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  1. Coraldon

    Redcar 2020

    http://There is its Philips
  2. meant to say 85, when main stand was burnt down.
  3. Thanks for the memories, can only say I followed MBRO/TEESSIDE team from 1974, up till the stadium burnt down in 96, then again from 2006 when we reopened.
  4. Coraldon

    Redcar 2020

    Redcar Bears Website
  5. Update on this, This is a cycling club meeting, and Frank is the guest speaker, entry is £2 at the door.
  6. On the Bears website, says that Frank Aufret will be giving a talk on Speedway and cycle speedway, at Middlesbrough Bowling Club, Cornfield Road, on Thursday 21st November at 7.30pm, tickets £2, come along and enjoy yourselves.
  7. Game over, match won and lost, whatever we write or think does not change a thing, look forward to next season, have a great 5 months.
  8. Two very contentious decisions made, but luckily did not affect the right result, however if Ulrich had not been where he was, he would not have been brought down, OK Crescent GirlLOL
  9. The Boro has had 18 hours of heavy rain, how is it up there, will it affect the match as the weather is supposed to improve from this afternoon with SUN shine coming.
  10. Well just checked my Pine cones and Bladderwort!!!, think I would plan for Monday 28th to run this fixture.
  11. To bring this topic back on track, I can only speculate that the Bears are waiting on the Premiership final tonight, to make sure Adam Ellis is fit to ride for us on Sunday??????..
  12. So where does this piece of information come from?
  13. Looking at the weather forecast, this meeting may be in some danger of not running again, which basically does not leave many dates to hold this second leg, .
  14. Coraldon

    Good Year / Bad Year

    Bears only just lost in the playoffs, but still in with a chance of some silverware in days to come, but I consider it to be our best season since we returned to speedway in 2006, we have the British champion, and the Championship champion in our side, which leads to exciting racing at the fairest track ..

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