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  1. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    If only Rob Grant knew this...
  2. Diamonds85

    Belle Vue 2022

    Eh. I thought they were protected at number 7?
  3. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    A meeting between 2 legends... Or as you eloquently put it a few pages back 'leg-ends' How I would have loved to have been a fly on that wall... Wonder what was said... It's a damn shame that 'numpty' turned down the help of Dalbers... Probably no one better for the job of giving advice when it comes to Newcastle speedway... Would you and Andrew be willing to help support a fan run venture (advice and guidance rather than money, which understandably you're sick of wasting) When it comes to the money discussion on the last page, 'finding 600 to pay £10 a week for 28 weeks'... and the counter argument of it will be impossible to find 600 people who are willing to pay £300... I'm sure some of them 600 would be willing to pay more than that... I would happily and the more who do that, the less people who are relied on... I was not willing to part way with anymore money while Rob Grant was in charge of the club, because I knew fine well what a crook he was... But if there was an actual 'fan ran club' where the fans who put the money in have their say and one individual is in charge... A reasonable person... Perhaps someone like Dalbers or THJ... I could happily part with £250-£300 a month during the season and pay for my entrance weekly too (which I know is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it's better than £10 a week) And I'm sure there would be people who are willing to put more in... I wonder if Dave Tinning would be put off from another venture with someone a bit more respectable at the helm... I'm sure he would sponsor a chunk of that £150k again... And there's race sponsors etc too... Has anyone learned Arabic yet???
  4. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    I'd love to volunteer my services, if there was any point to it, but unless there's a realistic point to it, what's the hope? We need someone who can come in and run the club, be a leader, have backing or funds of their own, does that person exist? I'd love to help out in any way I could if they did... I'd be happy to message with you if you have any ideas... I'm always ears
  5. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    All the very active moderators can ban me, because all of my interest in this joke of a sport that I've wasted all my years and money on all went down the drain when I lost what little respect I had for it over the last couple of years or so, Thanks Rob... Both grant and godfrey, both complete tossers
  6. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    It's a very sad time and unfortunately I don't think it's going to be saved this time... He's dirtied our club's name and reputation too much now for it ever to return imo I use the word 'dirtied' rather than the phrase 'taken a wicked sh!t on' because I didn't want to break this rule Obscenity Contributors are prohibited from posting obscene language including swearing or masked swearing, and images on the forum. Please use polite alternative words. Moderators will remove any obscene language or images that the board filters do not catch. Links to websites that contain pornography of any kind will also be removed. If you find a posting offensive then please use the report button. Because obviously this forum 'consists of a friendly community of fans.' and not 'trolls'... Not at all...
  7. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    There's a button near the top of the page that says 'guidelines' Basically don't post anything that may be your own opinion and don't post anything that may mildly upset someone, you can't be having that...
  8. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Still playing the lottery just in case... only chance we got really now that numpty killed our club off
  9. Diamonds85

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Hello, can anyone tell me what the parking situation at Oxford is? I'm sure it's already been mentioned, but I can't find anything anywhere. Thanks
  10. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    I put so much money into the club with the promise of great things and ideas from Rob and NOTHING came of it... Just the sh!te we've had to watch and put up with the last 2 years... I don't care how much difficulties he had, with the previous promotions and covid, when he had the chance to make things right, do his promotors job, he just made a mockery of all of his fans, took the p!ss then ran off with all our hard earned money!!
  11. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    I'd be happy to put in some money (one off payment) into some 'save the Diamonds' scheme... But I'm a bit sceptical now, after having put so much into Rob's reign and got nothing but woeful teams, boring meetings and many times short changed... I am not very rich as it is, so I am very personally annoyed the way Rob has ran the club the last 2 or 3 years... It's pathetic how he thinks he can just nick off with all this money from the supporters... How can he sell the air fence if the supporters trust purchased it??? It should be property of the supporter's club, sold by the supporter's club (or kept if the chances of us returning are there) and divided up equally between them... But no, Rob's just gonna take the money and run and everyone is gonna let him get away with it... I'm already banned from the Newcastle Diamonds Facebook page now for voicing my opinions there, so I guess we're not allowed opinions, the fans who have been going most our lives... What a joke F you Rob Grant
  12. Diamonds85

    Redcar 2022

    NOOOOO I'm working Friday afternoon... I'm gutted
  13. Diamonds85

    Redcar 2022

    Cleggy or wethers for roynon surely if they fit
  14. Diamonds85

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    I'm sorry for some of my comments on here the last couple of weeks. As you can imagine this club has been a massive part of my life, my childhood, my teenage years and now my young adult life, like I'm sure it has for many others. I am livid that it is closing and this has been coming for ages. I was so desperate to see change, but it wasn't coming and now it's gone. What a massive shame, I wish every Diamond's fan, old and new, the best of luck for the future, and who knows... Maybe we'll meet again in the future... Wish it had gone differently... A very disappointing ending to a club with such massive history

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