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  1. JC71

    Football 2020/21

    Southgate bye bye...... tonight was Eng v Cro all over again.... he's learnt nothing.....
  2. JC71

    Football 2020/21

    Interestingly (well, just a tiny bit), all 4 semi finalists played all their group games at home.......
  3. So, if going by google figures are correct, over the the last 5 years, 84 people a day in UK die of flu (obviously more in the flu season)........ we're having 8 people a day dying, and that's a crisis?????? It was a crises, not sure what it is now
  4. Hey Blu...... if that's true (I've no reason to doubt it, but haven't dug) I'm a little surprised..... being a nurse on a covid ward since last May (and since Jan the only Covid ward in my hospital) my mind pointed me to the trifecta of HTN, T2DM and Obesity....... back in December every patient in our ICU was over 100kg......... Can you tell me / point me towards more info on Selenium pls...... I'm sad to say I'm quite ignorant on that.......... Cheers James
  5. JC71

    Football 2020/21

    Enjoyable game....... I wanted Scotland to win, but wasn't overly bothered, and hats off to the Czechs, whom I always think of being a bit boring and physical....... a bit of a bogey team for England though, at times...... I thought the ref had a good game, let a lot of 'soft' stuff go that other refs would whistle for....... I wish he was reffing Fridays game......... awesome 2nd goal, hats off for that......
  6. JC71

    Football 2020/21

    Not that I'm massively bothered, but Ole should have brought on Henderson for the shootout.......
  7. JC71

    Non Alcoholic Drinks

    Big initial outlay, but Brewdog do a mixed alcohol free one, works out at less than £1 a can; Buy BrewDog Alcohol-Free Mixed Beer Pack 48 x 330ml Online Edit to add: You'd get 10% off your first order too, plus free delivery
  8. JC71

    Non Alcoholic Drinks

    Never tried them but I'm told these guys are good; Award-winning alcohol-free craft beer | Big Drop (bigdropbrew.com)
  9. JC71

    Good Songs Ruined by others

    I really like the Broken Social Scene version....... but that's probably more to do with the fact I really like Broken Social Scene LWTUA is one hell of a song though (funnily enough the first version I heard of it was by Paul Young. Was on the radio, stopped me in my tracks. I never heard the original til later)
  10. JC71

    Good Songs Ruined by others

    I was a terrible music snob back then, would spend a small fortune each week on newly released CDs........because Amy Winehouse had totally passed under my radar, there was no way I could then like her ha An example of a song that is different yet equally beautiful, is the song 'Heartbeats'...... The Knife original is amazing, and Jose Gonzalez brought a beauty to it
  11. JC71

    Good Songs Ruined by others

    Johnny Cash version of Hurt is jaw dropping, to me I was in Aus 99-07,and missed a lot of the Amy Winehouse getting popular.......... I can't listen to her version of Valerie though, having bought The Zutons album previously
  12. There’s been some ridiculous pics knocking around of well known people ‘receiving’ the vaccine with no needles / caps on, defo....... it’s hard to see, I can’t zoom on my laptop, but zooming in on phone this does look legit.......... NHS uses safety orange needles though, so the cap is attached, no cap attached to that one......... I guess we’ll never know for sure
  13. I'm not convinced it is..... to me, it looks like a 1ml syringe with an orange subcut needle attached......... though it should, I think, be an IM blue needle
  14. Again, I'm not going to judge, but that really must be a living hell.......... the Ricky Gervais show (ah can't think what it's called, but set in a residential home) shows perfectly that some societies value their oldies, but some find them a burden......... personally I don't think there is a one size fits all answer, but can't argue with your comments....... just very, very sad all round *** Derek*** was the show, great TV, and I don't really watch much TV..........

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