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  1. your crowds being down may be due to dropping down? our (Birmingham) crowds are down but we've gone up? Other tracks I've visited this season-: Leicester crowds are up, very big crowd when I went there; and like you they have dropped down! Eastbourne big crowd on first visit, massive crowd on second visit and like us they went up! Can't figure any of that out, who'd be a speedway promoter?
  2. HGould

    KENT 2019

    It is an interesting question Do you race every week to maintain interest but ask people to find £64.00 (at Kent) to enter every 4 weeks per person? Do you have an average of a meeting every 2 weeks (which is what football do realistically home one wee away next) and ask people to find £32 every 4 weeks per person? What is higher risk, pricing them out or having them lose interest? Every week seem old fashioned but brave Every fortnight seems more business savvy and personally I've never lost interest with a 2 week gap? Thoughts would be interesting
  3. HGould

    Swindon 2019

    it's not that which is the issue, the issue he can't ride in 3 Leagues so would have to ditch NL at Kent and in terms of rides and income; let alone confidence of winning; that's probably a wiser move right now.
  4. HGould

    Swindon 2019

    You can no longer ride in 3 Leagues and can't jump a League. You can ride PL + CL or CL + NL You can't ride PL +NL So if Drew wanted to ride on contract for a PL side and double up he would have to give up his deal with Kent. Can't see him doing that as he is struggling as often as shining in CL for Sheffield and needs to crack CL first.
  5. HGould

    Eastbourne 2019

    I think what every Team found in the winter and what every team is finding now is that there is a lack of ready and available riders with an average in the 5.00 to 6.50 range. That's the range Brennan has ridden himself in to. You can take a chance abroad or a guy who may not have ridden for a while, as a No 4 I think he is better than Morley, not as good as Brennan at home but may be better at this stage away. He's a genuine trier and good to see him get fixed up and you make a good point that John Cook and Will Pottinger will know him well from Lakeside.
  6. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

    What I reading is Brian tacitly agreeing that an excuse was made and that they should have come clean. What I am saying is that if they admitted it that would draw a line over it and could restore trust and move on. I want to move on, we all want to move on but I think an apology ends it = finito. I'll be there as I am every week, will you??
  7. HGould

    Eastbourne 2019

    wish Kyle well a nice lad. he started desperately slowly for us and looked race rusty. had a couple of decent meetings v Somerset at home (paid 9) including a stunning overtake of Schlein and not many doing that in CL and then did OK conveniently enough at Arlington with 8 points in our KOC drubbing on Good Friday. I thought he had turned a corner but then 2 poor meetings 2 thrashings at Sheffield and home to Eastbourne. He was expected to do Heat Leader job for us but with 3 proper Heat Leaders at Eagles may take pressure off him a bit.
  8. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

    Dave Mason says it's a relaunch and I'll take him at his word. I think a public apology for the stupid abandonment of the last meeting would be a magnanimous and wise gesture, especially now that Brian Buck has had his say and well done brian Draw a line under it, got a proper no 1 and move on.
  9. Sad to say having seen him at close quarters this season that Kyles' confidence is shot. Danyon Hulme may be a better alternative
  10. not that positive as its just sensible I think, focus on what you can still win and make changes when you can to target those matches, what any sensible football manager would do, whether eastbourne management have the brains to do that I'm a lot less sure as they seem too loyal to lakeside and eastbourne and british riders, respect that but they need to be more clinical.
  11. yes I mean top 4 i think will be Glasgow, Leicester , Berwick and Redcar in that order, I think Eastbourne will be 7th or 8th to be honest. point I was trying to make is if they get things sorted still have things to try to win which already some clubs who are out of shield and cup don't have luxury of.
  12. Not sure how Eastbourne could gone to CL + not included Eddie Kennett his average will in next few months reach a true level probably around 8.50. Lawson and Kerr give them a very good top 3. It's easy to come up with "names" and being a Saturday track not easy to attract people like Adam Ellis / Bradley Wilson-Dean, Nick Morris who may have been options for them with Lakeside and Eastbourne links who are trying to get rides and are getting rides in Poland. They will likely replace Brennan temporarily as he is now 4th in averages but I don't think they'll want to use RR for a month, like all Clubs they will get benefit of increase in points limit from 38 to 40 after June 30th. They are also in Shield semi and likely KOC R2 so if they can arrange those for after 30 June could be a side to be very wary of in latter stages of both Competitions; especially if they focus on those as targets. Counter with Brummies who I support who are already out of Shield and likely out of KOC and realistically a tough League Campaign ahead. When CL season ends don't think 1 point losses to Glasgow and Leicester will look too bad v likely Top 4 which I think will be those 2 plus Berwick and Redcar.
  13. Been there twice with Brummies and very big Crowds both times, can only think on the night a lot of counter attractions like FA Cup; GP Speedway and Eurovision. They seem to be having issues with their track though which can't help them in the long run.
  14. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Thank the Lord for Brian Buck and some honesty and sanity. May be the Mason should appoint Brian to guide them on PR! The fact is that IF they had announce "we cannot run this meeting as it would be a financial disaster" they would have been telling the truth and would not have lost faith. As Brian points out, the opponents (Eastbourne) had agreed to the request and rearrangement, so why not just tell it as it was. Hopefully David or Peter or Laurence or all of them will deliver the "holy trinity" apology on the Centre Green on Wednesday, a bit of humble pie and humility and then we can move on...
  15. HGould

    Eastbourne 2019

    Birmingham enquired about BW-D told quite firmly he is focusing on Poland and would not be able to ride Saturday or Sunday in UK .

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