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  1. Might explain a cryptic tweet from Zaine Keleher with his bikes in his van?
  2. HGould

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    100% Would have expected a few to be Div 2 regulars by now. The Czechs Latvian and Danes though seem to be producing better 18 to 23 though currently. But of a catch 22., need Polish experience to develop but can't get in to do so. May be a few of them need to drop CL and focus on PL and European leagues? PL being Monday and Thursday.
  3. HGould

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    If we're not careful we are going to have likes of Brennan, Kemp. Palin, Flint, and others in the next wave coming through who is under 23, unavailable pretty much every weekend from May to October as more and more under 23 under 21 under 18 mickt mouse Events take place in Europe. The main Event dates should be fixed and agreed so UK fixtures can be settled but micky mouse should not take precedence over CL fixtures. Especially on Fridays when 8 teams often racing.
  4. HGould

    Guest riders

    When I was a lad White City won a league title with R/R all season for Dag Lovaas. They rarely used Guests from memory. Is it fairer to say that IF a Heat Leader gets a season long injury or withdraws his services that a short term Guest Facility is allowed (28 days) but after that the rule is to sign a permanent replacement of to be allowd R/R for the season. R/R at a time of Heat Leader shortgaes may be the fairer option and give opportunity to a declared no 8 who could become a regular.
  5. HGould


    That could open up a real can of worms.. I think when you have consumate professionals, as opposed to tokens; like as an example Hazel Irvine, Suzie Perry, Vicky Gommersall then absolutely 100% they add something. Then you may find experts in their field like Karen Carney, Claire Balding who add something. The biggest issue with any Commentataor, male ; female or not sure (to be politically correct) is the voice. There is nothing worse than an annoying voice for any Commentator. I hear some of the women Rugby Commentators and it's like scratching your fingers down polystyrene. I found Perry and Sophie Blake knowlegable and listenable, some since on Speedway less so.
  6. Yes, may have been more sensible to wait as Berwick could have travelled over from Plymouth base in a couple of hours.
  7. like I said "devils advocate" / "jig the pairings around" some people just can't help being negative.
  8. Lets play devils advocate for a minute and consider this. A 10 Team PL and a 10 Team 2nd Tier (PL a PL/top CL mix and CL a lower CL / NDL mix) - A buddy up system where a core Squad of say 12-14 can be signed Belle Vue / Berwick KIngs Lynn / Newcastle Ipswich / Oxford Peterborough / Redcar Sheffield / Scunthorpe Wolverhampton / Birmingham Poole / Eastbourne Swindon / Plymouth Glasgow / Edinburgh Leicester / Mildenhall You'd have to allow scope for likes of Kent ; Workington to come in and possibly jiggle pairings round a bit to match race days instead of geography. Would require a fair dollop of good old 70's style rider control.
  9. HGould

    Oxford v Birmingham Tues 17th May

    Fair play to Sedgeman who may have finally realised he's in last chance saloon in UK and needs to apply the talent he's always had. It was a greasy track that suited gaters and he made a start every race. We shouldn't heap pressure on him to do that every week, if he scores 7 or 8 points its job done. First visit to Oxford since the late 80's. Good Crowd, appreciative home support too who don't just seem to be there to see the Team win with some good banter. Restored my faith a little and I may have found a second home of sorts as although a longer trip, with likely traffic chaos around PB worsening if I get a clear run down m42 and 40 its not that much worse than sitting on m6 Car park every Wednesday. The new track shape at Cowley is excellent and like the way they've moved the Pits and made it visible and not hidden away.
  10. I don't hold Adam at fault here. He's done his deal, obviously his PL Club and Overseas Clubs were aware of that deal. He's undoubtedly been told not to comment on his Brummies deal by our Management. He's negotiated a deal with someone, it's been approved by the Club Directors and if some rumours are true Brummies outbid Plymouth. The fault lies elsewhere and not Adam in my opinion.
  11. Oh how I'd love the Brummies segments to be so quiet. Silence is sometimes golden
  12. I feel very let down having always tried to back Birmingham Promotions past and present. If they'd just have fronted up and said, Adam is on a rolling Contract that will be reviewed. I feel bitter that the Mansgement Committee are clearly complicit in this to protect Sheffield sadly no surprise there from Mr Bates. I think we're worse affected than Newcastle whose Promoter has been more up front about expectations and Plymouth who at least still have 3 heat leaders plus before injury Gilkes. I never thought I'd say this but it will be occasional trips to various tracks for me now and I want be busting a gut to get to Perry Barr every week.
  13. Team GB and Team GB Youth is separate and independent run by Rob Painter and Vicky Blackwell. They report to SCB apparently. I think there has been conflict like last season when some U21 7 man Team International Fixtures were arranged but had to be cancelled at short notice when one veteran Promoter wouldn't release a rider on a set date and got Management Committee to back him 2 good Fixtures were lost. Great chance of experience missed.
  14. Credit where it's due, I thought Tatum and Louis and Scotty were excellent last night. Kelvin in commentary, Chris in his analysis and comments and Scotty getting riders to open up and not just to inane questions. As good as it's ever been and that's not dissing Nigel at all but praising those now in the chairs.
  15. Not being deliberately controversial but the elephant in the room is clear. As long as the older generation; Harris; Nicholls, Cook, Masters, Lawson, King; Morris, Worrals; Wright; Kerr; etc are allowed to double up, many of them that could be affored 5-10 years ago but which cannot be afforded now but which some Clubs have to pay to be competitive then the sink will be continually blocked and the younger riders paths will be lost and wasted. They will go to Poland and u24 leagues or if not good enough drift away from the Sport. May be you have hit on something but with a twist. PL for all CL for British born or Qualified Under 24 with may be one over 24 or foreign rider oNLY allowed

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