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  1. Falcon1983

    Ipswich 2022

    Take a day off tomorrow Lisa, unpaid. Thanks lol
  2. Falcon1983

    Ipswich v Peterborough June 23rd

    Basso has cracked ribs so done amazingly well to complete 7 rides and score as he did
  3. Falcon1983

    Ipswich v Peterborough June 23rd

    Ipswich will want to give the Panthers a point surely if it helps them get into the Play-offs further down the line? If we're thinking Play-off Semi-Final or Final they want to face local rivals, as it will pack Foxhall out ££££££££
  4. Falcon1983

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    A real shame to read this and not sure how they can help find another location in time for 2023, i read on these posts Peterborough operating at Kings Lynn for a season, I think that would end the club financially, not many will have a 2 hour round trip to follow Peterborough. Kings Lynn 2023 side will be decent though as they will just cherrypick between the two clubs now so imagine MPT, Lawson, Pickering, Basso, Worral, Kerr being their 6 I've said for many a year unless things change Speedway will die as we know it now, but it will rise from the ashes in some other form
  5. Falcon1983

    Ipswich v Peterborough June 23rd

    Panthers might just edge this
  6. Falcon1983

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Never was the tune another one bites the dust so perfect for this sport With the current model of domestic speedway there are too many clubs running so who is next? Feel for the fans only, if the sport as a whole was run differently clubs like Newcastle could survive
  7. Falcon1983

    Peterborough V Ipswich 20th June

    Heeps guests for Barker on Thursday
  8. Falcon1983

    Kings Lynn 2022

    It could change But needs 5 years of constant supply from the NDL into the championship but it's far too strong, for the good of the sport it needs to weaken to become a platform where riders can progress But then fans will say they dont want a watered down product even if it becomes £10/12 to get in as a result, meaning long term their beloved club dies
  9. Falcon1983

    Peterborough V Ipswich 20th June

    48-42 Peterborough
  10. Falcon1983

    6 team league

    That is true or you just with luck of the draw with 12, I just thought less riders could mean you could have both championships running the same night so to speak but then I dont think average joe punter would care for a GP2 series So you're right a 16 team individual would be the way to go
  11. Falcon1983

    6 team league

    There are just too many issues with the way Speedway is currently in the UK, there is not one huge fix, its loads of little tiny fixes which need doing one by one and then as each one is undone it will divide the fan base etc. and nobody will ever be happy. What would I like to see? I think there is too much emphasis on league racing, I understand it needs to stay as its been the backbone of British Speedway since the start, but just have league competitions, fans aren't really interested in other competitions they want to see their team make the play-offs and win them! also foreign riders don't want huge fixtures and with the Polish rules relaxing somewhat, then it may entice a few big hitters over with the view of riding in a reduced calendar. What I would like to see advertised as the main event of British Speedway is the introduction of the British Speedway GP Series, ran over 8 meetings, featuring 12 of the best domestic riders, each rider having 4 rides over 12 heats with the top 4 into a final, so 13 heats, I would also like to see a British Speedway GP2 Series run alongside it, featuring 8 of the best domestic riders in this category, each rider taking 4 rides over 8 heats with the top 4 riders going into a final, so 9 heats, overall thats 22 heats of Speedway across two different series. British Speedway GP Championship 1 Charles Wright 2 Lewis Kerr 3 Richard Lawson 4 Richie Worrall 5 Danny King 6 Scott Nicholls 7 Tom Brennan 8 Chris Harris 9 Craig Cook 10 Kyle Howarth 11 Adam Ellis 12 Steve Worrall British Speedway GP2 Championship 1 Connor Bailey 2 Jack Thomas 3 Joe Thompson 4 Drew Kemp 5 Dan Gilkes 6 Leon Flint 7 Jordan Palin 8 Dan Thompson Try and do what the darts do with betting partners for each of the 8 rounds, generate some prize money to, funnily enough, reward British riders, and have this as a focal point, you are most likely going to get a "new" fan attend a one-off meeting especially if its promoted as a championship round or a grand prix, then its all about trying to then get them to a league match League Speedway should still exist with just two leagues, the top league should consist of 8 sides, the 2nd league to consist of 10 sides, no cups or pairs etc. just league racing once at home, once away with play off matches, however the below will see the state of Speedway in this country Belle Vue Kings Lynn Ipswich Poole Max Fricke Robert Lambert Jason Doyle Jack Holder Tom Brennan Lewis Kerr Patrick Hansen Nico Covatti Matej Zagar Richard Lawson Erik Riss Brady Kurtz Charles Wright Thomas Jorgensen Danny King Chris Harris Dan Bewley Neils Kristian Iversen Nicolai Klindt Chris Holder Norick Blodorn Richie Worrall Paul Starke Zach Cook Connor Bailey Jack Thomas Danyon Hume Drew Kemp Peterborough Sheffield Wolverhampton Oxford Michael Palm-Toft Martin Vaculik Sam Masters Tai Woffinden Hans Andersen Craig Cook Steve Worrall Scott Nicholls Rasmus Jensen Tobiasz Musielak Jacob Thorsell Josh Pickering Ulrich Ostergaard Kyle Howarth Nick Morris Troy Batchelor Kenneth Bjerre Adam Ellis Ryan Douglas Jaimon Lidsey Ben Basso Jake Allen Luke Becker Jonas Knudsen Dan Gilkes Connor Mountain Leon Flint Jordan Palin This could be roughly what an 8-team league looks like with 7 riders, this includes 12 new or returning riders with the number 7's doubling down, If riders don't return then the product gets watered down The 2nd Division could look something like this, based on only the "rising star" doubling down Berwick Birmingham Edinburgh Glasgow Scunthorpe Ricky Wells Claus Vissing Kye Thomson Broc Nicol Josh Auty Jye Etheridge Justin Sedgeman Michele Castagna Connor Bailey Tero Aarnio Theo Pijper Ashley Morris Lasse Frederiksen Danyon Hume Zaine Kennedy Leon Flint Stefan Nielsen James Sarjeant Ben Cook Simon Lambert Kyle Bickley James Shanes Jacob Hook Ty Proctor Jordan Palin Dillon Ruml James Pearson 1 3 Connor Coles Josh MacDonald Dan Gilkes 2 4 George Congreve Leicester Newcastle Plymouth Redcar Mildenhall Joe Thompson Bradley Wilson Dean Alfie Bowtell Kasper Andersen Ryan Kinsley Dan Thompson Matt Wethers Ben Morley Adam Roynon Cameron Heeps Connor Mountain Max Clegg Harry McGurk Jason Edwards 12 Jack Thomas James Wright Kyle Newman Jordan Jenkins 13 Nathan Ablitt Lee Complin 8 Henry Atkins 14 5 Jack Smith 9 Drew Kemp 15 6 7 10 11 16 As you can see the quality of the league drops significantly and this includes any current NL rider that has an average above 6, you could add more from the NL to make up the numbers or increase who can double down, or try and see what riders might come and race over here potentially young Australians, danes and germans These riders could earn team spots William Lawson Tom Wooley Greg Blair Luke Crang Ace Pijper Nathan Stoneman Jacob Clouting Jake Mulford Alex Spooner The only issue faced is that fans of these clubs won't accept this kind of quality field, but will moan about Guests, doubling up/down and so fourth. But it does give Credibility, obviously the sides in Div 2 could/should/would run 2nd half meetings which in theory replaces the NDL and there would always be some form of amateur or development league where some of these riders will double down for more track time etc.
  12. Falcon1983

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    you're gonna lose by at least 12
  13. Falcon1983

    Newcastle v Leicester 12th June 2022

    Well I'm unsure of the process and there is always the issue of Poland on Sunday but surely riders like Keynan Rew, Michael Haertel, Nico Covatti, Matthew Gilmore, Brandon McGuiness are worth trying even if Covatti has said no, make him an offer he cant say no to
  14. Falcon1983

    Glasgow v Scunthorpe 12th June 2023

    Track covers?

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