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  1. Hawks6991

    The Repair Shop BBC1 8pm Weds 5th Jan

    Isn’t that Alan Sage? There’s a couple of obituaries on the internet for Mike Bessant who died last year.
  2. Hawks6991

    The Repair Shop BBC1 8pm Weds 5th Jan

    It seems that the story about the speedway bib could be part of a future episode. In the TV review section of The Times this morning there was a piece that was supposed to be about last night's programme. However, it covered a different episode. It said "... The banjo story was lovely, as was the one about the speedway bib that clearly meant so much to both parties ...".
  3. Hawks6991

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Nice little piece on Oxford by Oliver Holt in the Mail on Sunday today.
  4. Hawks6991

    What are they doing now?

    Went to a wedding in Cheshire a good few years ago and to my surprise PC was doing the cars - had a nice chat with him and he signed my invitation- still got it somewhere - a lovely bloke!
  5. Hawks6991

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Remember watching South London (the club that were based at Garrett Lane) race at Hawbush in the 80s. Meeting sticks in the mind as lots of the heats were carnage! Shame the sport appears to have died in the London/Essex area. When l last looked the only club still going was East London. Did anyone ever watch CS at Thurrock? Great little mini stadium.
  6. Hawks6991

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Used to enjoy watching CS on a Sunday afternoon in the 1980s. Had Hawbush, Thurrock, Basildon and Castlepoint locally. Sadly all now gone.
  7. Hawks6991

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    My son is working in Wroclaw for a few months and decided to go tonight - I can’t repeat the language in the text that he just sent me!! Let’s just say he’s very unhappy!!
  8. Thanks for the video and correct spelling of the name! Appreciated.
  9. Mystery solved - rider has been identified on the Hackney Facebook page as a Dutch junior called Rene Hellzinger
  10. Can’t find any photos of the 3 juniors at the bottom of the list - have now asked the question in the Hackney Facebook page
  11. Not Gary Rolls or Tim Hunter. I could be completely wrong but I seem to remember a young Dutch lad coming over for a trial in 1991 and I thought it might be him. Had a look through my programmes yesterday but that didn't help!
  12. Hi all. Does anyone know the name of this Hackney rider from 1991? Thanks.
  13. Lakeside fan here - Looking for a kind Workington supporter to send me a programme(s) from this Sunday and Monday's meetings (assuming of course we beat the Panthers) - Can pay by PayPal or cheque and will obviously cover p&p. Thanks in anticipation.

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