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  1. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    May be a mole but not a senior mole but a junior mole?
  2. HGould

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    The biggest asset Kent have is Len and his experience. He has his detractors; but must have a wry smile watching the newer promotions all of whom had good ideas and did some good things generally , but couldn't make it financially viable, fall by the wayside whilst "Lens way/the old way" seems to work. I think Kent will be OK whilst Len's OK, the problem for Kent is the vacuum after Len?
  3. HGould

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    Things like taking bottled water off supporters in a queue to get in baking hot night to ensure they bought his bottled water at inflated prices that was of no cash benefit to speedway. Generally bad attitude towards supporters from Stadium staff, obviously even more restricted access to Track Staff and Track team. I'm not sure that the Masons could have done any more in the circumstances.
  4. HGould

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    Sad but not unexpected. The Masons have done far more for Birmingham Speedway that was good and positive than many give them credit for and I wish them the very best of luck and hopefully they aren't totally lost to the Sport. Their physical and mental well-being is more important. There is hopefully someone in the wings who may be able to take it on but I fear that the relatively new Stadium Manager has engineered what he wanted and shame on him and ARC for their complete lack of support of Speedway in the recent past. That was not always the case under previous Stadium Management. I don't think it's a big surprise that 2 dog tracks from same Company (Newcastle and us) are in the situation we are, not a surprise that relatively new Promotions who have moved up to CL (Brummies and Eastbourne in 2019) and Newcastle (new Promo for 2020/2021) have suffered from big set up costs and possibly a step too far for all three who had to build initially quite quickly. Hopefully all 3 will return with new Promotions in the future. My own personal view is that with the Commonwealth Games surrounding the area for 2022 and causing a massive security ring to be set up for possibly a few months before, that it may be best for Brummies to have a year out and possibly come back in 2023 with a fresh impetus after the fun and games likely next Summer just up the Road and around the City in general. Certainly media focus on going to be on Games for most of 2022 in addition to soccer and cricket. The whole area is lets face it going to be a gridlocked nightmare!
  5. HGould

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    Heavy rain until this afternoon and then a dry forecast for tomorrow after early fog. Makes me reminisce on the Brummie "pea soupers" we used to get when I was a kid. Fog was dense for days sometimes wouldn't clear at all. Rain may be a relief to Track Staff might help in preparation.
  6. Sad to say I left with very much the same feeling of inevitability about the sport and Brummie specific. I think Peter and David are just trying to limp to the end of the season and to get out as financially sound as they can. A pretty reliable source has told me that Laurence is working on something for next year with some speedway people who will come in and whilst that's encouraging and positive its only going to be a winter of uncertainty if true. The issues with the track remain and the new manager of the Stadium seems hell bent on making life as tough as possible. If rumours of a watered down 2nd tier are correct I'm not sure how many will see it as attractive enough to watch, especially in 2022 when we'll be surrounded (literally) with a major Global Event just up the road and all of the security and access issues that will cause. Can only enjoy the final few weeks whilst we can.
  7. It's wavy. Not cause of accident.
  8. HGould

    RIP Archie Wilkinson

    Lovely man Very sad news Commiseration with his family and friends.
  9. HGould

    Eastbourne 2020

    No surprise really that 2 Clubs pretty much forced out of the NDL for 2019 due to reduced points limit then (and since) are struggling now e.g Brummies and Eastbourne. Both did very well in a proper 3rd Tier NDL 2015 - 2017, the problem was that League became too fat, big enough for likes of Kent; Eastbourne, Brummies, Mildenhall and a few others to get good crowds and level of support but to try to outdo each other financially in 2017 and 2018, but too big to sustain Stoke, Buxton etc. The demise of Stoke and Buxton killed the spirit of what the NDL was all about. I know Brummies could not make NDL work in 2019 as crowds were losing interest in the 2018 level product and the 2019 would have been more watered down still.
  10. I'm very hopeful of a win on the night. I'm hoping that the track has been very well watered in days before and that the expected dry night materialises I'm very worried about football pulling some away, especially Baggies fans. After the "make or break" 2 weeks ago and the hastily arranged "local derby" last week (when I'd say crowds were around 800 mark) this is the bread and butter core supporter type of match. We've been lucky too that last couple of away matches have been rained off so coffers should have been replenished. How much though and how big the crowd is tonight may be a wake up call again. Hard choice for Masons if crowds are below what they need as they've surely thrown last dice, and have more away fixtures on horizon ? 1 at home and 4 away rest of the month. Fingers and toes crossed.
  11. HGould

    Eastbourne 2020

    A shame to see Brummies, Newcastle and now Eastbourne struggling like this. I don't doubt there are others in very similar situations. Hoping for a decent Crowd at Brummies tonight but it seems "week to week" there too at the moment. Two decent Crowds but what happens after next poor one? We all thought when restrictions eased Crowds would rise, may be the opposite as more things for people to do and spend their money on, especially in Tourist areas. I know football is going to be an issue for Clubs like Brummies now as season has started and a few more have to chose 90 minutes or 15 heats!.
  12. There have been plenty of statements about what access Club has to Track or doesn't have. It wouldn't be first time that they have not had full access until 2pm on match day. They have tried to flood it then and it's gone wrong in the past. I've heard (only third hand) that they cannot enter Stadium to water the day before. That would explain the ongoing problems they have if its correct. The water bowser did go round but didn't seem to be much/any water coming from it in Home Straight and after a few races it's probably more dangerous to water than not. I drove home with an air of inevitability sad to say. Good crowd last week but this weeks was only due to Leicester fans of which may be 200?. I also saw a smattering of Edinburgh fans around. If you take those number off probably back down to 500-600. If you take ST holders off that, it's back to square 1. Hopefully we can get another week at least but Berwick are not the draw that Leicester are and the Track will need to be better much better or any profit from this week / last week will be blown away quickly.
  13. I agree Col. Having ventured down during the break into the Sahara, if it wasn't for Lions contingent on 1st Bend would be lower than last week. Fear for how many newcomers will come back. Poor spectacle from what you can see.
  14. Could have excused it last week with rain around but somethings gone seriously wrong with track watering this week. Not as if it's been blazing hot either. Disappointing and getting dangerous
  15. Nice to see another healthy crowd.. Similar to last weeks I'd estimate

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