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  1. Speedtiger

    Swindon Stadium

    There are lies, lies, dam lies and anything that comes out of TR’s mouth...this Swindon track situation is a proper farce and another shot in the foot of British speedway.
  2. Fair point. But surely they would have put the covers down as they wouldn’t have know that for certain mid afternoon?
  3. ...thanks rob. I was just getting ready to set off. Wonder why they didn’t use the track covers?
  4. ...don’t worry the BV track covers will save the day.
  5. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    Ok I can accept that but what is the problem with PC and BV then...?
  6. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    You are full of crap mate...why is PC not involved and welcome at BV then?
  7. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    Agreed. But the issue is the people at BV now probably don’t know the legend that is PC. Im aware a number of volunteers ex riders and helpers that don’t go to NSS because they don’t like the attitude of the people running BV as they are made to feel unwelcome.
  8. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    I agree Gunner and I also been told there’s a rift with PC and BV but what’s it all about surely it can be sorted out?
  9. Yes, a very good and interesting article by SS, reading between the lines it’s clear that Mort and Gordon, after all the hard work they put in, received some very bad treatment. Maybe there’s some more details to come out of this? From what I’m told Mort and PC don’t even speak to each other anymore.
  10. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    To answer your specific points...I don’t intend to go into the details of what was said but I had a conversation with Smith in the pits after a race meeting last season. Yes, he listened, sort of....but came across as clueless and had an arrogant attitude...but he promised to get back to me, he didn’t...so I emailed him in the closed season and I didn’t get a reply.
  11. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    Geoff, I'm NOT a troll despite what deluded ouch thinks, , I have been a loyal BV fan for over 40 years and the past few years a BV volunteer member of staff. As I live in Glossop I often go to watch Sheffield which I also enjoy. I have strong views and serious concerns based on facts about the way BV is run...it can NOT continue...I fear it will end in disaster. BTW what my name is on here is actually totally irrelevant.
  12. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    Fair point, I agree that speedway is in a seriously desperate state. But my point is the people running the club were reported to be experienced businessmen, they were to expected to make the club successful on and off the track but they have NOT done anything to improve and promote BV and NSS, which is without doubt the best track in the UK. Fact, crowds are down from 2016. Fact, financial accounts show massive losses. Fact, BV haven’t paid the full stadium rent according to the council. Fact, no new significant sponsors or partners. Rentruck and ATP have been sponsor partners of BV now for many seasons and well before Smith was appointment. Fact, BV don’t have a long term lease and only use the stadium for speedway and haven’t created any additional income. The stadium is now operated by the council.
  13. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    Well, we will see Geoff...we will see. I’m certainly not deluded, I’m a BV fan for over 40 years who pays his money and I’m being realistic, I’m entitled to my opinion. I have only stated the true facts about the current promotion. If you know or think different I’m happy to be put right.
  14. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    TBH I don’t share your view of the BV promoters business ability, certainly not in the world of speedway. As I have stated the NSS is the best speedway track and stadium in the UK by a mile and they have done nothing profitable with it. As for keeping rider pay in check that’s nonsense, by all accounts they have lost a small fortune somewhere in the order of £250k-£500k to date and according to the council notes not yet paid the full £300k a year rent for the stadium and alarmingly they have done nothing to increase the crowd, in fact the crowd has halved since 2016 season, nor have they brought in new or significant sponsors or any new ideas. Lemon is just an ex-rider and has no business experience, whilst Smith is, apparently, a insurance salesman with no business or speedway experience. If you think that they are the right people to be in charge of BV and they are running and controlling finances as a priority, you are seriously deluded. Fact, good business people make a profit...if not they go bust. Good business people don’t lose money just for fun!
  15. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    Cotton, Ummm! Once an Ace always (43 years) an Ace. What a coincidence, like me you live in Glossop!

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