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  1. 13 hours ago, tellboy said:

    See him there,a massive improvement on Kerr but well too late to save our season.

    If Kerr is riding tomorrow night he shouldn't be allowed near Lynn again treating the club like that.He has to remember how many years Lynn have stuck by him,when on many,many occasions he could and really should have been dropped from the team.

    Onto tonight we never really had one rider stand out to hit a big score,and were totally outscored at reserve which is where we lost it.This team was built to have a strong reserve.Well we will have a strong reserve next week now it's all to late.Well as the fans knew last week after the loss to Wolves"they think it's all over,it is now".They might try to big it up as if we are still in with a shout.


    So when your told your being sacked , but please ride in the next match and be happy about it. 
    Really ?

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    I have nothing against any of the riders for taking the booking and don't blame them but its poor from Brum. Poole will face the brunt of this due to big pay outs and likely lower attendance. If this isn't a case for fielding an under strength side then i don't know what is? It must be better to go to the BSPL and say we contacted x number of riders, they all said no so we have no team for tonight. 

    But they haven't all said no, that’s how they have come up with this team. Poole only have so many dates for home matches available and so would be keen to get the fixture completed. You will have noticed Redcar couldn’t come with a guest for their fixture at Scunthorpe ? Because those that may have been available are already booked to guest elsewhere? but with the over complicated, but bendy, rulebook that exists it’s neigh on impossible to give this sport any credibility.


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  3. 13 hours ago, IronScorpion said:

    It would be nice for those "not in the know" to be given this information rather than some smart arse from redcar in the know. Nothing on scunny twitter.

    Wasn’t difficult, just looked on the appropriate site and ‘bingo’ , as it seems a lot of others did (see above ) but then that’s what a smart arse would do rather than put an appeal out on here for someone else to do the work for them.


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  4. 1 hour ago, Tosh1218 said:

    Does anyone know the expected line ups for tomorrow’s fixture at Scunthorpe ,it’s 24 hours to tapes up and still no definite line ups for the jubilee trophy ??

    Both teams have announced their lineups .

  5. On 7/24/2022 at 8:09 PM, Rotfs said:

    Couldn't pay his Vat bill but can Co sponsor another tracks meeting. 

    Does pose the question where the monies come from? Always seemed to be on holiday/cruises if memory serves. 

    He was never asked to pay a ‘ VAT bill’ and he can’t sponsor a meeting at Newcastle because someone closed it down.

    As far holidays I have no doubt he had to pay for them too and I’ve no doubt the money will come out of his bank account which would have been a little healthier once he sold his part share of the Diamonds.

    But you obviously think differently ?

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  6. Results
    22 April Redcar         23- 13 Teesside
    29 April Teesside         12- 24 Redcar
    13 May  Teeside          18-18  Berwick
    20 May  Armadale         5-29 Redcar
    21 May  Berwick          18-18 Redcar
      1 July  West Lothian 20-15 Berwick 
      2 July   Berwick           26-10 Teesside
      8 July   Armadale        16-20 Teesside
      8 July   Redcar             23-12 Berwick
    22 July   Armadale          7-26 Berwick
      Pl W D L F A Pts
    Redcar Erimus Insurance 5 4 1 0 117 60 9
    Berwick Speedway Academy 6 2 2 2 115 96 6
    Teesside  FIP Consulting Tigers 5 1 1 3 73 107 3
    West Lothian 1 1 0 0 20 15 2
    Armadale Angels 3 0 0 3 28 75 0


  7. 23 hours ago, bloom89 said:

    I thought Jody Scott was unlucky in heat 2 I wasn't sure he moved in the original staging of the race and then the rerun ref seemed to hold the tapes for an eternity and then it looked like Kelly moved before Scott, and was Kelly under power when the red lights went on?

    Some decisions were open to debate and certainly caused comment amongst the competitors in the bar.

  8. 16 hours ago, crescent girl said:

    George English was very much in evidence at Redcar during the meeting, maybe he helped arrange the deal?

    As he has been for most of the season only this time he was co- sponsor of the meeting and there in official capacity as part of the SCB, and no, he had nothing to do with the deal.

  9. 20 minutes ago, phillipsr said:

    Odd signing for Redcar that unless they get a fee for loaning him to NL clubs 

    Nothing odd about it at all Redcar have been expanding their asset base for the last few seasons and now have the likes of Edwards, Jenkins and now Freeman all on token sums, to join a couple of local youngsters previously signed but not yet good enough for the NDL. This probably won’t be the last youngster they sign. The club is well known for looking after the younger ones and runs two junior sides and weekly second halfs plus the amateur meetings and practice sessions.

    Something perhaps other clubs could/ should be doing ?.

    They won’t get a fee on loans to NDL clubs.

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  10. 10 hours ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    The cause of and solution to all of Buxtons/Speedways/Lifes problems.......

    .....all im saying is that there are plenty of venues that can/could have been run sustainably and there are clubs operating similar models that make it work. Venues without over baring and over charging landlords have a far better footing from the off.

    Now your sounding like you need to be chairman of the BSPL.

  11. 39 minutes ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    Crowds will come if the product on offer is decent. Riders didn't care that they stepped into the changing rooms at Buxton and then there feet were directly on the floor, they cared that the track was dodgy and that a great lump of concrete kept poking out of turn 1 every meeting. If that was dug out over a winter, the track re-laid with the equipment and offers of help that were there the rest could have sorted itself. Offer regular second half rides to emerging youngsters with the chance to progress to the main team and a conveyor belt begins. Finances might have been tight but a weekend track for a rider starting out is a huge lure. 

    There are problems that all track face but with more clubs looking at venues away from established stadia and pricey landlords Buxton was ahead of its time, with a little more open minded approach the club could still be running sustainably now.

    Sounds like your the answer to all Buxton’s problems.

  12. On 7/18/2022 at 10:56 PM, Sings4Speedway said:

    Buxtons major problem (apart from Pipe) was that it refused to accept it was any different to other clubs and refused to approach things in a different way. If they had been forever open that the track isnt the greatest, we don't pay much but we are loyal to our riders it would have gone a huge way. Instead they were generally belligerent and chopped riders in and out the sides constantly. A weekend track with training and second half options could have churned out riders year after year but instead "we know best" closed a venue that was potentially ahead of its time.

    Oh ! So lack of crowds and finance had nothing to do with it ? Thanks for clearing that up.

    sounds like Rob Grant was in charge.

  13. 1 hour ago, gazzac said:

    I'll put my old record on again ( sorry for the umpteenth time ) but we had the perfect NL back in 2015/18 and was some where near the true level of middling British speedway, certainly for the likes of Birmingham and Eastbourne, ideal for Newcastle/Workington/ IOW etc as well, need to get back to that level, whether it's current NL+ or Championship lite. 

    Yes, the good old days when a number of NL clubs paid certain riders Championship wages , yes, that’s the way forward , get rid of the likes of Buxton , the only club paying their riders the agreed rates but could not compete with the Birminghams, Eastbourne’s, Cradleys etc.

    There needs to be a balance. There wasn’t one then, there isn’t one now. It’s gone from one end of the spectrum to the other.

    Will it ever change?

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  14. In the early 70’s I was there before the turnstiles opened at 6:30. Once opened, bought my programme and ran off to the 1 st floor seating in the Resteraunt/bar area to get our seats opposite the starting gate. Read the programme and then off to the track shop to purchase the Speedway Star and the Mail, check out the away programmes and badges on offer and purchase a favourite riders photograph or even rosette hoping to get it autographed in the bar after the meeting.

    Now, get to the track earlyish so I can get a cuppa .

    Oh how times have changed.


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  15. Recent results with necessary amendments regarding ineligible riders points deducted.

    Newcastle results expunged.


    22 April Redcar         23- 13 Teesside
    29 April Teesside         12- 24 Redcar
    13 May  Teesside          18-18  Berwick
    20 May  Armadale         5-29 Redcar
      1 July  West Lothian 20-15 Berwick 
      8 July   Armadale        16-20 Teesside
      8 July   Redcar             23-12 Berwick

  16. 12 minutes ago, Fina said:

    I have not tried to follow the NJL before this year and I do not understand why they  have a rider in the team whose points do not count.

    What would be the reason for that?


    For whatever reason the team concerned are unable to field a full legible side so can use an ineligible rider to complete the side but his/her points will not count in the overall result. So, if a ineligible rider finishes second in a race then the riders finishing behind him will be promoted into the appropriate  scoring positions .

    On this occasion a rider who’s average is above 3 in the NDL prior to the start of the season was used therefore his points do not count. I assume he was used due to rider unavailability or injuries.

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  17. 6 minutes ago, edmon said:

    The scores I gave were those I agreed with the referee who is also the league co-ordinator last night.  He obviously adjusted the score later.

    Where can we find the referee's programme?

    Public can’t, you need a password. He will have recorded what actually occurred and then worked it out later….it took me some doing when I checked it !


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