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  1. Your kidding yourself if you think and believe that.
  2. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2019

    “As has been our downfall this season, we can't get everyone firing at full power all at once, and if all the lads were we'd be having some great wins to look back on, but again tonight the home side were just too strong for us and deserved their victory.” Away-day frustration continued for Diamonds co-promoter Martin Phillips, as his side fell short in Friday’s local derby at Redcar. If I had a £1 for everytime I've read this about Newcastle I'd be able to buy Mike Ashley out!!!
  3. diamond@heart

    Redcar v Newcastle

  4. diamond@heart

    Redcar v Newcastle

    Another piss poor performance away from home by the Diamonds. 5+1 from Worrall, not the sort of score a number one should be posting.
  5. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2019

    The team that we have now is the team that will finish the remaining fixtures barring any injuries!!
  6. diamond@heart

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    I just watched it and thought exactly the same, I can just hear him in my head telling someone to f**k off in his Danish/Geordie accent.
  7. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2019

    Who proof reads the reports and articles on the Diamonds website!!!
  8. I know, still wondering who it was gonna be.
  9. This meeting, Roy mentioned it on Sunday, I assumed for TJ as they weren't expecting him back
  10. I still want to know who this alleged mystery rider is?
  11. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2019

    It does not just cover the Tyne Bridge, I think sections of the Coast Road are included as well as most of the bridges crossing the Tyne with the exception of Scotwood and the A1 bridge next to metrocentre. Irs going to hit public transport as well and I think they will stop services travelling across the Tyne Bridge.
  12. Just put full meeting on a few weeks and then remove it, or put odd numbered heats or a 30 minute highlight, demonstrates the product the film crew offer and demonstrates what can be seen at Brough.
  13. Fantastic meeting and fantastic performance from both teams. Haven't enjoyed a meeting like that for a long time. I would have still gone home happy if we had been beaten as the meeting was fantastic. Hats off to Clegg and Wethers for the Diamonds and Josh Pickering for the Monarchs. I'm not sure what the criteria is for the 90th Anni meeting but send that boy an invite. Great debut by Ulrich, looks a good addition based on that performance, had my doubts about Starke after his first ride, too much head shaking, but put on a fine show and performance. Well done the Monarchs as well, it takes two teams to make a semi final and you certainly played your part. Hopefully we can kick on from here.
  14. diamond@heart

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    Hope Phillips has a sick note then.
  15. diamond@heart

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    My bad, that makes it worse.

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