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  1. HGould

    Unattached British Talent ?

    Fair point Give Us a B The point I was trying to make though was that if the "unattached talent" is in certain areas it may be less likely to be picked up than others. I agree that I think that Brummies are looking to develop 3 and I widely applaud that and certainly get more of a buzz of of us developing shall we say Shanesy, Jack or Ashley rather than a Dane or even Paco, who I love as a rider and a real team man.
  2. HGould

    Unattached British Talent ?

    My interest has been piqued enough to look at the make up of PL + CL Teams. It can be complicated by doubling up so some riders double count once in each League and also the confused nationality of "Roo Boy Schlein" who I have counted as Australian and Connor Bailey who I have counted as GB. British Riders PL Belle Vue = 3 Ipswich = 2 Kings Lynn = 3 Peterborough = 1 Sheffield = 3 Swindon = 3 Wolves = 0 CL Berwick = 2 Birmingham = 5 Eastbourne = 7 Edinburgh = 4 Glasgow = 2 Kent = 5 Leicester = 4 Newcastle = 3 Poole = 4 Redcar = 3 Scunthorpe = 3 Somerset = 4 I've no point to make in terms of what's best. Results and winners/losers at end of season will dictate that. My own preference would probably be to have 2-3 foreign riders and 4-5 Brits but that's not something that would stop or make me attend or not. The one really interesting dynamic seems to be geography and the only team with 4 or more Brits north of the Midlands is Edinburgh - the 6 teams with most Brits are south of that line. So how big a factor is who is available rather than where from?
  3. HGould

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    Credit to the oft and unfairly maligned Laurence for that. Just hope there are a few other non Premier Teams who will host a meaningful MSDL. IOW and Plymouth will hopefully continue in some form with MSDL but hard to see where other Teams may come from. It seems as if the Northern Clubs are unaffected and running their own version similar to last year.
  4. HGould

    Somerset 2020

    Any rider coming in who didn't ride in CL last year would have a 1.6 x wouldn't they? based on PL average. Tungate would be on 10.54!!
  5. HGould

    Jason Pipe resigns

    What NDL needs is a pairing like Bishop and Dugard who would not only move it forward but breakaway and form a proper Development League for 15-21 year olds.
  6. HGould

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Not who I thought it was (Carl Wilkinson was my thought).
  7. HGould

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    No more than creaming 16 year olds as assets to build asset banks for PL Teams so that when the cream rises to the top it will become an income stream for the length of the rider career. Some PL Team will do it properly because they care about young riders, Belle Vue certainly do.
  8. HGould

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    would he be returning after a season or two out of the sport??
  9. HGould

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    Be interesting to see what entry / level qualification is for Riders. Going to be interesting with no PL Club north of Sheffield or South of Swindon and a cluster in East Anglia. Monday and Thursday not exactly great for kids either with school and traveling! Seems the door may have been left open to CL/NDL to run but not with use of dormant Club names?
  10. HGould

    Premiership Junior League

    If it is done properly then fair enough. The cynic in me thinks it's all about building Club asset bases.
  11. HGould

    Overseas riders 2021season

    Way too soon to know I would think. Must be some allowance for anyone who has worked here before and highly unlikely not to include ex or current Commonwealth Countries. It may stop a few newcomers but that may be no bad thing anyway with so many british riders out of a job
  12. HGould

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    Reading between the lines of various comment over past 12 months I think the NDL and lower Development leagues are the victim of a plan to have top 2 Leagues more clearly defined. That seems to be Godfreys mission! A PL of 10 Clubs with less doubling down and a CL of the rest with more of a CL second string / CL reserve / NDL heat leader / second string level ;and therefore lower costs in points pay. To have enough riders you have to remove a tier and that's the 3rd tier Thats a good concept but the better financed CL Clubs like Glasgow and Leicester and now Poole probably can't make PL pay on Monday and Thursday. They would probably jump up if they could use Friday; Saturday and Wednesday respectively. The Monday + Thursday fixation is the upper blocker and the lower blocker is the future of the 3 standalone Clubs (or imminent death as seems likely). I'd be happy to see Brummies in the 2nd CL tier on this basis but can't see 10 Clubs in PL as things currently stand.
  13. HGould

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    Would love to see some of those names you mention involved in some sort of "nostalgic" Fixture too at some point. I guess lack of tracks in London now makes it difficult, hopefully something Rye House could look at?
  14. HGould

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    That's not a reason though to spitefully stop Clubs who are trying to maintain a supporter base and an interest level and at the same time bring along a new generation of riders with some meaningful competitive racing and in an environment where they can learn from and be around more established riders. The other thing that will affect the established "landlord" clubs is that some of these nomad sides would bring in 10-20-30 supporters or more through the turnstiles, most to see their Clubs active and less to see riders develop. If they are lost you also impact on finances of the landlord club like Birmingham. No vision, no explanation from the BSPA Management Committee at all! (yet anyway)
  15. HGould

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    I've read a detailed reply from Reading who it seems are worst affected as they were passionate supporters of MDL/SDL and also seems closer than any dormant Club to getting a track back. Facebook indicates Weymouth will make a statement after the meeting tomorrow. One rumour though which really would throw everything in to complete confusion is that Mr Godfrey wants to run a "Halifax" Team at Scunthorpe. I can only speak for what I see at Birmingham. We do get some old MK fans there to watch and some young talent that looks like it could make it. Will be a shame if its lost. If they want every / some PL / CL to run second half development racing in 2021 that's fine but what about the fans of dormant Clubs, where do they go to see their favourite team and won't they be forever lost to the Sport? Also what about IOW especially, Mildenhall and Plymouth - what happens to them? if no NDL (3rd tier)??. Can't afford to lose the likes of Barry Bishop and IOW.

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