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  1. Stuntdouble

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    First bend bunching not a lack of a first bend by all accounts
  2. Thought Riss was very impressive this evening backed up by Wright and once he got dialled in Kasper. Lots for the management to sort now with injuries . Onwards we go
  3. Gonna be close me thinks. Complin could make a massive difference if he performs like the last time out at Berwick. R r should be strong enough to match Leon’s average score. Hopefully Morris performs as bomber a big miss.
  4. Stuntdouble

    BERWICK v BELLE VUE (Saturday, May 7th, 7pm)

    Greg was superb mate. Felt a wee bit sorry for Kyle as it overshadowed a great meeting for him also. Decent passing from mason to boot. Overall thoroughly entertaining
  5. Stuntdouble

    BERWICK v BELLE VUE (Saturday, May 7th, 7pm)

    That has to be one of the best tenners worth of entertainment you will ever see. Take a bow Greg Blair. The myth that you canny take at Berwick has gone . Mr mcleary needs to upload the 3 heats onto the speedway gb site for the speedway world to see .
  6. The 3rd and 4th bends were as bumpy as. Even after Tys crash there was nothing done. Rerun after about 99 minutes and guess what , same place George wipes Kyle out in exactly the same place. Only then was the blade brought out. Even after still not good with riders tearing up coming out of the bend. It’s the junior teams right not to want to ride what they deemed dangerous. And then the right small guys get a couple of laps and once again same corner and another crash. We can all stand on the terraces and moan and winge but these guys could get seriously injured. What’s done is done and we move on.
  7. Correct . I went home reasonably happy. I’m sure the promotion at Newcastle would have been rubbing their hands with the amount of Berwick fans swelling the crowd and the burger van. Overall a tight meeting and the winners take the spoils. Can’t run without a crowd bringing in the money.
  8. Made the trip down last night.as a Berwick fan I thought credit due to the lads that finished the meeting and got the bonus point. The ambulance scenario is something that has reared its head earlier in the season so still lessons to be learned there . I found it strange that the 90 or so minutes interval awaiting it’s return should have proved the time to be sorting out the ruts or bumps on the 3rd and 4 th bend not until after George nearly totalled Kyle in the re run. It would have been a good night at the turnstiles as from we were standing there were as many Berwick fans in the stand as there were Newcastle. The burger van ladies worked the socks off. And mighty fine food it was too. I thought it was worth the Akkers. If Ty is out fir a few weeks I would be asking Complin to guest at home meets. End of the day it gets dark so on to the next one
  9. Stuntdouble

    Josh Pickering

    Certainly wasn’t afraid of a big track at Berwick. Superb to watch. How he got up after his smash on the second bend we will never know
  10. If stoneman rides like he did last night he could pick up a decent haul. A smaller track but if he adapts he will do well.
  11. The new 2 minute announcement is brutal. It grinds on ye. Who is the voice behind that
  12. From a bandits point of view a great win. I expected it to be a lot closer but not to be. Some great performances from Jy Theo and of course the Bomber. Heat 13 was unreal from him. If anyone says theirs no passing at Berwick get a look at this meeting. Gonna take some beating at home this year. Got to mention Nathan stoneman who gave his all tonight.
  13. Gonna be a close one.
  14. Been 2 decent meetings at Berwick so far this year. Long may it continue
  15. Stuntdouble

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Pilot inn 01289 304214.

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