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  1. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Panthers up for sale.

    So what? if Rathbone gets his money then why should he care who or where it comes from? Its like if I'm selling my house, do i care who will be living next to my old neighbours?
  2. So there you go Chris Louis.... all you need to do is sign him for the Witches
  3. That seems to be the thing these days... as long as there is some racing fans will be happy regardless of the entertainment. As for the weather, no one has any control of it but...... somebody somewhere has control of when to run these meetings and what do you think the conditions will be in the last week of October?
  4. Go back to the 1998 season..... Ipswich winning the treble but against some superb sides that strengthened up as the season progressed. Their matches against Coventry were superb. Also remember Swindon and Wolves having great teams too. Unfortunately the Witches team had to be split up as what happens every year. After hearing about the great racing Sky came on board and British speedway has gone downhill since. What should have happened was for the points limit to be set at the winning teams limit and any team that wished to keep their 1-6 to do so the following year. Grow on what had happened and let the sport flourish... oh well
  5. Has to be Klindt off 15m......
  6. Can't understand a track not being it's normal grippy self.....
  7. Feel sorry for the fans that have turned up to watch this....
  8. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Panthers up for sale.

    There are enough Lemmings that keep clubs afloat that little or no promotional ideas are needed to attract new fans. It's once these Lemmings decide enough is enough and fall by the wayside that the "promoters" start to worry and want out. This is not just a Peterborough issue but nationwide. Most "promoters" won't agree to deals as they look at the money they will lose from the Lemmings rather than the bigger picture. A Lemming would easily pay the £16 per meeting for 2 meetings in a week so the club would be £6 worse off if they offered the second meeting for £10. However how many newbies would attend for £10... the same price as a night at the cinema? This happened at Ipswich when they rode Glasgow on the Thursday and then Berwick on the Saturday. The Saturday was one of the lowest attendances in recent years.
  9. We all knew that there was Self interest in the "sport" but this has confirmed it... "promoters" only caring for themselves.
  10. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Wild Cards 2019

    From the GP Challenge Kolodziej replaces Pawlicki Iversen replaces Cook Lindback replaces Holder That's leaves 4 wild cards to replace Dudek Pedersen Vaculik Zager Think they could all stay, maybe Zager could be out, GP in Krsko would mean he gets that meeting Wildcard.
  11. If tonight's meeting had to be abandoned when there was the floodlight failure... wouldnt the result have stood?
  12. When will the streetlights from the local housing estate be returned?
  13. A team bends rules to give them an advantage.... so what's the issue? Been happening for years and will continue to do so if the "rulebook" allows it. Whilst there are Lemmings that continue to pay to watch this "sport" it will not change anything. The "Promoters" don't care about each other... as long as they are not the ones taking the hit. More of a jokesport everyday....
  14. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Lakeside/Kyle Newman

    You think? But you dont know about Kyle? Yes we know Dan did suffer those injuries but an accident I believe that was Dan's fault and Kyle was the innocent party... so are you saying that because Kyle's injuries were not as serious that he should be forgotten about. As far as I'm aware Kyle's injuries are/were bad enough to end his season....

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