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  1. GiveusaB

    Guest riders

    Not for me...seeing the best possible riders is more value for money imo.
  2. GiveusaB

    Guest riders

    It definitely made a difference... Morris is nowhere near Bombers standard at PB. However, on the flip side, Kyle Howarth is streets ahead of Auty....so I think it evened itself.
  3. GiveusaB

    Guest riders

    Yes in theory your right, but we all know that certain riders ride certain tracks better than the rider they're replacing.
  4. GiveusaB

    Guest riders

    What about, you can only take 1 guest booking per week and you can't guest for the same team, or at the same track more than once a month ?
  5. GiveusaB

    Guest riders

    What about, a guest rider cannot be replaced once declared, just because a better rider becomes available ???
  6. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Oxford Wed 18th May

    And despite the best efforts of Shanes, it was legendary British duo Scott Nicholls and Chris Harris, who was a late guest for Oxford with initial booking Nick Morris stuck on the motorway at 5pm, who sealed victory for the Cheetahs Stuck on the motorway my ar#se ! So where did Bomber travel from when he got the call at 5pm ? LOL
  7. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Oxford Wed 18th May

    Time to look at Vissing's contribution.....he's not cutting it for me.
  8. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Oxford Wed 18th May

    Weird that one....he did Heat 15 '2 weeks' ago v Scunthorpe ? Perhaps he didn't have the bottle last night.....when it mattered ? or he had a mechanical issue ? 2 sides an all that !
  9. GiveusaB


    Is it time we brought a female in to the commentary team ? Natalie Quirk was really good at her job when covering the presentation.....
  10. You always know when the Club are in the wrong? Brian Buck doesn't make a post trying to defend them! That's not meant to be disrespectful to BB in anyway....everyone knows that his posts are in the main fair/accurate. I have the upmost respect for BB....I reckon he'd do a great job as Team Manager! Rogers out/Buck in !!
  11. Absolutely! I don't agree with what they've done and I'll never know who orchestrated the whole event about deceiving us etc...(I reckon I have a good idea though...) I would like to see a new team manger, one with some integrity and credibility....but I do need to control my passion at times
  12. I remember watching that meeting on TV....he looked good too....fearless, if I remember correctly. There was a rut on 3/4 bend and it caught him out ? (I could be wrong-as usual)
  13. Time for me to take a bashing from other 'posters' !? I don't mind eating humble pie and I'm used to over-reacting and getting slated for it (if you hadn't already noticed...) I wanted to make a post y'day about the 'ELLIS' saga, but sub-conciously didnt because I knew it would be slated/judged based on us winning at Oxford? So, losing last night helps me in a way.... "I was wrong to react the way I did about the club deceiving the fans by not being honest with Ellis signing" I apologize if I offended anyone. The only people/fans it affects financially, are the ones that bought a season ticket based on his signing (and I'm not one of them...) So, I have/had no right to get so uptight and react the way I did. Yes, I'm disappointed and annoyed, but that's my problem and at least I have a choice of how I deal with it....(wrong at first, but better 24 hours later...as always).
  14. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Oxford Wed 18th May

    I accept your opinion...but, for me, Shanes is stronger than Pearson atm, so why wouldn't you put Shanes in ? Anyway, the fact that Pearson came last, proves my point. I read a comment from Hobbit yesterday commending Rogers for leaving Pearson in in Heat 14 at Oxford (Pearson came second...) ? Rogers just got lucky....it wasn't tactical to leave him in? Rogers just doesn't have a scooby do when it comes to tactics!
  15. GiveusaB

    Birmingham v Oxford Wed 18th May

    Just about to say that too!? Rogers is a clown!

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