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  1. 1 hour ago, ljriley90 said:

    Heres one left of field.

    Not the german youd have thought but norrick blodorn has just signed for belle vue.

    Could he be a shout? Anyone know what his assessed average would be? I assume he will be on a 4 at belle vue

    Rides poland and only 17, tipped for big things

    Im not suggesting at number 1 but possibly to rider at number 4

    1 hour ago, ljriley90 said:

    He turned down other championship clubs stating he doesn’t want to ride in two divisions due to his already busy schedule so don’t count on that changing.

  2. 2 hours ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    Obviously the "plan" to create positions in CL teams so riders were forced to move up and out of the NDL has been scrapped rather than expanded (because it was poorly thought out once again) but there still could have been dare i say it "sensible restrictions" placed upon team building in both NDL and CL. Its been seen time and time again when a 2/3 point reserve takes to the track with a 10+ heatleader and surprise surprise the racing is processional. If the Upper cap of averages was limited it would force the level of riders to be closer together and just might create better racing and development of riders. 

    If the cap was a 10 point average then only two riders would have been ineligible from the NL (Gilkes & Thompson) if it was 9 those two plus Kinsley and Jenkins would be forced to move on. Hardly dramatic but would keep rider ability levels closer together. 

    Which would the lead to average fixing so not an answer at all ( yes, it has gone on ).

     The NDL is supposed to be a ‘ development ‘ league not a ‘ boost your earnings ‘ league so, if your good enough , move up a league and give another ‘ novice ‘ a chance of a team place in the NDL. There’s riders already declared in the NDL AND Championship who say their disappointed to not yet have a Premiership place, which is ridiculous. We only have a small amount of NDL teams so a small amount of places to develop , so let’s use them wisely.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Islander15 said:

    When you put it like that it does sound nonsensical. But I think the thing we don’t know at the minute is how will the Premiership number 8s really play out. Sheffield’s number 7 might not get injured and Thompson might never ride or can he fill in incase of loss of form?

    Typical speedway…..we don’t know how it will work and neither do the people who brought it in, it will just get made up when it suits them .

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  4. On 1/6/2022 at 12:09 PM, Gambo said:

    I disagree about the negative PR bit. Although Dan (and others) are named as #8 for PL sides, they are not guaranteed any outings!

    So Dan (and others) are predominately going to be CL & NDL riders with the occasional PL outing.

    Are you saying that Dan (and others) should miss out on potentially 10+ confidence boosting NDL meetings in favour of a few (if any) PL meetings?

    To be fare to ‘ Ghosty ‘ he/she makes a good point. We are expecting a complete novice new to the NDL , who may race once a fortnight if he’s lucky to then race against a rider who turns out twice a week in the championship and perhaps once a week against Grand Prix standard riders?

    Trying to get new fans is hard enough when you say our rider ‘X’ also rides for another team in a higher/ lower division ?

    Theres an imbalance there that you simply cannot explain to non speedway folk with any sense of credibility.

  5. 20 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

    You've missed the cost of a mechanic either fulltime £??? or on the night only £50 - £100.

    80% of ‘ mechanics ‘ ( and a lot of them are kidding themselves to be called that ) do it for a pie and a pint. Most are ‘ mates ‘ and do it for the love of the sport, there are some very good ones out there but they know the state of the sport and usually the rate ‘their’ rider is on and don’t charge such silly fees.

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  6. 21 minutes ago, mikebv said:

    Cannot remember which forum contributor it is who sponsors riders but a fair while ago he mentioned that one NDL/Championship rider he sponsored was looking at £25k a season (minimum) in running costs...

    Wasnt a "big name" either... 

    Then he’s spending too much on fancy vans, expensive engine tuners,  too many bikes or even ‘ team merchandise’ !

  7. 1 hour ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    So rough numbers using the 50 meetings quoted so 50 x £500 = 25k

    50 meetings ave 5 races a meeting = 250 races. Engine service every 35 races = 7 services a year £500 per service = £3500

    2 x Bikes to start the season less engines 5k each so current running total £13,500. 

    Then throw in kit like boots, helmets, undersuits if all fresh another 2k so around £15,000 thus far. 

    Then its running costs a set of clutch plates will be £100-160 (depends what he uses) and is likely changed every 1-2 meetings so anything from £2500-8000

    Then of course there is all the other running costs, items that get bent, broken along the way, engine blow ups etc that need to be accounted for.

    If Lawson sources his own van that will have costs attached also so its not overly hard to see how the costs can rapidly add up for a better end UK based rider.

    Oh and of course there is around 6k on hairbands, shampoo and conditioner after ever meeting :D


    He will be very fortunate to get 50 meetings in the UK unless he’s the most popular guest in both divisions and to be that he would have to be a lot cheaper than your wage estimates !

    Richard is not a greedy lad but you appear to be making it out he demands high wages. Whilst every rider deserves as much as can get , please don’t make figures up just for impact.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    Lawson has already said himself that how he races costs £500 a meeting (far from unrealistic) so he is clearly on a touch more than that, plus fuel money and a tenner for a big mac on the way home.

    As your obviously an expert as you claim £500 is “far from unrealistic “ perhaps you could explain how you come to that decision ?




  9. 34 minutes ago, Skidder1 said:

    I meant it rhetorically!  If a club has the choice of more than one rider on similar averages for a team place, then they will tend to opt for the club asset if there is one rather than pay another loan fee to another rider's club.

    Not necessarily true. If the ‘ asset ‘ is not ‘ fancied by the owners then coughing up a few hundred for a rider they do ‘ fancy ‘ then that’s what will happen. There’s also the case of the ‘asset’ not wishing not to ride for his owners, Loads of examples of that in the past.

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  10. Not sure why everybody’s getting their knickers in a twist over ‘ guarantees ‘. These can take many forms, i.e. a minimum guarantee mainly used for low average riders so they at least know they can cover their expenses. There’s an ‘ average ‘ guarantee, guaranteed payment upto your average and then a ‘ bonus ‘ for scoring extra points. They come in many forms, one club paid all 7 riders a ‘ guarantee wage ‘ so that he knew what his wage bill would be each match.

    It’s up to the promoter how he comes up with a deal and nothing to do with the rest of us.

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  11. 1 hour ago, IronScorpion said:

    No. What made a difference was their Top loaded heat leaders increasing by 2+, Nielsen by .5+, reserves improving & their USE OF GUESTS for riders who had not ridden for them. I can not remember this rule used before but well done Poole.

    Any chance of this going back to being a Redcar thread and not a Basso fall out thread?

  12. 9 hours ago, Nickinho said:

    Why are so few people talking Redcar up for the title? The team looks really good.

    Because titles aren’t won on paper and Redcar fans don’t get carried away on forums , they are just happy to have a good team, a great track and an improving set up.

    A strong team, same as last season , certain to be in the play offs but you need luck , no injuries and form at the right time to win titles. Good to see them giving two young British lads the reserve spots.

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  13. 36 minutes ago, Deano said:

    And the reason they struggle a dwindling dying fan base. Every track closure loses hundreds of fans and a promoter until they both become too small to support anything. We had money from TV coming in until the recent deal, money that went back out the sport none invested and kept in the sport. 

    Exactly ! So why did you suggest a BSPL run ‘new club’ when they are struggling to keep their own individual clubs afloat ? The same people who failed to invest in the sport are still , in the majority, running the sport as the few , new, promotions with new ideas have no say in how it’s run so nothing is going to change hence the 2022 set up being the same as 2021 .

    Nothing will change till it implodes and then, hopefully , gets a complete overhaul.

  14. 17 hours ago, Deano said:

    In the speedway world if a single promotion isn’t prepared to take a risk and a punt on their life savings, no new tracks like at Burton will appear. If though a collective BSPL shared promotion could be agreed and take 50% of the start up costs, more tracks might appear.

    You think the BSPL have any cash for such a project or even the combined will to actually do something collectively for the ‘ good of the sport ‘ when most of them are struggling to keep their own clubs running ?

  15. 7 hours ago, steve roberts said:

    That's just on your right before you approach the junction to Moor Monkton (surprised it's not been used for a Grasstack event?) The Trotting track is opposite the petrol garage (Kirk Hammerton) as you turn right towards Nun Monkton. I visited once and was quite a spectacle but it's something I would do only the once...closest thing to chariot racing I guess?

    The trotting track hosted the Long track meeting which Ivan and many other stars featured in, including Peter Collins, Don Godden, Simon Wigg etc.

    The A.C.U. have looked at the facility in recent times but it hasn’t gone any further.

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  16. 2 hours ago, ch958 said:

    wonder what happen to Avonmouth, the RSPB seemed to have been satisfied and there's no houses nearby.

    Oh and the guy who said 'cloudcukooland' - well Redcar happened, Worky is coming along, Oxford are back, things may be happening at Brum, Easty, Rye House. Never give up.

    The thread is existing ‘ Stadiums ‘, that could host speedway, Redcar wasn’t a stadium, Northside ( Workington ) is not a stadium, both built from scratch on waste land.

  17. Let’s get a bit of perspective here, this is a press release saying….” We will be doing the same thing as we did last year, picking our own preferred  ‘ youngsters ‘ and telling some other ‘ youngster ‘ your the non useable number eight for the night. We say we are going to have a junior league , same as we said last year, but we didn’t bother with it really and we may or may not bother again this year”

    Lets wait and see what actually comes out in the wash.


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  18. On 11/24/2021 at 10:13 PM, mikebv said:

    Sky didnt pull out before 2006 did they?

    Thought it was much more recent than that..

    Edit Just checked. BT took over UK coverage in 2017...

    Sky paid up their contract in 2016

    Sky showed British Speedway for a long, long time...

    And paid a hell of a lot of money in too...

    The 5 year deal referred too was the deal that they terminated early in 2016.

    Yes, in speedway terms they did put a lot of money in over the 10 years ( 2 contracts ) and just what was done with it ? Divided by the top clubs to cover their ‘ costs ‘ with a little left over for the kitty  and none invested in the future of the sport.

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