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  1. Hi RnR, apologies if this is obvious, but what was he (and they) banned for?
  2. Not particularly bothered, but Max Fricke has improved as the season has gone on.......
  3. Am I right in thinking so far Laguta has more race wins, but is 6 points behind in standings?
  4. Respect buddy, I hope you enjoy
  5. It seems loads of people agree with you........ since its comeback, I don't know anyone who says they are enjoying football, including me......... still, if it saves 2 lives every 6 weeks.........
  6. ......or even, if they felt compelled to have it, stage it after the GPs
  7. Hi racers and royals, cheers for everything you do on this thread...... I know it's early days, and I do follow Premier Sports when possible, but who is riding well this season? I guess I'm thinking current averages, though I don't know how easy / clear they are to find for this season short of using Speedway Updates and working it all out.......... what I really want to know is how is Robert Lambert going in comparison to others........ would he be top 15 so far this season? Cheers for reading James
  8. Hi TelfordWolf, thanks for the heads up....... is this offer only for people who would watch it through Sky? I've been to their website but can only see a 6 month contract for online users
  9. Wow, that sent me to Google, wasn't aware of that at all..........
  10. I 'think' it's all sports, yeah? Again, I think Sami Nasri, the French footballer, was banned for receiving IV therapy
  11. JC71

    Corona virus

    ...also, generally, on the whole, women are hairier than men....... but only on the hole

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