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  1. That’s there problem, BV should run on a day that is best for them. They have been bullied into running on rubbish days by the clueless clowns at the BSPA. BV promoters should get there fingers out and stick up for the club. Full stop.
  2. I don’t agree, who gave Poland priority? It was BSPA who decided on clubs running on ‘fixed’ nights, oh except Swindon and oh and any other club who wanted to change when it suited them. It didn’t work and BV should have stood up and fought there case and run on Friday and/or Saturdays. Running on Monday’s and Thursdays will be the certain death of BV. That’s a fact.
  3. Agreed. As has been said I think the original plan was to run BV on Fridays-Saturdays but the new ‘promoters’ who don’t seem to know what they are doing decided or agreed rather stupidly to run meetings on Monday’s and Thursdays. No wonder BV is losing a fortune...and worryingly I don’t know how long it can carry on like this. We fans deserve better.
  4. Agreed. They are a disgrace and have irreparably damaged the sport and should be booted out...will that happen...NO.
  5. What a poor attendance tonight which once again proves the BV ‘promoters’ are frankly useless. Smith and Lemon are just hired hands picking up wages and have no idea of how to run a speedway club. As you say Mike they don’t promote the club or any meetings, they are lazy and complacent. British speedway is in terminal decline and the same goes for BV. The deluded people running the sport and clubs are 100% to blame, not the fans or the fans who have had enough and walked away. Badly run businesses more often than not go bust and that’s what’s happening to Speedway. The plain truth is the future for the sport is very bleak and sadly more clubs will go to the wall this year.
  6. Speedtiger

    Chapman Trinity

    You can not turn the clock back, sadly I think it’s too late...the opportunities to restructure the sport have long gone. Speedway is in an uncontrolled tail spin and I believe it is beyond recovery. The sport is bust and there’s not a silver bullet that will save it. The people in charge are totally incompetent. TV money should have been used to promote and build the sport and not greedily pocketed by self serving TR or squandered on unsustainable rider pay. TV money will never return.
  7. Speedtiger

    Chapman Trinity

    IMO Chapman is a clueless numpty. He couldn’t run a bath! He’s been chairman of the BSPA and overseen the biggest decline in British Speedway in recent years. Chapman and his useless sidekick are arrogant and don’t listen or understand the fans and are totally incapable of improving the sport. If you ignore your customers, they will eventually ignore you. Speedway and loyal fans deserves better!
  8. Speedtiger

    Poole 2019

    Good question! I hear people saying uk speedway admission is generally overpriced and should be £10. But compared with other sports £18 to £22 range is good value. The track and racing at BV is so good I think the admission is very fair. I certainly don’t think the admission cost is to blame for the mess Speedway is in!
  9. Speedtiger

    Poole 2019

    Agreed. Don’t blame Nigel and Kel as they have to be positive on air but they know better than most the true desperate state of British Speedway. Actually all the club promoters know what a sorry state the sports in as they are losing hard cash but they are to blame and frankly haven’t got a clue how to get out of the mess they have created. British Speedway has been on a slippery slope for a while now but more recently run firmly into the ground by Chapman & Co. There are few clubs, if any, making money and are unsustainable and therefore unsaleable. Who would want to invest in a speedway club now? Fact, MF is only at Poole because he can not sell the club. Belle Vue have the best stadium and track in the UK and are losing and large fortune. Madness.
  10. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue vs Mildenhall 10/06/2019

    I didn’t suggest for a second that track covers would save this particular meeting. I was only asking where they are..! Looking at the weeks forecast they may be needed for this’s Thursday.
  11. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue vs Mildenhall 10/06/2019

    I think it’s off now mr cotton. Strange call this as it’s fine here! What happened to the track covers BV was getting?
  12. Speedtiger

    Poole 2019

    If Poole is losing money as article in SS says then might be why MF has not got the cash to spend on the track? Is the club still up for sale..?
  13. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    I think thats a little harsh. I met Mick once down at the Bees and he was really helpful and went out of his way to let us get riders autographs for my nephew. Wonder what he’s doing now...is he still involved in speedway?
  14. Speedtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    Not 100% sure what you mean? The Council have to be above board and squeaky clean surely? Tax payers money! The dodgy business history of Mr Southwell should have been flagged up? Looking on Google at the information on Southwell would have set off alarm bells and it seems BV and NSS are clearly not in such safe hands!

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