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  1. Falcon1983

    Premiership Pairs 2022

    Would be interesting if they stipulated every rider must feature twice with the rising star a track reserve to be used at any time So 6 riders in a team 6 rounds, Ipswich may go for @ home King & Riss @ wolves Heeps & Batchelor @ kings lynn Starke & Doyle @Peterborough Riss & Heeps @belle vue Batchelor & Starke @sheffield King & Doyle For me anyway would make it more interesting each rider doing 2 rounds
  2. Falcon1983

    Belle Vue 2022

    Only if someone at BV got 5+2 Friday or all 6 last night
  3. Falcon1983

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Michael Haertel Nico Covatti Norick Blodorn or Keynan Rew
  4. Falcon1983

    Belle Vue 2022

    I dont want to take a massive dump on the belle Vue bonfire but surely most the names on the first list would have made themselves available and signed to ride now so they could arrange mechanics, sponsors etc. Of course unless something breaks that is in place elsewhere? The bottom list I can see potentially any 2 completing the team but it will be way under but it's all about what a rider scores this year not last year
  5. Falcon1983

    2022 championship predictions

    1. Poole 2. Leicester 3. Plymouth 4. Glasgow 5. Oxford 6. Redcar 7. Scunthorpe 8. Berwick 9. Edinburgh 10. Birmingham 11. Newcastle
  6. Falcon1983

    2022 PREMIERSHIP Predict the finishing order

    1. Tigers 2. Witches 3. Panthers 4. Stars 5. Wolves 6. Aces
  7. Falcon1983

    Belle Vue 2022

    Well Blodorn has a UK ride so he's probably riding at 6 with maybe Etheridge/Allen at 2 & 4
  8. Falcon1983

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I just think having a team of young guns on accessed 5 averages could be quite exciting, as I said not sure what averages riders had Covatti/Auty to lead as a 1&2 But I'm sure riders like McGuinness/ Rew / Pearson / Gilmore / Blodorn would be keen to race in the UK What are riders like Huckenbeck / Haertel / Wolbert etc. Like it's been said this is a different promotion to the one before
  9. Falcon1983

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I'm no Birmingham fan and not sure what is completely happening but I think you can go one or two ways Look to add some experience to the 4 riders you have now such as a Vissing, Covatti, Sedgman, Proctor, Bjerre etc. 1. Vissing 2. Nielsen 3. Auty 4. Sedgman 5. Covatti 6. Morris 7. Shanes Or try to get at least one of these, and sign up some young Aussies/German who are knocking around, you'd be well under the points limit but you could see a future star developing 1. Vissing/Covatti 2. Shanes 3. Nielsen 4. Rew 5. Auty 6. Blodorn/McGuinness 7. Gilmore/Pearson
  10. Falcon1983

    Ipswich 2022

    Very true that just seeing what an unlimited budget team could look like, the witches side I think will be top 2
  11. Falcon1983

    Belle Vue 2022

    Might seem extreme but Fricke, Kurtz, Wright & Brennan all signed, I'd get on the phone to zee germans and see if Smolinksi fancied coming over with Blodorn then moving for Jake Allen to complete the Septet 1. Fricke 2. Allen 3. Smolinksi 4. Wright 5. Kurtz 6. Blodorn 7. Brennan Might not be as thrilling as a Tai but think it could finish top 4
  12. Falcon1983

    Ipswich 2022

  13. Falcon1983

    Ipswich 2022

    so the Witches could have gone with 1. Doyle 2. Allen 3. Musielak 4. Riss 5. Woffinden 6. Heeps 7. Rowe R/S
  14. Falcon1983

    Belle Vue 2022

    If they included Tai what would be left over
  15. Falcon1983

    Belle Vue 2022

    Depends what the set up is Not everything can run like Poland with signing on money etc. If it's just a case for having the "opportunity" to get some extra track time it can be agreed that they get paid when they race, like 99% of all riders in British Speedway

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