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  1. Ah thanks. But how did this incredible story get on BBC One? Just fantastic.
  2. Out of the BSPA (management) as Chairman and Vice Chairman. They have totally failed miserably.
  3. A lot of really good experienced promoters have gone out of speedway which is not good for the sport...they must have seen this dreadful situation was going to happen. Godfrey maybe be passionate about his club but I can assure He is certainly not an intelligent man. He is clueless. Along with his mate Chapman, another back woodsman, he has overseen the worst and most disastrous period in recent history of the sport. These two will go down as the fools that finished off speedway. IMO I think it’s too late but for the good of sport both he and Chapman should go.
  4. What a brilliant feature. A fantastic effort by a courageous star. Ricky will always be a hero at Sheffield Tigers and the other clubs he raced for. What is also amazing is a Speedway related item on main stream BBC One. I read something about this and Ricky in the Speedway Star a few weeks ago. I can only think the BBC must have picked it up from SS...so well done whoever did this at the SS or the BSPA press office.
  5. Speedtiger

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    Looking at these figures NO one in their right mind would want to own or invest in a Speedway club. It is clear the BSPA has brought this disastrous situation on themselves and I don’t see them finding a solution, it’s a shambles and plain madness. The mind boggles, even the clubs not showing substantial losses are only making peanuts.
  6. Speedtiger

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    Blimey, I thought the sport was in a bad state BUT this financial information is stunning...and NOT in a good way. Time to call in the liquidators...!!
  7. Spot on Steve...and there's the problem. We have a sport run effectively by two separate factions with very different views as to how the sport is promoted. First thing is to make the sport untied and ditch the us and them situation. Restructure or its finished.
  8. Which is commendable. The BSPA should have a coordinated marketing plan that can be implemented and consistently pushed forward by each club. The PR on speedway that eminates from Rugby and most clubs is very poor and amateur. Marketing and competition for the leisure pound is extremely fierce and very expensive...it isn’t a quick fix and gaining paying customers through the turnstiles requires sustained attention to detail and lots of hard work and vision.
  9. Agreed, it must go to one league and should have done years ago now. The sport bizarrely operates in 2 distinct entities...they even have separate meetings and discusstions at the AGM....and during the season...!!! I appreciate that 10-15 years ago the difference in rider quality between what was Elite (now Premier) League EL and Premier (now Championship) League PL BUT that could/can be balanced out, especially now the quality of riders in both leagues means there is very little difference between the Leagues. Historically the main issue (maybe still is) to forming one league was money. The Premier League clubs business model and pay structure, in the main, actually worked. Elite League business structure and rider pay became far too high and seriously inflated by Sky money which EL didn’t want to share with PL. Why would a PL club making money want to go in to EL and loose money...? Then when the TV money disappeared along with thousands of paying customers....bingo, disaster. It is clear that speedway is in a terminal state and needs to be radically restructured and the ‘product reinvented’ and vigorously promoted...this is the only way to attract more people and bring money into the sport....the $64,000 question is...has the BSPA the vision, courage and ability to do it...sadly history says NO.
  10. Agreed, of course the BSPA/Promoters, past and present, are ultimately responsible and to blame for the mess...and are paying a heavy price for their compliancy...BUT I feel your view, albeit technically correct, is rather protecting the guilty. Chairman Chapman and VC Godfrey are culpable as they are the two who should be driving the sport forward...BUT sadly they are driving speedway off a cliff. The BSPA administration of speedway is top down management and Chapman, in particular, is responsible for more than his fair share of catastrophic (engines to name but one) blunders. He is clearly a megalomaniac with the attention span and acumen of a goldfish along with Godfrey, his equally 'not so bright' sidekick. It is a fact that badly managed businesses eventually go bankrupted and the clueless twosome have disastrously presided over the speedways biggest decline for years and that has now seen the sport to be financially unsustainable with Clubs disastrously going bust each year, Clubs consistently loosing 6 figures sums per season, more Clubs (than is made public) are up for sale with zero chance of attracting a buyer...even Poole, arguably the most successful club in recent history, can not find a buyer. Seeing the crumbling state of speedway it is understandable that many promoters want to jump ship...as sadly the time to 'sort this mess out' lifeboat has sailed long-ago.
  11. I totally agree, sound sense, BUT these are NOT new problems that require solutions they have been in the sport for sometime...so why would the BSPA focus on getting things right now when they should and could have dealt with the issues over the past decade or so..? I'm not being defeatist only realistic but I'm not confident that the people running the sport have the awareness and acumen to change things...its NOT been in evidence that they can....in the main they are self serving and inwardly focused, incapable of looking to the future and understanding the problems and therefore devoid of implementing essential solutions. The plain fact is the business of speedway is now BUST but the basics and potential of the sport of speedway are as brilliant and exciting as ever, but sadly Chapman and Godfrey are NOT. They are asleep at the wheel and the sport and fans deserve better...will they get it, looking at the state of the speedway and reading the Godfrey SS article I'm NOT holding my breath.
  12. Spot on post Mikebv. Godfrey is frankly clueless and IMO speedway is beyond the point of NO return and things will sadly only get worse. Chapman, Godfrey and the BSPA have only themselves to blame. A great sport ruined by sheer incompetence.
  13. ...and that is my point. The sport has been run onto the ground by incompetent fools, who think they know best, to such a point that no one in their right minds would currently want to invest in speedway...either to own or even sponsor a club. This season will be just like the passed few and see the sport quickly slipping further into decline and more clubs going bust. As the SS financial fortunes are closely aligned to the sport I would have thought your journalists would have been asking some serious and pertinent questions of Godfrey and Chapman. I can only imagine the amount of worry and frustration You and the Staff at the SS have to see the sport in this perilous state.
  14. Individuals funding loss making clubs is why the sport is now in terminal decline. Speedway (currently) is a professional sport but mainly run by rank amateurs or enthusiasts with very little intelligence or business acumen. Godfrey and Chapman are living proof....and they and others are to blame and why the sport is bust. The stadium is a dump, the track is sort of okay but it’s hardly an oval, it’s a circle, throttle on blast round no technical ability required. Boring. Just saying.
  15. I agree. But the SS should be more objective and seriously question Godfrey on what he was saying. For what it’s worth my opinion is the sooner Godfrey and his mate Chapman get out of speedway the better. The sport will not improve under their pathetic ‘leadership’, they have presided over the worse period for sport in decades and are running the sport into the ground. I’ve been to Scunthorpe to watch the Tigers on many occasions and can not get over what dump the ‘stadium’ and ‘track’ are a disgrace to speedway. Most fans I speak and listen to say Godfrey is self serving and full of his own importance. I can not understand why the other promoters put up with them. For the good and future of speedway they should be booted out and quick. We’ve had enough.

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