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  1. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Jason Doyle said recently that the Foxhall track made Kings Lynn look slick.... that's part of the problem. The riders are only setup for slick, blue groove type of surfaces. Throttle like a switch, on or off. Give them a track with some grip on which requires throttle control and they are caught out. Doesnt explain Bomber though.....
  2. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2019

    Back the Bomber... Ritchie knows best #BTBRKB
  3. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2019

    Harris 2019 League ave..... 4.00 Home 2.50 Away 5.33 Whoever the rider is 2.50 for a home number 1 is not acceptable. not even acceptable for a reserve! But hang on a minute.....Thats for his meetings that will count to his average, what about the ones that dont count ? If you look at the 6 matches in the Supporters Cup where his scores are not used for his average then its much more like a number 1 Home 7.73 Away 7.38 Total 7.57 Hmmmmmmmmm interesting... does enough in Cup matches to think he is worth keeping but reduces aves in matches that count to drop his ave. Wonder if he will have a midseason shift of clubs again?
  4. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Sayfutdinov has got some balls

    Taking tips from his Hero Tony Rickardsson....
  5. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Not according to Kelvin and Nigel...
  6. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Exactly what happening with us..... £10 deal (or similiar) and we would be there.... So thats 14 regulars not going.... £252 lost and counting. Also there is none next week.... so much for weekly speedway.
  7. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    That's the thing... Ipswich rode Thursday and now tonight. So some sort of inventive was needed especially with tonight's on tv. A work mate had seen the last BT meeting when Swindon did a deal on admission and assumed the Witches would do the same. Attracting a newbie with £10 entry would make sense. Instead he will stay at home and watch for "free". An opportunity missed. Attract him and a few like him and next time when it is full price they will pop along. Even the Season ticket holders I've spoken to feel that they must go tonight or lose out ... I just hope the money from BT covers the loss from the missing few that won't part with £18 but would have been happy to pay a reduction.... surely 10 regulars paying £100 is better than none of those paying at all.... Personally I, like 6 friends were in Poland for GP at the weekend so being on BT has done us a Massif favour... but hey we not real fans
  8. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Working in Essex.... when I left Ipswich it was hammering it down.... Back now and it's warm and sun trying to come out
  9. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Back in Ipswich and now dry
  10. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Absolutely hammering down at copdock mill.... (where big Tesco is)
  11. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Speedway is full of them.....
  12. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Warsaw 2019

    Big storm overnight and still raining now....
  13. Doesn't look like it Badge.... And Baldy they were mates rates
  14. There's a dozen airhorns normally on back straight every week.... won't be half that on Monday. And plenty of others I could get my hands on if asked....
  15. Personally as there are fans that go to support the team of 7 riders ( whoever they are) no matter what the rules and regulations are the real issue. Too many go as what is the other option ? No speedway? Speedway is not a professional sport. It's a boys club run by rich businessmen. It needs an individual to take it out of the gutter and have a plan for the future. No self interest between different clubs, where some rules help a certain team. A 'you stratch my back scenario .....' People might not like what Buster Chapman is doing but if he were in control of all the toys in the pram then the sport would imo go forward. Maybe not today but certainly in the future. What's the harm in trying? His 3 teams this year, in matching suits and bike covers look awesome and wouldn't look out of place in Poland. Get all the teams kitted out the same... if a rider says no then bye bye.... Ipswich probably get 1000 on a bad day.... thats enough lemmings to keep the club in business. And why they try and do more when there's no need to make an effort? But look at bank holiday Monday.. there was 3500+ there. That's what clubs should be aiming at more regularly but why were they there? They wouldn't come back if they knew the real rules of a joke sport that is speedway. They were there as a one off... Red and Blue VS White and Yellow. But once they got into it and found out that riders weren't attached to clubs they would laugh and walk away. Any newbie watching BT 1st match was told that Brady Kurtz rode for his team on Easter monday but then rode for a different club at night.... wow.. that's ermmmm weird! But why ? Well it's speedway... it happens here..... Oh well rant over....

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