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  1. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    Only time Redcar came close was under Taylor as he didn’t pay the bills, still had a crowd and a good track. Havelock may have seen the team as regular wooden spoonists but it was never close to closing as he ran it within its budget, unlike many these days it seems. Redcar have thrived since he left with new management and a more positive attitude since 2017.
  2. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    and ignore dangerous tracks ? as that is all this boils down too……lack of proper track preparation .
  3. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    Redcars ‘ cash cow ‘ is the fact that the club is run correctly and puts its track top of its priorities, hence a large crowd every week. Perhaps someone at Birmingham might like to take note.
  4. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    They don’t race on the terraces though. Cant blame Redcar or any other team for lack of professionalism. As recent photos and video clips show, the track looks good, if your in front, terrible for everyone else, including the dust covered fans who can’t even see who finished where. I accept you supporting your team but it doesn’t make it a well run club.
  5. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    I think lack of track preparation ( again !) killed any chance of Birmingham running next season.
  6. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    So one rider rides better than you expect and therefore everything is hunky dorie ? The club would not have done the extensive track work if it was only Redcar complaining. The ref also agreed to the track work being done. The biggest complainers were the amateurish Birmingham promoters who have proved their ineptitude once again. If you can’t prepare a half decent , safe, race track , because of “ lack of time “, then don’t try and promote speedway !
  7. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    Your just believing the Birmingham hype. If you were in the pits you would have heard the two home riders complaining .
  8. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    How about supporting a team that produces a good race track……week, after week, after week ?
  9. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    Just an example of track conditions previously at this track.
  10. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    Doesn’t mean it’s a safe track.
  11. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    Still problems with track prep ?
  12. Fortythirtyeight

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    Just hope the water cart works and no one gets injured.
  13. Fortythirtyeight

    **** Van and Bikes stolen in Middlesbrough ****

    Bikes and van recovered ( van damaged ) but he lost everything else, riding kit, tools, etc , probably around £2000 plus worth.
  14. Fortythirtyeight

    Belle Vue -V- Sheffield (Eurosport) Monday 06/09

    But it’s the same riders bar 2?
  15. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    My point exactly.
  16. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    But first you need a piece of land that you can actually run speedway on with council permission and that my friend is the major stumbling block.
  17. Fortythirtyeight

    03/09/21 1930 Redcar v Kent (Champ)

    Did you say such things when you had young Bickley in your side ?
  18. No pay rates involved as it’s a set prize/wage depending on where you finish in the field and the winner will be lucky to see a few hundred quid. No fee to the BSPL involved for this meeting. If you can pull 300 or more crowd you should be in profit.
  19. Fortythirtyeight

    New Junior League 2021

    No one said “forced “….. “told “ was the word used and told he was, even told which company he had to go to to get it. A gullible youngster believing what he was told by a promoter who gained an asset but didn’t deliver on the promises, no team place as no team was even put together as no such ‘ league ‘ appeared.
  20. Fortythirtyeight

    Why speedway is failing

    Been discussed numerous times…..they never turned up .
  21. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Didn’t ‘ Save it ‘ as I doubt the brothers would have closed it but certainly brought it out of the deep rut it was in. The new trio have built on his philosophy and are doing a great job of it.
  22. Fortythirtyeight

    Birmingham v Poole. 1st September 2021

    Because that’s how Birmingham roll….
  23. Fortythirtyeight

    New Junior League 2021

    As this promised league has failed to materialise will all those riders who signed as a club asset on the promise of getting rides in this league have their contracts cancelled and possibly refunded for the club race suit they were told to buy ? Answers on a postcard to the BSPL office.
  24. Fortythirtyeight

    Plymouth v Newcastle Tuesday 31st August

    Not sure who you think will want to move ‘ up ‘ when the likes of Poole only just came ‘ down ‘. Those clubs currently in the championship are there because that’s where they want to be, they won’t move ‘ up ‘ and won’t want a much weakend product although getting rid of the likes of Nicholls, Harris, Andersen , Masters, Morris, etc is a must and will save the clubs a lot on wages.

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