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  1. Bailey keeps Barker. Good luck with that.
  2. Gringo

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    MPT has pulled out of King's Lynn fixture tonight.
  3. Gringo

    bandits 2020

    Col may not be dealing with a full deck,but he is a card.
  4. Gringo

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    By explaining the crash/apology he was hoping that fans could sleep easier.
  5. I was just joking. We have no animosity with Scunthorpe.
  6. End the season ? Two (4 pt.) away wins to come. Somerset must be quaking in their Daytona's.
  7. That was the Glasgow meeting. He was replying to Mr.Blobby about the Edinburgh meeting.
  8. I am a supporter of both teams. I may have been drunk when I filled in my profile.
  9. I only mentioned a return to Thursday nights,because we have another clash of fixtures with the Karting tomorrow night.
  10. I live in Billingham. I have been a Teessiders/Tigers/Bears supporter since 1970.
  11. The sooner we get back to Thursday night racing the better.

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