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  1. JaFool

    Rider replacement

    Absolutely agree with all that. Reduced points limit has ruled out decent youngsters still progressing while others mentioned continue to be regurgitated.
  2. JaFool

    Rider replacement

    Despite the injection of the 2.00 kids, 10% of the NL is still made up by 30 somethings & tired old faces that have been knocking around this league for a decade & a half. Ledwith 47, Wallinger 35, Priest 33, Wilson 33, Ayres 32, Halsey 30, Campos 29, Widman 29 etc.
  3. JaFool

    Speedway Star in the winter

    How much does having FOUR editors cost - circa £100k?
  4. JaFool

    SON ticket for sale

    £42.20 for a glorified Pairs event!

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