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  1. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2019

    Also if you look at the time he recorded in that race with Josh it was still 4 seconds slower than the reserves race. Even if you say it was not a competitive race, 4 seconds is still a lot.
  2. If only we were that lucky...
  3. diamond@heart

    Leicester v Newcastle 27.04.19

    I don't think you'll need him to be honest!! Can't see the Diamonds troubling the Lions in this one.
  4. Could be something to do with Mr Phillips senior being one of the promoters. I'm sure he'll back his son to the hilt but even he should be able to see its not working and it can't be doing him any good. I wouldn't mind if he was on the pace but he's not. Time for a change.
  5. Good win by the Diamonds tonight with a hard fought battle against the Monarchs. Hats off to TJ and another very impressive performance from Clegg, gets better week on week. Gr8 to see Wethers amongst the points and Bjerre's haul would have been greater if not for a retirement and a team riding attempt which didn't quite work. Lambert still a worry but Phillips has to go, he's not good enough for this level, simple as.
  6. Take a bow Max Clegg, awesome tonight!! Great to see Diamonds back to winning ways
  7. We need to sort our gating out and the track appears to have been different for both home matches so having a similar track would be a benefit. Hopefully Clegg continues where he left off last week and Phillips needs to pull his finger out and start to justify his team place, rather than as most people (myself included) think, he only got if because of his dad (harsh but fair). It will be interesting to see crowd levels on Sunday, after two dismal displays by the Diamonds, will the crowd mainly be made up of season ticket holders, as will those who pay at the gate on the day decide to give it a miss due to the first few matches results and the fact it is f*****g baltic at the minute and line of duty is back on. Hoping for a Diamonds win to give us something to build on.
  8. Lasse seems to be having more mechanical gremlins tonight. R, R, 2, 0. Hope he gets them bottomed out sooner rather than later.
  9. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2019

    Interesting little Q&A on Tero Aarnio's Instagram feed!!!
  10. Absolute s***e. Phillips not good enough for this league and both Lambert and Wethers pi$$ poor. Wethers needs to improve and Lambert and fast, I think the team already needs a major shakeup and we are only two meetings in. Only Clegg has impressed me so far. I don't mind losing but we need to compete and we are not, we are poor out of the gate and giving ourselves a massive hill to climb.
  11. diamond@heart

    bandits v diamonds sat6th april

    I thought the aggregate winner got a bonus point?
  12. Agree with you 100%, I think Barker was to fault for the incident with Bjerre and as you say, the fact he fell indicates contact and he should of gone. I think that decision turned the match firmly in Redcar's favour. I don't think it would have made a difference to the aggregate score but it would have meant an opening night victory. I think this is the first time in a long time I have seen such a twitchy set of Diamonds riders at the tape, it was like we had ants in our clutch hand. This will have to be sorted otherwise we are going to continually penalise ourselves. For me, the ref was rubbishe, to the point where he should be removed from this level of competition for a while and the incident with the rider red exclusion light and not the red stop lights topped it off. I hope he doesn't darken Brough Parks door for a while but as he is local and refs are thin on the ground we will probs see a lot of him. Impressed with Clegg, seemed to go off abit after two races, not sure if injured after fall or lack of confidence. Phillips still a worry for me, not on the pace and only points were gifts. Impressed with Bjerre and Jorgensen's pass on Wright was top drawer. Steve was poor in my opinion for his standards and to be out elbowed to the first corner by Wright summed his night up. Onwards to Berwick and see what that brings. For the Bears, really impressed by Wright considering I believe he used to and maybe still does hates Brough Park. Greaves and Bacon were very good for the Bears and luckily Palm-Toft had an off night. I think the Bears can be confident of a good season. Congrats to the Bears you were by far the better side over two legs but I think we deserved the win last night, just my opinion.
  13. Did we get battered last night, don't think we did. Meeting decided by a poor refereeing decision, but you expect that from a Mackem..
  14. Glad I stayed in the house.

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