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  1. Shrub

    What are they doing now?

    I was at the meeting at Ipswich which ended Hans' career. As has probably been mentioned on here before it was the most innocuous looking gentle slide into the fence but his back hit one of the small wooden supports that held up the collapsible safety fence. The fans on the terraces were wondering what was going on, shouting 'get up' as they usually do when it looks like a rider's making a meal of it but that soon changed when the ambulance was called on. Still considered as the accident with the worst outcome at Ipswich on the 'new' track inside the old one.
  2. Never thought about it that way but you're right, if it had happened say last year they certainly wouldn't have published it. Different sensitivities 40 years ago? I think John Berry re-produced it in his first book, along with the photo's of Shrimp's hand after the crash that cost him a couple of fingers and thumb.
  3. Yes, still makes me wince just thinking of that photo
  4. Tony Davey broke his thigh for the second time, both times through no fault of his own, three days before his testimonial. Also ended his career.
  5. Shrub

    Help Lynn win something

    Blimey, having to choose between King's Lynn and Liverpool! It's like being asked if you'd rather be shot or hung!
  6. Nah, just a sublime move, I'm sure he had at least one eye open! From memory (it was 45 years ago, bloody hell!) it was a typical move with a few elbows that you saw most weeks up and down the country and I don't recall the Oxford pair complaining or having words with Billy afterwards. Most teams had one or two in their side who loved that side of the racing, Billy was always up for a bit of that and the other Witch handy with his elbows at that time was Ted Howgego. Ted had the most ungainly style of any rider I've seen, was difficult to pass as no one knew where he was going, least of all Ted and was pretty fearless. Going back to the Ipswich v Oxford match Gordon Kennett let you down, usually very good round Foxhall but failing to score that night but a real thorn in the Witches side was John Dews, who I think scored double figures.
  7. In the 1975 season Ipswich had their first two or three home matches rained or snowed off and eventually started the season cold with a league match against Oxford, who on paper weren't great shakes at Foxhall and were usually on the wrong end of a 50 something to twenty something scoreline. It was a wet night and Oxford, who I think had a few matches already under their belts, lead from the start and went into heat 13 37-35 up. Shrimp Davey, just the fella for such occasions and an out of touch Billy Sanders who I think had only scored three up to then, against the in form Dag Lovaas and Richard Hellsen. As expected Shrimp shot from the gate and was gone, but Lovaas and Hellsen team rode Sanders out until the last bend when Billy dived under one and rounded the other to bring the house down. I still remember the roar of the crowd! And Ipswich won the league by one point. What a difference that last bend by Billy made!
  8. Shrub

    How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    The ban on crowds outdoors in sports stadium looks even more crackers when tickets for the Royal Choral Society's Christmas show at the Royal Albert Hall have just gone on sale, with up to 3,000 able to attend!
  9. As an add on to the 1977 Belle Vue - Ipswich clashes, Tony Davey scored 0 from 4 in the first match and a 12 point maximum in the next!
  10. Not really sure how to title this one! What I mean is what examples are there of meetings between two sides on the same track in the same season which have produced hugely opposite results. It came to mind when chatting to my Dad at the weekend, the conversation always turns to speedway and meetings we attended. He remembered from 1977 Belle Vue v Ipswich, KO Cup in early summer ending 59-19 to BV. The league match in September ended 26-52 (PC wasn't riding). Not quite so big a swing, the same two sides in 1984 league 55-23 to BV, six weeks later in the Cup Final 33-45 to Ipswich. So a 40 point loss turned into a 26 point win. Are there any better?
  11. Shrub

    British Speedway to be reborn??

    You're right, no comparison between then and now. The only thing the same is King's Lynn are still waiting to win the league...
  12. Shrub

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    You've got the wrong county! That's Norfolk with the extra digits. If you want to use tired, old, unoriginal cliches about Suffolk people you need to post about tractors and farmyard animals.
  13. Yes the Tiger was an accomplished scrambler as it was called back then before his transition to speedway. Remember him telling me that experience helped him immensely at one or two tracks, particularly Somerton Park! Many of the all conquering Witches side of the 70's came from a scrambling/motorcross background. One exception, a little later was Jeremy Doncaster who came from a grasstrack background and was European Champion sometime in the early 80's
  14. Shrub

    Corona virus

    You're right, that paragraph was a general response to all of the day' posting's, not meant to be aimed at you personally. I should have placed it in a separate posting.
  15. Shrub

    Corona virus

    I'm genuinely sorry to hear of the circumstances of your father's death ianb, however having now read the full exchanges on pages 21 and 22 it's clear that Bwitcher was referring to flu and not your father's death.

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