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  1. Shrub

    Ipswich 2020

    Not naive or unrealistic at all. He is a world class GP rider and as such should have had no problems at all scoring big points from day one, especially when considering the standard he was racing against. If you're saying that a short stint, lack of racing in the UK and unfamiliarity of Foxhall meant that his scores were always going to be lower than what could be expected then what was the point of the switch? It was a bold move by Ipswich which I fully applaud but it wasn't as successful as hoped, he didn't live up to expectations. That said, fully agree that he would be a bargain on that average, just can't see him doing the UK next year.
  2. Shrub

    Ipswich 2020

    Don't quite get why so many want Iversen back. Rode nowhere near his true ability in his short time in Witches colours and to me was a disappointment. In the very unlikely event he was to come back to the UK it will be with perennial losers Lynn.
  3. At the beginning of the season I stated that we were 'promoted' into a Micky Mouse League we shouldn't touch with a barge pole, were bought out by a clueless idiot who's one of the worst things to happen to British speedway and had a side that would be cannon fodder for the rest. I still stand by the first two but so happy to be proved 100% wrong about the last one. Last night was the best I've known the atmosphere to be at Ipswich in ages, a few decent races thrown in as well and all seven of the Witches had at least one stand out moment during the meeting. A real team effort, wouldn't like to single any one rider out but special mention to James Sarjeant for his bravery in heat 14 and the important pass in heat two. So, onto the final where we will race for a tinpot trophy that's not worth a hill of beans. Am I looking forward to it? Oh yes!! Bring it on!
  4. Shrub

    Ipswich v Swindon 5/9/19

    Looked that way to me and to most of the people near us
  5. Shrub

    Ipswich v Swindon 5/9/19

    Agree with this completely. Right result for both sides. Nice of King to let Batchelor past in the last heat to give Swindon their point.
  6. Shrub

    Ipswich vs Poole 29/08/19

    I have, and think what the f@ck were they actually watching?
  7. Shrub

    Ipswich vs Poole 29/08/19

    Perhaps you need to take your rose tinted glasses off.... If the positions were reversed and an Ipswich rider had got up and let the race continue there would have been uproar. It's only seen as cheating when the other side does it. Long standing fans still laugh about the time when Kevin Jolly done exactly the same thing at King's Lynn back in the 70's, when the league was actually a meaningful competition. That did win us the match back then. What Kurtz did made no difference to the result, we gated on a 5-1 in the re-run but Holder easily got by King in the only genuine pass of the match. What was more depressing was that a good crowd had turned up, positive new signings in the Witches camp and a genuine must win scenario only to find that yet again they were given a total pile of crap to race on. Dust after 4 heats, no extra water put down, nothing round the outside, just the usual gate and go you get at Ipswich these days. The close scoreline made for a good atmosphere but how much better it would have been if there was some decent racing to go with it. At the end of the day the better side won.
  8. Shrub

    Thank u Buster

    Pigeons certainly need lessons on nest building though I have to say their plumage always look immaculate. Gulls indeed always look tidy which is remarkable considering the crap they eat. A casual acquaintance and I were wondering today who picks up guide dog poo?
  9. Shrub

    1976 GBL and NNL Body Colours YouTube Video

    A warm, nostalgic trip down memory lane! A minor correction to the Ipswich one, it had a black border, roughly the same width as the the Cradley one. Don't they look far more impressive than today's bland race suits which often feature colours that don't relate at all to the side's history and club motifs that need a telescope to be seen?
  10. Agree with most of this, (especially the bit about the Stars not being one of the top teams!). I would say on the whole the racing of today is on a par with the past but then as now it's certain tracks that consistently produce good racing. There were some shocking tracks back in the 70's , Newport and Bristol instantly spring to mind and plenty of strung out races just like today.
  11. I certainly don't think the racing was any better back in the 70's, just certain tracks are much poorer these days. As many posters have mentioned the bigger crowds and atmosphere generated made it all seem so much more exciting. Though by no means perfect the league was bigger meaning more variety, top star names only visited once or twice a year, giving more incentive to go and the whole package looked more credible; it seemed worth winning back then. The regional early season warm up competition the Spring Gold Cup had more teams in it than the whole top league does now! Though back then as now the usual consequence of winning the league is the break up of the championship winning side...
  12. Popped along last night. Very good result for the Witches, even better that the Stars ended up with nothing despite it being pretty tight until the end. However the 'racing' was dire. All decided by the second bend apart from three occasions, when Cook barged his way past Heeps in the last heat, Lawson nipping past Lambert whilst he was looking round for King and the best race of the night, the battle for third between Jorgensen and Procter in heat three, half a straight behind the Witches pair. Anyone trying a blast round the outside simply went backwards, just one line, follow the leader stuff. It meant yet another long drive home feeling that I hadn't been entertained and why did I bother. Good results are important but the racing has got to be the main reason for going. If it was just about the result you might as well sit at home and use the excellent update service.
  13. Shrub


    Though I have always disliked the guest system it never stopped me from going, it did effect the credibility of the league, even as a ten year old I could work out it wasn't right but the thrill of the racing over-rided that. Plenty of people within the sport made a lot of noise in the 70's concerning guests, but nothing was done as it was the easiest way of covering for missing riders. However Ipswich, one of, if not the most successful sides of the 1970's achieved all their trophies and titles despite their total refusal to use guests, showing that it could be done. Nowadays, older, less easily impressed and more cynical than that ten year old I can hardly be bothered to drag myself along to watch. As Chunky said there are many reasons for the decline in support. For my part I could point to the proliferation of guests, the flexible rulebook, the poor standard of racing at Ipswich these days, Chapman hijacking the club and other gripes for my non-attendance but in reality it is because I am older and more cynical and can see that they are racing for a title that's not worth winning in a league that lacks any credibility. I still get a buzz from watching great racing but the team element of speedway in the UK, to me, is pointless. Only took me 40 odd years to work that out, mind!
  14. Is it just me thinking that this thread sums up the sorry state of speedway when virtually all the talk on here is about the use of guests?
  15. Shrub

    Chapman Trinity

    Chapman only did what he did because he hasn't the wit or wisdom to carry out the root and branch restructuring the sport desperately needed, instead he's enabled the many times failed premiership model to carry on for a little longer until it goes t!ts up again. Have said before I think this will put the long term future of Ipswich (and Peterborough) in serious jeopardy. No one was looking long term when this ridiculous deal was made.

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