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  1. Thanks for the video and correct spelling of the name! Appreciated.
  2. Mystery solved - rider has been identified on the Hackney Facebook page as a Dutch junior called Rene Hellzinger
  3. Can’t find any photos of the 3 juniors at the bottom of the list - have now asked the question in the Hackney Facebook page
  4. Don’t think so!
  5. Not Gary Rolls or Tim Hunter. I could be completely wrong but I seem to remember a young Dutch lad coming over for a trial in 1991 and I thought it might be him. Had a look through my programmes yesterday but that didn't help!
  6. Hi all. Does anyone know the name of this Hackney rider from 1991? Thanks.
  7. Lakeside fan here - Looking for a kind Workington supporter to send me a programme(s) from this Sunday and Monday's meetings (assuming of course we beat the Panthers) - Can pay by PayPal or cheque and will obviously cover p&p. Thanks in anticipation.

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