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  1. HGould

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Fair point but probably a lot more Poles living and working in UK now than then.
  2. HGould

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I went to the Plymouth v Young Lions match in September. They had and marketed a big Polish/German style BBQ on the 3rd/4th turn run by a friendly Polish couple. Great Food and speedway fans running it. They explained that they and the Club are encouraging Polish fans and write marketing in Polish especially for them. Maybe something that BSPL could pick up on for the 600,000 across the UK?
  3. HGould

    Somerset 2020

    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. 12 Teams in the League Tuesday - Kent Wednesday - Poole / Brummies Friday - Edinburgh / Glasgow / Redcar / Scunthorpe / SOMERSET Saturday - Berwick / Eastbourne / Leicester Sunday - Newcastle So presumably the other 4 Friday Clubs take precedence over Somerset for CL Fixtures as they are changing dates?. Leaves most Friday's with 10 Teams therefore in action? You only need a few Friday rain-offs and it will be complete carnage. Would only also need one of the Teams not involved to refuse to release Guests and it would be a complete joke! As Workington / Lakeside found out the Chairman does not like to be left without Guest options. The fact this is a Management Committee Member Club really does not look good for the transparency of the Sport. Unless of course one of the other Friday Clubs are seeking to change their race night? Could Redcar move to Saturday or Sunday , could Glasgow move to Saturday or Sunday, especially as most foreigners won't be back so needed on the Continent Will have to wait for it to all come out in the wash!
  4. HGould

    Godfrey's 16

    Depends what the points limit is surely? Lots seem to think it's going to be slashed, some significantly. Len'll have lots of NDL riders to use who know the track very well and who'll be known to him. Just be a case of whatever he has to play with if points limit is a less than now. Unlikely to be like for like average wise therefore.
  5. HGould

    Somerset 2020

    The M5 on a Friday night from Whitsun to August Bank Holiday.??. That'll go down like a lead balloon with some home Supporters I'd imagine and certainly from Away Fans like me who found Wednesday the quietest weeknight on M5. I wonder what Rob "there's too many Friday Clubs" Godfrey will have to say too? 4 Friday Clubs already - shades of 2018 when Lakeside were bankrupted by the Friday night issue.
  6. HGould

    Leicester Lions 2020

    I know Ellis has close links to the West Midlands. Uncle Dave was from Black Country and I saw Neil Evitts with Ellis a few times. Would seem like a perfect fit for Brummies to replace Garrity? I think a few will have heard about Leicester being late to pay a few riders at times in 2019. Ellis and Jack Thomas both went public and Stewart Dickson has acknowledged it to be true and fair do,s for that. May be Ellis wanted better deal as security but surely will be in demand from a number of CL clubs
  7. HGould

    Stadium Design

    I liked the old Perry Barr (now One Stop Shopping) because you could walk past Pits on way to Home Straight and watch all the bikes warm up. Like many Tracks the current PB is hidden but more down to lay out of a Dog Track and lack of access to large part of the venue. Most places you either can't see or can see from a distance. I don't think or can't remember anywhere better than Brandon, where provided you could arrive early enough you could get a great high vantage point and look down in to the Pits area. I used to like Halifax too, where you could see in and watch. Of the other tracks visited in last few years, Mildenhall, Eastbourne, Berwick are ones you can look in to if you stand adjacent and see what's happening during Racing and a few Tracks allow you in to view if you are there early enough. No excuse really for the purpose built more recent tracks like Belle Vue, Leicester and Somerset for hiding Pits largely away from fans.
  8. Not really up to speed with rules in L1 and L2 in Poland but seems may still be the main thing to watch in 2021 if not much action live in UK Could someone please explain how teams can be made up in the 2 leagues below the top one How many classed Foreigner / Overseas How many classed Polish Seniors How many classed Under 24 (Polish or Overseas) How many classed Polish Juniors are allowed in each match how many "overseas" in total do reserves have to be Polish juniors? How does the No 8 work, can it be anyone? Any confirmation would add to my understanding and enjoyment, it's all very confusing (I thought GB was!!) Thank You
  9. interesting point about the "protected PL days". If Poland is going to dictate where Riders who are not Poles can and can't ride (e.g pick one other League only), shouldn't the Swedes and UK dictate that the only day they will protect is Tuesdays and basically open up PL to 6 days a week. Stuff the Poles. That could strengthen the PL immediately as some of the bigger CL Clubs might consider running PL on their preferred race nights. Poole / Leicester / Glasgow the most likely beneficiaries maybe?
  10. HGould

    2021 speedway season !

    Wouldn't it be the height of irony if UK via German Pfizer and its own Oxford and Cambridge led work had ample supplies of vaccine by May and the Poles were lagging behind and unable to keep up. How would that suit the bullies of Polish Speedway Federation. They need to realise they are part of a global sport and that other speedway countries may be behind in Speedway terms but light years ahead in other scientific areas.
  11. I've rarely read anything so littered with inaccuracies and falsehoods. The one thing Polish Speedway always had was passionate fans. The one thing it didn't have in the 70s was money and financial clout. Quite the opposite, go and study Communism and the Fall of it in the Eastern bloc. There was no free Press, free Media, you'd struggle to find any Polish rider with anything but a factory Jawa and black leathers well in to the Briggo Manger Olsen era. When Zenon Plech was allowed to go on one of the Mauger Briggo Troupe Tours all he could take was his handlebars. If you are about 15 you might think Polish Speedway is the greatest thing on the planet. It may be now but that's a very modern phenomenon as the old timers before the end of the Communist era around 1990 and the dozens upon dozens of riders still owed fortunes by Polish Clubs up to the very recent past will testify...it was anything but the jewel in the crown. New Polish stadia to are a very modern phenomenon. Most are expensive returns paid for by local politicians keen to get reelected It's also the case in the UK that as many if not more speedway tracks were added to dog tracks, than the other way round and similarly most tracks round football or rugby pitches followed the ball sports. Purpose built stadia and those where speedway were there first is the exception over the past 50 years and not the rule.
  12. HGould

    Godfrey's 16

    All the pronouncements have been about same 1 to 7s. Would not put it past some to have been busy assembling new teams to reduced limits to suit themselves in the slightest. Don't have to be Einstein to work out which teams will be in on the secret. Lower team average would mean MORE riders out of a job, not less. A crazy prospect.
  13. Totally agree. Pay rates in D1 and D2 (the tiers below) are a fraction of Extraleague (Top Tier) and chronic history of late and non payment. So do you have 4-5 rides a week in Polish D2 or probably 20 rides a week if doubling up UK and riding in Sweden or Denmark? Those in D1/D2 in Poland - especially D2 in Poland may be better off and certainly get more meetings and rides by doubling up in UK and riding in Sweden and likely get paid too.
  14. HGould

    BSPL AGM - November 2020.

    All the BSPL are doing at the moment is planning for a near normal season. From that will come all kinds of contingencies that can be implemented. You seem to want to plan for nothing and then make it up as you go along Better to plan for everything and if you have to reduce you reduce. Your negativity is demoralising and planning for the best has built in contingency for the worst Planning for 100% allows contingency for 10%. You'd plan for 10% and pray come February that your doom laden hopes have come true. Sad..

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