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  1. How about a compromise........36.00 limit for team building, but for the lower 6 riders only. 7th rider could be whoever you wanted. Even have different riders sharing that 7th spot, although they could only ride for 1 team a season........
  2. JC71


    Ah, yep, now you say that, I think that's what I have misunderstood......... thanks
  3. JC71


    Ha, I must have dreamt it!!! Thanks for the clarification
  4. JC71


    Hi False Dawn, not trying to pick an argument, but is that definitely true this year? I'm sure I read / heard that the rules had changed....... I could be very wrong! Cheers
  5. JC71

    Thank u Buster

    I like chocolate.......... I like milk........ I don't like chocolate milk Does anybody else have any individual component / mixed together love / hate combos?
  6. JC71

    Brummies v Rebels 17.04.19

    With your views on Covatti, is there any chance you could choose 6 numbers between 1 & 49............. no reason
  7. Excuse my ignorance but who would decide as to whom is eligible for the 2.5% discount? Could the other 4 promoters have ganged up, said Harris rode 3rd tier too long ago?
  8. JC71

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Fair enough, to be honest I don't know much about Tungate, he's kind of passed me by.........
  9. JC71

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I hear what you're saying......... I don't particularly believe cost was the issue...... I (and I have nothing to back this up) think it was easier, if there was a bit of an argument re the 2.5% reduction, to jiggle things around. Plus I remember reading that NKI wasn't too impressed with the effect the KL track was having on his shoulder.
  10. JC71

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Any possibility (and this is pure conjecture on my part) that it could be Tungate to KL, Harris to Ipswich and NKI to Peterborough?
  11. Woffinden....... (sorry, but I can dream......)
  12. I'm disappointed. I just hope whoever Panthers get will be an entertainer.......personally I'd rather see someone slide off (as long as they're ok) trying to swoop around the outside than settle for a safe second (naive maybe but then I guess I can be).......... I wonder if the whole 2.5% reduction was misunderstood, and therefore Panthers didn't fit the points limits..... but rather than come out and slag off the ruling body, Buster has bit his tongue and reshuffled his three teams....... what average is Tai on ?
  13. JC71

    Wolves 2019

    Dude, totally agree.....I know it's a cliche, but happiness (in Speedway) really is a 40-38 (I know that's old talk, but you get my drift)....... bring on that team at The Showground.....
  14. Completely agree re the entertainment factor.......plus, selfishly, Thursdays work really well for me...... excited for the first time in ages......

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