Flint has developed tremendously this season.
  4. If (and I stress, IF) the weather is kind on Friday up North....We'll be lucky to hit 40 points....let alone get a draw....
  5. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    It wouldn't surprise me if the 'Masons' don't show up as Eastbourne's saviour next season? I certainly wish them well whatever their path.
  6. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    Its definitely going to be the last League match ! As for the announcement? No surprises there....the Masons have done remarkably well to get us to the end of the season! Well done David and Peter.....thanks for the last 2/3 seasons! I can't see Birmingham returning.....time to find another hobby!
  7. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    Surely B'ham too strong for Newcastle ? (14/16 points win...) however, be great to see Adam riding and Barker and Mountain go well at PB!
  8. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    Harris has been the highlight ALL season!
  9. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    At the end of the day....if the Promotion are losing money with every match? Why would they want us to make the Play-Offs ?
  10. I have a feeling that B'ham will 'post' a similar sort of message for their last home meeting? It's a sure fire winner if the current promotion are looking for one last final 'pay-day'? (business head on etc....) Really sorry to see the demise of the 'Diamonds'.....my early years were memories of Joe/Tom Owen and Brian Havelock!
  11. Just one last point about riders refusing to race if they're not happy with the track ? riders these days seem very fickle to me... Kenny Carter never complained....just got on with it....even won a British Final on a rain soaked track at Brandon...'with a broken leg'....lifted on and off his bike before/after each race!!! Just makes me laugh when I think of Redcar the other night.....
  12. I wonder if LR aka speedway fan could explain Thomas's absence?
  13. Absolute joke! Obviously didn't fancy the journey? I'd replace him permanently.
  14. Redcar riders 'especially' Charles Wright are a bunch of whinging whimps! They need to man up! Wright is a posing pu##y! He was the top-hat that caused the delay in the opening meeting.....'grow a pair'! Wright only complained because he was beaten by a B'ham reserve in Heat 1! This was planned imo....especially after the KOC match....probably cost us our status! How can the track be bad, if Kerr clocks one of the fastest time of the season? (Redcar manager forgot to tell him to slow down). I certainly hope Redcar dont win the League.....c'mon 'POOLE'!
  15. I think Redcar will edge it tonight....6-8 points!

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