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  1. Tigerforever

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    With Nike Lunna declaring himself unfit for this season Victor Palovaara has now unfortunately lost his team place at Newcastle through the numbers game, this after Dimitri Berge quit Somerset meaning Glasgow lose three loan fees in the space of a month.
  2. Tigerforever

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Went rather quiet on this thread for some reason lol, I bet half of the people who had a go at the club don’t post an apology or even comment on the statement from Mr Facenna . fact, people love to moan lol
  3. Tigerforever

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I noticed you ignored the bit that Kyle could have been snapped up by another club before Glasgow signed him, how convenient
  4. Tigerforever

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Something must have happened for Joe to get dropped, do you honestly think the club would have bought a race suit for him, team jackets etc to dump him for nothing, unfortunately we don’t know the facts but have to trust the club in there judgement. riders have been practicing all over the country the last 3/4 weeks and a 2 pointer could have been injured at anytime and young Kyle would have been any clubs first choice, I believe Glasgow would have signed Bickley the day after Workington sadly closed if they were always going to sign him!!! i believe it now strengthens the Tigers at the bottom end, unfortunately it’s not a great PR story but that’s hardly Bickleys fault. Hope Joe gets a place soon somewhere else.
  5. Tigerforever

    Play off contenders

    Not sure how Somerset will bring BWD in after a few meetings, Covatti will up his average and the two pointers wil, still be a minimum two even if there averaging 1.5, points limit is still 38 I believe?
  6. Tigerforever

    Play off contenders

    I had Somerset in my top 4 but not now, Sheffield. Redcar, Edinburgh and either Glasgow or Leicester.
  7. Tigerforever

    Somerset 2019

    Real shame for Somerset, Berge I believe would have been fantastic around the Oak tree arena , he also had issues with both Glasgow and Berwick and could struggle to get a team in the championship in the future unless there are a glut of injuries.
  8. Tigerforever

    Eastbourne 2019

    Yes great to hear, I think your club will be a breath of fresh air for the championship, no doubt unbeatable at home and using a tac sub at most away tracks which will get you a point here and there.
  9. Tigerforever

    Somerset 2019

    Who was the German that Ipswich had last season , got injured quite early in the season? Would he be a 4 or still 5 something?
  10. Tigerforever

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Can only be thankful the Championship teams stayed well clear of this, I know it’s something different but don’t see it being the answer.
  11. Tigerforever

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Don’t know about Glasgow but the season definitely starts in March , and not April as someone previously suggested lol
  12. Tigerforever

    berwick bandits 2019

    Problem is many supporters clubs do and often quite rightly decide where there funds go as they generated them , now I believe if possible, supporters clubs and promoters/owners must work together , what we have seeen with Workington sadly is that it’s no longer clubs go to the wall but when. Remember if your using the name of your club to have a supporters club then I feel they should be involved with you. no club no supporters club and vice versa, I believe promotions and fans are needed to work together in the hope no more clubs go bust, not something I’m 100% sure certain will be the case sadly.
  13. Tigerforever

    2019 Championship Improvers

    Paul Starke at Glasgow, Josh Pickering at Edinburgh, Leon Flint at Berwick and Jordan Stewart at Redcar.
  14. Tigerforever

    Workington 2019

    Think the asset would have to have been Tai Woffinden unfortunately to even come close to paying the debt
  15. Tigerforever

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Probably longer than you gave your American last season

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