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  1. HGould

    KENT 2019

    May be NDL Matches have to be held on a Saturday and Sunday only - you refer to MX and Grass - that's Saturday and Sunday and occasional Bank Holidays. Just a thought that would ease pressure on these kids (and some of the older more experienced types have chance to work) in and allow time for study / apprentiships etc, and less stress for parents too. Might not suit Clubs like Kent / IOW etc but still be room for them in a higher League??
  2. HGould

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    you must have had your eyes shut or the blinkers on for most of the last 50 years?? Nip to Kent as an example and ask Len about some of his famous or should it be infamous dust up's at Hackney, physical and verbal. There are about another dozen of the old Promoters I could mention who could handle themselves in a fight or spat and regularly did.
  3. HGould

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    I'm sure that many fans and many officials of many Clubs would tell you that Craig Cook can be a very naughty boy when the mood takes him. Bit of a split personality and obviously 3rd August was a very dark day. Your obvious hatred of the Dugard family (for whatever reason justified or not) clearly clouds any serious judgement that you may have.
  4. I agree but wonder if Bowtell is out for more than a few weeks if they might look at Hume for him? I suppose Wood's home form and a couple of 2 legged matches coming up saves him? Hopefully though with James out for season Brummies may get Danyon back and quickly.
  5. Georgie Wood is surely taking the michael now - misses matches for IOW gets 7 days, has not ridden for IOW since and just tootles round the back of the field from reports in Eastbourne away matches. No doubt he'll turn up at Arlington on Saturday get a bagful of points and then miss next week for IOW. Then the same repeat repeat! Shame that Jon Cook / Trevor Geer / Ian Jordan / Will Pottinger and Co don't have the balls to sack him; I'm sure most Promoters would have by now. I'm sure Martin and Connor Dugard would have if he was in charge down there still.
  6. HGould

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    it's pretty clear what has happened at Cradley and on this occasion Mr Mark Robinson is 100% right. The Patchett / Pearson Promotion has been happy to leech off the fantastic support for as long as they can and made a big killing off it. They then managed to get their stooges on to the Supporters Trust and access to what was left of their "fighting fund" for use to support planning applications etc. They used that money to cover costs this season. They have absolutely NO INTEREST in Cradley Heath Speedway now other than as a credit on their Bank Statements. The "well is nearly dry" and they will vanish It is an absolutely crying shame that a great name will vanish and this time will be a lot more difficult to ever get back. As a Brummies fan I know how long it took us to rise from the Ashes, we had a legend like Brian Buck fighting our corner, Pearson and Patchett are not fit to be mentioned in the same breath
  7. I have massive respect for James Shanes but what the hell was he doing on a Sidecar???.
  8. Wonder if we might get Danyon back? Memory tells me this was the one controversially called off early in season on forecast of rain when none came?? We'd have been thrashed then but now we are stronger (although James a huge loss on form of last meeting) and they are weaker... 46-44
  9. interesting you should mention him (Brennan), the guy Craig Cook alleged was nearly killed by the unsafe track his step dad owns, as a reason not to race. and people wonder why the Dugards were angry with Cook?
  10. I went to Championship 4's massive crowd, well organised and track was superb by end of meeting and through most of the 30 + races!
  11. HGould

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    I apologise if i have upset anyone from Scotland, I refer to my good Scottish work colleagues "in Glasgow" as "Jocks" not one of them has ever complained, but if offence has been caused I apologise. I call Man City fans "mancs" no British players in that team let alone mancunians!
  12. HGould

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    that logic has much merit but you have to go back to the minute the ref arrived according to Eastbourne's version of events anyway. otherwise why would they be riled at Cook in the first place? or do you go back to may when they rode in the League? or do you accept Cook is a prat and Cook and Dugard are prats or do you believe English don't hate Jocks??.. how far is how far....???
  13. HGould

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Mr Facenna made a perfectly good statement in Speedway Star last week in fairness to him Eastbourne did not comment until after the Hearing. Don't see an issue in what either said They agree to disagree so time to move on.
  14. HGould

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe

    sadly inevitable it will be off.
  15. HGould

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Seems a lot more factual and accurate than the statement put out by Craig Cook in the Speedway Star which if you read the statement from Eastie properly it seeks it seems to me to make a non confrontational rebuttal to, and makes point they waited for the Hearing and have accepted by the finding of..

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