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  1. Yes according to the Platinum 4 Team thread as he is being replaced by Cookie.
  2. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2018

    No it was more to do with the fact that people may have thought he had stepped down from the team, might have pleased a few Diamonds fans, not me. Hopefully he gets his away form sorted.
  3. diamond@heart


    Yes but the system I think would/could be manipulated by some. How would you decide who gets first pick if that is the route taken or would players be drafted to certain clubs? You may also find some NL riders will not wanted to be based with Northern clubs and if you allow the clubs to determine who gets which riders, some clubs will offer silly money to get the better NL riders and the others will be left with slim pickings (no disrespect meant to any of the NL riders). I think it is a great idea in principle and a way to develop younger or less experienced riders but, I can't see it working or happening.
  4. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2018

    I see Ludvig has stepped down....... as captain of the Diamonds!!! Hopefully this will achieve what it sets out to do and see an improvement in Ludde's away form, which can only be a good thing for the Diamonds. Stuart Robson takes over.
  5. Bit harsh that one, I don't think Riss could clear the track as he appeared stuck under the fence and at first I thought he had knocked himself out, not sure but he certainly didn't move for a while. Another cracking match between the Diamonds and the Monarchs and all 7 Diamonds performing well and ensuring the win. The win was a lot easier than I thought but that was in part down to the loss of Riss but credit to Wells and Pickering who were defo value for money. I know we are getting the results at home but we are still too weak in my opinion but if we are winning matches at home can't see the team being changed and to be fair, I don't think anyone is available. Great to have Robbo back who looked like he had never been away. Onwards to Sheffield next for hopefully another cracker and a win. Did I hear Roy say that all 11 teams are involved at the 4 at Redcar on the 1 July?
  6. Good result for the Diamonds, wonder why George didn't opt for Wethers in 15?
  7. What about the one where D King ended up under the fence?
  8. Can you buy tickets at the event or do you have to get them online before hand. I remember buying them on the day last year, just wondered if it is the same this year?
  9. diamond@heart

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    Should that not be afford?
  10. diamond@heart

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    This race sums Lindgren up for me away from home. He had a great lead after lap 1 and the Scunny paired shouldn't have seen him for dust, but he seems to just go through the motions away from home. I like some have accepted that we are going to get very little from him away from home and will enjoy his home displays which are top class.
  11. Heat two had the making of a cracking race with Archie completely missing the gate, shame it ended how it did but glad Archie was OK and he did well to compose himself and come out and storm to two more great wins.
  12. diamond@heart

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    I think if you say 57 - 33 you would be closer to the mark, I know who will get the 3 but can't see where the other 40 are going to come from unless you know something I don't!!
  13. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2018

    I'm hoping someone is really rubbish at April Fools and its not true!!! That's not the word I typed, I typed s**t!!!!
  14. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2018

    Hmmmm that's an interesting signing if true, I suppose he is better than a NL guest but not sure how it makes us stronger, we'll just have to wait and see. Scunthorpe should be interesting on Friday!!!

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