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  1. Speedtiger

    TV new deal?

    As has been said by many before and proved right, I don’t think it matters who shows it...(certainly not on some obscure network)...live tv coverage is not the answer and will not be good for clubs or improve the sport unless tv companies are paying a substantial fee in excess of £1.5m...and then plus a huge amount of money invested in stadiums and presentation and sadly that will not happen. Whoever thinks just being on tv will save speedway is deluded. It hasn’t worked before and all the signs are it won’t work again. The hard fact is the combined losses of uk speedway clubs must be running into millions of pounds.
  2. Speedtiger

    Poole 2020

    It’s a brave move by MF but also clearly a desperate one with the club losing a serious lump of cash....it could be the last roll of the dice. I hope it pays off but no guarantee it will. Don’t think it will be the only bit of big news in the coming weeks!!
  3. Speedtiger


    I renewed mine as it far better and more convenient than trawling up to Tesco’s. The SS is one of the best sports mags going, it’s excellent but SS are clearly suffering with the terminal decline in speedway. I sympathise as that must be a serious worry for all the management and staff as they can not do much to stop the rot caused by the clowns that (so called) run the sport!
  4. Speedtiger

    Poole 2020

    Agreed Mike, but the fact is a TV deal is not the silver bullet and a ‘must have’ that speedway needs. The original Sky TV deal didn’t help stop the downward spiral of speedway, truth is Sky could see it coming and bailed out...and the pathetic BT TV deal doesn’t pay a significant amount of cash because they didn’t need to. A TV deal doesn’t bring in the much needed atmosphere of income generating fans through the turnstiles, in fact TV keeps them away! Take a look at a normal BT TV broadcast this season, if you were a company paying good money to advertise would you want your product to be associated with speedway? To reboot speedway the TV deal would have to be worth millions and then a huge amount invested in promoting and improving the product...and the spectator experience and redeveloping stadiums and frankly that won’t happen. The cold hard fact is speedway is bust and Poole and many other clubs, more than you think, are in a desperate financial state and up ‘for sale’ and not surprisingly there are NO takers!
  5. Speedtiger

    Poole 2020

    Agree, think you should take what MF says with a pinch of salt! A 75% saving dropping to CL is nonsense. If that was the case all clubs would be in CL...!!!
  6. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    I am a tigers and a aces fan, more aces now since Sheffield move race days. Because aces failed to make top 4 we have missed out on a meeting or 2. Strange I would have thought speedway fans wanted more meetings not less.?
  7. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Sure there is lots of good riders about who would like to earn a few quid, season goes to end Oct and it’s a long long winter and sure BV would want much needed cash. Ok there is Colts meetings but don’t think crowds are that good and won’t earn much cash.
  8. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Fair point. But if they put on a meeting with a good field, coz there lots of top riders about, maybe they would make some cash?
  9. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    After a early finish for the Aces why aren’t BV running some end of season challenge meetings for fans? Makes sense as fans who have season tickets have really been sort changed with BV failure to make play offs! We have riders and the stadium so should use it but seems odd and a bit like they can not be bothered.
  10. Speedtiger

    Big decisions in November.

    Speedway needs a radical and ruthless overhaul and a huge financial investment to rebrand and relaunch the sport....not tinkering and fiddled about with averages and one over 8, helmet cover colours, gardening at the tapes etc etc. they've done this and dumbed down the sport for a decade or too in a race to the bottom! Will things change? NO to late as sadly the sport has been driven over a cliff by clueless promoters, speedway is bust and I fear there’s no way back. The people running the sport have proved, as if fans didn’t no, that they do not have the capability!
  11. Speedtiger

    Ipswich 2019

    Yes Chris L is a smart chap. With any luck busters has been cleaned out and he gives up and go back to his cabbage patch KL and let in someone who knows what they are doing to run British speedway. I not holding me breath.
  12. Speedtiger

    Big decisions in November.

    Agreed with both. The calibre of people running the show = Buster Godfrey & Co are tbh useless. They couldn’t run a bath. They have proved to be totally incompetent. And before someone says that’s harsh take a look at the state of our sport. It’s completely knackered. Anyone who is anyone wouldn’t touch Speedway with a 20’ barge pole. More pain to come for fans and clubs that’s for sure.
  13. Speedtiger

    Big decisions in November.

    Spot on Gunner. And will things change for next year...NO! Sadly the sport is in terminal decline....and there’s nothing they will or can do to save it. The future of british club speedway is bleak, very bleak.
  14. Ahh thank you. Close though?
  15. Agree. Good speedway name, as I sure I herd we had a bv rider way back when called Palin?

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