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  1. PirateShip

    Dave tattum RIP

    Speedway man through & through. RIP Dave, God bless
  2. PirateShip

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Whoops, yep sorry Redcar can also reach 46 with getting a win & 4pts at Poole but even if they did our For/Against still wins.
  3. @Col Rune Holta is/was Norwegian then he took out Polish citizenship so does that make him Norlish?! He's about 95 years old now!
  4. Robert Nagy had a good British career in the 90s (92-96) including riding for my team Long Eaton in '96. That was until Roman Matousek nearly killed him at Sheffield, I was there that night & Matousek wasn't bothered about the consequences of deliberately slamming Robert into the 1st bend fence.
  5. PirateShip

    Poole Pirates 2021

    GUARANTEE'S TOP SPOT Glasgow can only match our 46 but can't overcome the For/Against that we av. But we'll beat Redcar next week at home anyway. Maybe we shud get the champagne out like King's Lynn did in 2018 for finishing top when they'd won NOWT.......but then maybe NOT! #piratepride C'MON THE PIRATES!
  6. Track reminded me of a GP at Gothenburg when the track was so badly rutted after only a few heats. They postponed and ran the next day but it was still far from ideal.
  7. PirateShip

    Newcastle v Birmingham (Champ) 1830 19/09/21

    Maybe so but if you want a future ......always look on the bright side of life? Any club/business, given the right management, can be transformed. So I'd like to think that someone will come in there & get things back on track
  8. PirateShip

    Newcastle v Birmingham (Champ) 1830 19/09/21

    I was at Newcastle for the Poole & Plymouth double header and sincerely hope Newcastle is saved. One thing I don't understand is how negative all the media is surrounding this meeting and the future of Newcastle speedway. Just look at the headline in speedway star, Diamonds not Forever. There's not even a question mark at the end of the headline which I think is bang out of order! Talk about kick a club when it's down!
  9. Team GB Acrylic Football Scarf – FootieFans If your interested in buying a Team GB scarf you might like to look at this one, please click on the link. I've bought this one
  10. PirateShip

    Play Off Dates

    SON is on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th not the Friday. Please don't confuse things even more, folk av been confused enuff over the start time. Looking at the teams in the play offs & possible teams in them, a Friday play off before the SON is possible because travel distance is feasible on the Saturday for getting on a train. Altho it may be best to leave that Friday clear? I guess my team Poole will stick to Wednesday for home fixtures.
  11. If any of you were thinking of buying official team GB merchandise at the SON well unfortunately according to an email I received from them you won't be able to. Please read below: Many thanks for getting in touch, we have been going through a transitional year with Merchandise as we have partnered with a new supplier for 2021 however with the challenges of Brexit and Covid it has taken a lot longer than anticipated to make the full switch over, with that in mind sadly we will not be selling Merchandise at the event in Manchester and any new items scheduled for the online shop will now be available in 2022. We completely understand the frustration this causes, we will announce any shop updates online via our website/social channels so do keep an eye on those. Thank you again for your ongoing support, we hope you have a cracking time in Manchester and lets hope we can bring it home! Kind regards GB Speedway Team
  12. PirateShip

    Wildcards 2022

    Nicki P would not only hold his own he would hold others as well! I went to the Evening with Nicki P & Woffy on the eve of Cardiff a few years back........the action nearly got as firery off the track as on it!
  13. Lack of financial backing from the Russian Federation.
  14. Thank you for the links r and r, just printed mine off. I'll be watchin tomorrow & Saturday then I'll be takin me seat at the NSS next month for the Final. I see Magic not riding now, I can't of a reason other than Wroclaw wanting him fit for the Ekstraliga Final on Sunday. Anyone know any other reason?
  15. Does anyone know when GB av to declare their team for the SON Final?

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