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  1. Gringo

    May 17th

    Berwick Rangers(Bandits) has a capacity of 4,099. According to Wiki.
  2. They are certainly dragging this out.
  3. Gringo

    Godfrey's 16

  4. Gringo

    Jason Garrity

    Will his transport breakdown on the way to the jail.
  5. Look at the forecast now. The BBC & MeteoGroup are rubbish.
  6. Berwick have announced on Facebook & website that there will be no crowd admitted on Wednesday.
  7. Charlie Webster was another one who didn't have a clue.
  8. Gringo

    Corona virus

    Fans are to be allowed into the World Snooker Championship final this weekend. Possibly 300 out of a capacity of 980. With more pilot events to be announced shortly.
  9. Gringo

    berwick bandits 2021

    Steve Park has put a link to "Look North" on Redcar 2020 forum.
  10. Gringo

    Corona virus

    The pilot sports events with crowds this weekend (cricket & goodwood) have been cancelled by Boris.
  11. Gringo

    berwick bandits 2021

    Or Etch A Sketch.
  12. Gringo

    Season Cancelled

    Berwick have said their season passes will be carried over to 2021.
  13. Gringo

    Corona virus

    Official statement on "speedwaygb" website.

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