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  1. HGould

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I'm only as informed as what we had to endure at Birmingham last winter in building a team by the time that most teams were staffed and options limited. I think we learned that with exception of Paco and to a degree Tero that British options that you know work best. I'm sure that Len will sort it.
  2. HGould

    Kent Kings 2020?

    it's very hard for new Clubs moving up as we found last season and we only got Adam in when we did as he was "looking for rides" as Poland hadn't worked out. In Scott Nicholls you have an outstanding start but going to be hard to follow that up with another "big name" I think?? Poole would be favourites for Adam and Danny King and most of the others over 7.5 points are retained or signed up. I thought you might get Eddie Kennett but obviously not. I think best hope is to have Scott and a "Workington style" team of solid 5 and 6 pointer and then you have strong reserves all season. Days of len "buying a title" are over i would think as you'll need to get far bigger crowds in CL to compete with Glasgow / Leicester / Somerset / Poole etc who are big payers.
  3. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Couldn't agree more about Danyon, certainly deserves a chance and would be a good reserve pairing with Paco. Was gutted he wasn't given a fair run last year, I heard Eastbourne tried to sign him after he left us but were not allowed due to his NDL Club objecting, goes to show if we don't snap him up now some other CL Club will. With Stoneman most likely to go to Somerset or back to Kent surely Danyon is a perfect no 7.
  4. HGould

    Eastbourne 2020

    isn't he the main Promoter?
  5. HGould

    Leicester Lions 2020

    what hogwash. We should be applauding clubs who promote and stay loyal to young British riders. They may struggle on occasions but far better for their development to be in and around proven higher level performers that winning NDL races by 1/2 a lap against people who will never be as good as they are now let alone in 12-24 months time. Most great Coaches in any Sport promote youth and look after them. I'm sure that Stuart Dickson knows what he is doing.
  6. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Morris has been nailed on for weeks just been waiting for points limit to be confirmed. Bowtell has had a few good rides in CL and NL round PB but seems very inconsistent. With the right mechanical advice and someone who knows how to set a bike up at our place he could do well and might be an interesting shout.
  7. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Great news, what a Team of racers we are building. Next signing though will have to be T Dirt...Tons of it!
  8. HGould

    Eastbourne 2020

    It is good for British Speedway for sure. I remember the days when Eastbourne in the 70;'s when great rivals of the Brummies in 2nd Tier had an incredible conveyor belt of talent. I like the way they are not scared of giving youth a chance. It may not pay off right away but if they could have Brennan / Kemp / Edwards in 2-3 years time then this team would look very visionary. I'm not sure who is driving the vision down there as Jon Cook seems to be rarely mentioned and it's more Trevor Geer and Will Pottinger driving things forwards, but well done.
  9. HGould

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Taxi for Connor Mountain then I think based on averages....he could do a job for a number of teams, Brummies / Somerset / Kent / Eagles ??
  10. Do the averages shown include 2.5% discount where applicable for UK / NDL progression??
  11. HGould

    Eastbourne 2020

    Big fan of Kyle and think he was badly treated at Brum as was Ullrich and both did very well end of season in proper roles (2nd strings) at new Clubs with pressure off. Brennan was excellent at Perry Barr just before his injury. Have to agree Kyle and Brennan are solid looking and who did Eastie start with at second string last year ??. was it Morley and Bowtell? Wish Kyle all the best for 2020 top lad!
  12. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Don't think limit will be that high? Even less likely I think we could afford Harris and Nicholls - still big earners would reckon a grand a meeting minimum each. If Scotty had become available b4 Bomber me I'd have had Scotty to balance side with a "gater". Harris / Garrity / Shanes all opponents got to do is slick off track and we are in trouble. Expect plenty of new shale at Perry Barry!
  13. HGould

    Newcastle 2020

    Don't they make a big announcement at the end tonight???...
  14. HGould

    Kent Kings 2020?

    "But for Kent/Plymouth it will be a condition of acceptance because if they step up then it would likely lead to the collapse of the NDL league ." Them running NDL won't be a condition of acceptance at all, it will be based on a voluntary decision they have made to do so...IF they do, and since Len Silver has already indicated he will it is a purely voluntary decision on his part.

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