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  1. Just as much quality and far more quantity and competitiveness than the bland PL. Think Poole might be in for a rude awakening with that attitude, certainly when visiting up to Midlands and the North . Away wins will be very hard for any side to find such is the nature of the League.
  2. Think it'll be a very interesting and tight league Top 4 between Leicester; Eastbourne; Glasgow; Poole Next 4 Berwick; Edinburgh; Redcar ; Kent Bottom 4 Brummies; Scunthorpe, Plymouth Newcastle Replacement Heat Leaders going to be in short supply and second strings. Injuries and possible replacements vital Will benefit Clubs with assets not currently in CL and who may be able to replace injured riders.
  3. HGould

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Wonder if NL can start sooner as classed grass roots and not Elite?
  4. HGould

    May 17th

    Very good news Some events last Autumn were pilot events so we may see a bit of action before May 17.
  5. HGould

    with or without

    With or without? With of course. By May / June crowds will be allowed Restricted at first.. 25 to 33% Be enough for most Clubs to start. Bought (reserved) some Test Cricket tickets already.
  6. HGould

    Edinburgh 2020

    The most interesting one on the 2 Star List by far is Jack Parkinson-Blackburn.
  7. HGould


    There is a lot of evidence in non League Soccer, Cricket (ECB) and other outdoor Sports that restricted Crowds will be permitted from early May. It's pretty nailed on that major Events won't be allowed any more than 33-50% capacity but as we've discussed many times before most Speedway venues can open and break even at 25-33% capacity. Allowances will have to be made for internal areas like Bars and Toilets. Take your own flask and sausage rolls if you have to. The biggest danger I think would be to abandon the season or to reduce it so much that the majority of venues can't open. That would probably be the death knell for most of them and a large number of semi professional riders (the vast majority) who would have no income from speedway for a second season and quite likely flog all their gear and never return and focus on the day job. If Europe remains slow to vaccinate; UK may yet find itself a safe haven where some will want to come and race. If 50% of the population and those with 90% of the deaths and infections so far are vaccinated by March and increasing number after it, can't see any reason or excuse not to start by June. It's then completely down to the individual to risk it or not. Where would I be safer, surrounded by mask-less kids and covididiots running round in Sainsburys and the CoOp or socially distanced with my friends outdoor on the steps at Perry Barr once a week.
  8. HGould

    Who are the Rising Stars?

    Presume there is a subsidiary "black hole" list full of dormant old rising stars
  9. HGould

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Palin a very good choice going far in the sport
  10. HGould

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Good choice especially at a trick track like Monmore
  11. HGould

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    From what I've seen at Perry Barr and some away matches, Brennan is currently better than Palin and Palin is better than Bickley. Brennan could make decent European level, as could Palin, Brennan has more experience. Bickley I think has plateaued and never be more than a second string CL rider.
  12. All interesting thoughts but lot of obstacles. What about Clubs with limited time due to curfew? What if not time to run a 2nd half team? What if some teams are in areas with few riders and can't fill second team in midweek? How about Clubs who can't compete Financially but do what they do very well at a lower level like IOW and Mildenhall? How do you pair Clubs up? 6 in PL and 12 in CL? What if a rider wants to ride for parent Club but not paired Club? How do you account for Clubs running on different nights, Monday and Thursday is fixed for top League? If you scrap NDL how do young riders enter the Sport? Can you explain why Promotion and Relegation is an issue?? Its not and never has been in Speedway? Tried and didn't work as relegated Club didn't want to go down and promoted Club didn't really want to go up?
  13. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Belle Vue NSS is a great track. Would it have ever happened though without Kirky Lane, anything but a great Track shoe-horned inside a dog track. Sad fact BV NSS got Council Funding that no other track is likely to get. Stoke when properly prepared was a good place to visit. Sad its been bulldozed.
  14. HGould

    Eastbourne 2020

    Not hostile at all just pointing out the blatantly obvious I hope that you feel reassured enough to venture out. Proper stewarding will be required at all tracks
  15. HGould

    Eastbourne 2020

    If any sport waits for Covid to be eradicated the sport will be eradicated before Covid. I assume you've not visited a supermarket or been out for nearly a year I'm approaching 70, visited very well organised meeting at Plymouth in September with 400 to 500 others. I've been to non League soccer in Autumn with similar crowds. No reason why Speedway can't start at any UK stadium once lockdown ended and spectator sports allowed. If you don't want to go that's your choice, if many of us vaccinated wish to go I'm sure that we will.

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