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  1. Definitely not something that Tungate would have done....
  2. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    3 riders at Peterborough were offered no1 money (Harris , Andersen and Cook) by Ged. At no time did Buster agree to this which led to Peterborough being over budget. Ipswich had room left in their budget for a rider on No1 money. Maybe all 3 were asked to move and Harris agreed to as he would be on same deal. The other 2 took a possible decrease to allow Tungate (who would never be at Ipswich for various reasons) to sign...... Maybe Allegedly
  3. No.... Kemp riding in place of KP
  4. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Wolves 2019

  5. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Kings Lynn 2019

    An ex promoter once told a friend of mine "that if you dont like it... dont bother to turn up"
  6. Cant the transponders also be used for "jumpstarts" aswell? Ref puts on the green light and he then releases the tapes as per normal. A warning is passed on to the timekeeper if any movement is triggered before the tapes go up. Ref would then put on the red lights coming out of the 2nd bend and warn rider. If the start was legal and the rider just made a great start then the race would not be called back.
  7. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Somerset 2019

    Or Berge Pole....
  8. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Kings Lynn 2019

    What do Kings Lynn as a club gain from keeping the names of Jorgensen, Kerr, Palm Toft and Riss from the fans? What do the 4 riders gain from it? What do the fans gain from it?
  9. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Somerset 2019

    Haertel or could have Jeppersen back
  10. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    No loan fee for a start....
  11. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Tungate is "owned" by Ipswich and as Ipswich is now "owned " by Buster it saves money for Buster to use one if his riders. Unlike a lot of "no 1s" Tungate was willing to ride in the PL but was never ever going to ride for Ipswich or possibly Kings Lynn. Personally I think it makes Peterborough stronger but it was the way it was done that was the issue treating the fans with contempt and disregard.
  12. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Premiership Supporters Cup

  13. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Unless the winners of the CL 4s get promoted to the PL 4s the day after?
  14. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Ipswich 2019

    The under 19 meeting was a great meeting. More BSPA meetings should be at Foxhall. Plenty enough room for the visiting fans and even half full wpuld generate a good atmosphere
  15. The major programmes had millions watching them too. Wasn't the choice back then so those programmes like Coronation Street have also suffered with diminished viewing figures over time.

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