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  1. Tigeratheart

    SON 2020

    Just had a email from speedway gp regarding the SON , they are NOT refunding tickets for the re-arranged date as per their terms and conditions , but if the event in October is cancelled they will refund.
  2. Tigeratheart

    bandits 2020

    Think you could be right screm!
  3. Tigeratheart

    workington ..

    Guys give it a rest !!! What's done is done , there's no point in what happened in the past , it's over !!! Both of you are going to regret some comments that have been made here by both of yous , so for the love of god , SHUT UP !!!
  4. Tigeratheart

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Ah bless you Jenga, your really alright . xx
  5. Tigeratheart

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Just to add my opinion on the lawlor, perks issue , where I was standing in the back straight with the rest of my fellow Glasgow fans singing, chanting ,blowing my air horn and having some good crack with a few Leicester fans, joe lawlor came off and was down for a minute or two when he got back up we were applauding him and shouting c,mon joe, there was and hope there still is a lot of Glasgow fans who like joe, now I might be wrong but maybe he misinterpreted our applause and cheering for him , for which he started to give us the two fingers, and in turn he received that compliment back. Now as for perks just disgraceful and inexcusable behaviour , he went past the back straight no Glasgow fans had any issue with him and gave us all the middle finger, for which that compliment was paid back !!!! Now I for one will welcome most warmly mister perks tomorrow night, as I am sure a lot of Glasgow fans will also. xx
  6. Congratulations to Swindon worthy winners , commiserations to Ipswich , was pretty much one way traffic but you can only beat what's in front of you, Swindon we're favourites at the start of the league and strengthened mid season , all this talk of Ipswich not deserving their place in the final is utter bollocks!!! They earned their way to the final but fell short, there's no shame in that. Once again congratulations Swindon , also on a personal unbiased thought hope rasser is not to knackered after tonight , you have another final to contest and Claus, Mon the tigers !!!!
  7. Tigeratheart

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Is that a promise , we all hope so!!!!
  8. Tigeratheart

    Good Year / Bad Year

    Totally agree!! Times have to change , in some respects speedway is a bit of a closed shop , there are some cliques in place and don't know how to embrace new blood , in order for speedway to survive and potentially thrive this old guard need to take notice of what the new generation are attempting to make the sport more inviting to all.
  9. Tigeratheart

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Hi folks, don't know what's going on here , thj can you find some other thread to haunt , your seemed obsession with all things Glasgow are becoming tiresome , yes you were having a boring day so you thought let's put the cat amongst the pigeons just for the fun of it . fair play but it seems you have offended a few folks and can't be bothered to apologise for your mischief, thought better of you.
  10. Great result for the tigers tonight , fair play to Somerset for making a fist of it , so its down to lions, tigers or bears oh my , lions, tigers or bears oh my ! I'm sure we can find some forum members on here that could play the parts of the Tinman, Scarecrow and the Cowardly lion , lol . You choose but keep it fun !
  11. Well it looks like I do have another home meeting to attend! Well done to the lads tonight and bring on the finals!!!!!
  12. Just back in from a most enjoyable nights entertainment! Both sides giving it their all in particular a special mention to Anders Rowe , attacked the track and showed no fear , more to come from him I think. A 12 point lead to defend , will it be enough I hope so . Whatever happens tomorrow night if that was the last meeting at Ashfield for this season then it was up there with some of the best racing I've seen this season. But fingers crossed I will be back next week for a final, so best of luck you tigers for tomorrow night.
  13. Tigeratheart

    Kings Lynn v Swindon 16 9 19

    Would love to visit tracks in the premier league done all championship tracks bar Eastbourne, who knows if they go for one big league could be visiting you all soon!
  14. Tigeratheart

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Get over yourself, starting to get tiresome.

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