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  1. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2018

    Ave changes Danyon +1.84 Rory +1.00 Connor + 0.29 Danny + 0.02 Cam -0.47 Nico - 0.85
  2. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Pubs been open a while where you live?
  3. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Edited for accuracy
  4. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2018

    Confused...... That's the management as well as the fans ...
  5. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2018

    Smokescreen of the signing of Kemp..... it's for 2 matches at the end of August. He will not have ride in the required number to get both an average for next season or be an asset. So next year he can sign for the highest bidder..... Anyways as we still waiting for bspa approval nothing is set in stone until then. I personally didn't think changes could be made that allow an injured rider to stay in the 1-7.... we'll see though... Can't think the Witches promotion will have got it wrong again...... however can't see the bspa turning these changes down whether they legal or not
  6. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2018

    Lost the plot....
  7. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2018

    There's an echo .....
  8. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Maybe both teams will be trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the defeat out of the jaws of victory.... Edited as s.n.a.t.c.h is not allowed
  9. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2018

    But as the no1 has it... the others want it too... all paid for by lemmings
  10. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2018

    What can riders afford? The latest whizbang engine with double overhead flux capacitors? The latest twin jet carb The "right" coloured helmet, gloves, boots etc .... The latest coloured spokes and rims to match their new bike covers.. Is any of that really necessary?
  11. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2018

    But it's the current lemmings that go whatever the situation that are the real issue. These fans that constantly go because "that's what they do" are keeping the promoters comfortable. If they/we didn't go then maybe changes would be made. I know of a few fans that have been going for years that haven't bothered recently due to the stop start nature of the fixture list. If these no longer bother, why would new fans be attracted? Also i know of a few that bought season tickets that still go just because they have paid for admission. If not they would have walked away. .... The sport is on its ar$e nationally and something needs over hauling. (Bspa)
  12. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2018

    Matches ridden this year 14 Schlein 14 Mountain 12 Heeps 12 Hume 9 Covatti 9 (Guest ) 7 King 7 RR 6 Haertel 2 Jeppesen  Out of 14 matches 1-7 Only been used 4 times.... 3 times with Haertel and 1 with Jeppesen
  13. Matches ridden... 14 Schlein 14 Mountain 12 Heeps 12 Hume 9 Covatti 9 (Guest ) 7 King 6 Haertel 2 Jeppesen
  14. If. ...which like last year very rarely happened....
  15. And didn't even need a lollipop to help?

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