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  1. That’s not my point!
  2. Exactly my point. I don’t care how much or how he’s paid that’s up to bv. My concern is when it comes to push and shove has he the balls to mix it..? At his age and stage in life with a young family, I’m not sure he has.
  3. A concern for me is Zagar lack of scoring consistency. I were told by one of the BV pit staff that Zagar mechanic Phil told him that Zagar is not paid by points scored but gets a substantial fee per meeting thought to be £3000 plus expenses. So what’s his incentive to put the effort in? I wonder how many riders at BV have a similar fee deal?
  4. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue v Ipswich Monday June 6th Live on TV

    Good meeting, 2 top teams and top racing and a really good result for Aces.. BUT OMG what a very poor crowd!! The camera shots made it even worse. What is the problem with British speedway?
  5. That’s astonishing and why speedway is in the financial mess it is in. How can paying this level of money be sustainable. Plus he’ll probably have his airfares and hotels paid on top all for 4/5 minutes work.
  6. He’s passed it and inconsistent. Great win by Tigers, they wanted it more than Aces.
  7. I’ve been saying this for ages now, much to the annoyance of his lemonade palls, that Lemon is clueless, he makes basic errors almost every meeting. It’s like he never been in the sport. The way he’s sorted the team out or not as the case maybe this year is a complete disgrace. This is by far the worst bv team in years. Tbh IF Zagar comes back I don’t think things will change that much, we will still struggle. And Zagar sadly is not the rider he was and he will cost the club plenty of money and won’t guarantee to add much to the crowds.
  8. Think you might be right…weather is well hit and miss tomorrow.
  9. Tigers win but think it will be a very close meeting.
  10. The truth is bv has run up serious huge debts and losing over £100k each year. Guess these too riders each cost over £2500 each plus plus per meeting. As a business the way things are speedway just don’t work. More cash going out than cash coming in, result the sport is bust.
  11. 100% agree but he won’t come cheap!
  12. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2022

    Spot on…but oh don’t go criticising Lemon or the Lemonade Stasi will come down on you like a ton of brick, even though he’s proved to be incompetent.
  13. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2022

    What IS going on Phil ? Tbh the situation is a bit of a shambles.

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