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  1. PirateShip

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    The next variant should be called SODOFFI'MNOTBOTHERED or SHUVITUPPUTIN'SARSE
  2. PirateShip

    Poole 2022

    A Pirate out of the Skull & Crossbones loses at least 30% performance! So yep, Glasgow can try and replicate but it won't work! Never ever!
  3. PirateShip

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Alex Brady checked my profile after my earlier comments, is that the real Alex Brady or a Madame Tussauds double?
  4. PirateShip

    Poole 2022

    As I say, wish I cud attend enuff home meetings to make it worthwhile buying a season ticket. Think I watched the Pirates more away than home this season. Made sure I was there for the finals of course! Will av to ask my accountant.....that's the ATM!
  5. PirateShip

    Poole 2022

    At most club's the team can determine the attendance but I would've thought at Poole the trust in the management to av a title challenging team wud be almost 100% so season tickets sales shouldn't be effected? Or am I too naive? I don't even know if the season tickets are on sale? Dunno.
  6. PirateShip

    Poole 2022

    Just to note I made a slight edit. I understand wot ur saying & I don't know how season tickets sell at Poole before a team is announced. I'd like to think the faith is there to buy regardless of knowing the team or not. Wish I was in a position to buy a season ticket but I'm unable to attend as many home meetings as I'd like with travelling from where I do.
  7. PirateShip

    Poole 2022

    I hope the delay is well worth it as I'm sure it will be. Cud be to pin down a major signing. Ford will see us right
  8. PirateShip

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    C'mon Brummies u'll be at the tapes 2022, Had many a good time at Perry Barr Ere's to more
  9. PirateShip

    Poole 2022

    Echo ur words Great bloke is Danyon, once a Pirate always a Pirate! Go show Leicester again wot they missed out on! He cud be back one day tho
  10. PirateShip

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Why wud u want a headline grabber than is an embarrassing one? In an ideal world it would be fantastic if u say u had only spoken to 8 and all agreed to sign! Don't u think that wud be a better headline?.........not that Stars cud say that of course coz it wouldn't be true. Brings British Speedway into disrepute with Alex Brady coming out with a statement like he has. Don't say the number when it's embarrassing, in this case 200, just say u've spoken to a variety/number of riders and of the available riders the best ones av been chosen! Alex needs media training me thinks!
  11. PirateShip

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Poole, I love em! You are quite right tho about making change(s) to av a team to reach the play offs as you go through the season. Poole av been bottom then made a change, finished 4th, then.won the League. Greg Hancock was a masterstroke when he came in to turn us around. Ben Basso was our key change this season along with wise choice of guest reserves. Maybe Stars can get a rider(s) to do part of a season, it's a massive shame that Lambert isn't still riding over here & even Iversen. Hope more listen to Doyle and come back to race ere, as Discovery are televising our domestic league u wud like to think that club's will be getting a lot more money from them to invest in the riders' so the televised product is better with higher profile riders. All the best to the Stars for 2022, but as it stands it's gonna be struggle.
  12. PirateShip

    Kings Lynn 2022

    200 riders crikey, so the King's Lynn team now must be 193rd to 200th choice (incl.no.8) ! Nice to feel wanted!
  13. PirateShip

    Poole 2022

    Don't think my 'inane drivel' will save you from this insanity! All I can say tho is POOLE PIRATES ARE THE BEST SPEEDWAY TEAM IN THE WORRRRRLD!
  14. PirateShip

    2022 PREMIERSHIP Predict the finishing order

    This year, well they only av 26 days left to do it!
  15. PirateShip

    Glasgow 2022

    Good question!

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