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  1. HGould

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Most of the more progressive Clubs seem to be offering option of full immediate refund or defer ticket to use in 2021. Not fair I think to assume all are as tardy as Peterborough seem to be.
  2. Poole I read somewhere the only main Greyhound track not to re-open on 1 June when others like Perry Barr did. If the Stadium staff remain furloughed until October hard to see what Speedway can do, unless they pick up cost of Stadium staff as you can work for someone else while furloughed.
  3. Len seemed very negative earlier in the season and although a bit more optimistic now it'll be interesting to see if he runs CL or NDL as can't run both in limited tome surely? He's very astute, probably the most astute and will know his likely crowd and margins and unique circumstances. NDL would seem the sensible logical cost effective route?
  4. Nothing but reading what promotions have said in past few months I think Berwick, Redcar, Scunthorpe, Leicester, Brummies, Poole will run. Rest not sure will run, Glasgow we know won't.
  5. Based on general concensus the "other club" is named elsewhere in the article. There is also clear indication that Poole may not have Stadium clearance.
  6. There were and still sadly are unfortunately some real horror stories too of British Riders (especially in level 2 and 3 in Poland) not getting paid and being owed relatively large sums of money that never materialised in Polish Leagues going back several years. Better to ride for £50 a point and get paid here than £500 a point and never get paid there!
  7. Bit of an understatement that I'd say when most Clubs can't survive on 100% gates and receipts and rely on sponsorship and advertising and even then most make a loss and rely on Promoter / Owners to make out of cover losses. Glasgow perfect example rely totally on great support of Faceena family
  8. HGould

    Edinburgh 2020

    The measure here must be "space". 1000 / 67000 at Murrayfield is a lot different to 1000 / Armadale (capacity ???? 2000) same with BSB 1000 in to Donnington Park / Silverstones huge spaces. Big number of Turnstiles / Entrances at Murrayfield / Donnington + Silverstone. Things are moving in right direction but was always the fear it would be soon enough / big enough numbers for Speedway on a League basis at least.
  9. It makes it harder to see any chance of League Speedway starting in August as they have been positively and optimistically talking up. which is a shame. Hopefully everyone in Leicester will stay safe and the Track will be able to start practice sessions by the end of July or early August.
  10. HGould

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Interesting interviews with young Mr Ford on Speedway GB website over the weekend. He didn't seem over-confident that the Stadium would be available for Racing even if Government Crowd Restrictions are eased to a level at which clubs like Poole could viably open. Read a while back about the Dogs not running and Greyhounds transferred to Tracks that are running. Does that mean Pirates may join Glasgow in not running and waiting for 2021?
  11. Anyone want to hazard a guess about how many in PL / CL / NL will actually race IF there is a restart and League to race in by middle to late August? Based on nothing more than heresay and guess work. I will guess PL = 6 CL = 6 NL = 5
  12. All Stadiums are Licensed and those that share Speedway with Greyhounds (like Brummies) may have a bit of an advantage in seeing what's being planned for the Dogs. It is a big step though from letting in a few Dog Owners in a carefully managed environment and may be the few dozen who attend BAGS and few hundred who may enjoy the fine Dining experience at Perry Barr Dogs/ Monmore Green Dogs on an Evening as an example, as these are smaller numbers and in the case of Dining subject to social distancing at Tables etc, that is easier to police than on the terraces. I think that any easing for general spectators may come just that bit too late for Speedway in 2020 which is a shame. I hope as always that I'm wrong but it just feels to me time will beat us. At least those shared Dog / Speedway venues have no excuse for not being on the ball and ready though for 2020 or more likely 2021.
  13. Good news re Leicester although they do have track access options some others sadly don't have.
  14. You forget most people aren't self centred drama queens like you. It's not a post about being right or wrong it's about what may or may not happen. I'll be there as often as I can be, will you be at your track?
  15. How soon before the topic changes from "when will speedway restart" (as the Chairman seems very bullish about August in The Star this week) to which Clubs will restart (as they seem to have an "opt in/out). Surely the PL can't afford any absentees. We already know that Glasgow are sitting 2020 out, will any others follow in CL and if so who? With majority of NL Clubs being "double up" will they have space to run NL too (Newcastle already out on NL) and what about the 3 standalone clubs, will they bother? Going to be a very interesting few weeks. I'll nail my colours now and say IF Brummies run I will be there as often as I can, but I'm not sure many can afford or would risk the 10 matches in 3 months scenario that seems to be the intention. Colder/wetter weather and depleted disposable income will be a problem for many Supporters. I don't want my Club to risk everything on a short season, rather they come to tapes in 2021 with a full 1-7 (which we don't currently have).

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