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  1. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    You been at the ancient history books again! Understandable with an uncertain future
  2. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    Absolutely, I'm only too aware - not to mention hugely grateful - for that. One question though, other than finance, is there any reason why Newcastle's circuit remains so narrow?
  3. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    Ha ha, I knew you were, showing your terrific sense of humour huh! Really glad to hear about the Diamonds improving fortunes in recent weeks, a great club with a, rightly, proud history. In fairness Scunny is a decent track but like you I don't rate it best necessarily.
  4. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    You tell me. I'd suspect uncertainty and preference for racing at Glasgow every week are highly likely to have been at least 2 reasons, don't you think?
  5. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    tbf, so does having a much better home circuit to race on every week
  6. GlasVegas

    Knockout Cup Draw

    You really think that's a splendid suggestion? Knocked out in the first round then re-instated because you were beaten by a potentially weaker team than someone else!!
  7. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    Don't say that too loudly in shortbread land Bagpuss! Kind of you to say so though.
  8. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    Lol, I assume then that Messrs Masters, Pickering and Worrall are riding for peanuts! That said perhaps it's all been funded in gift vouchers?
  9. GlasVegas

    bandits 2020

    can't buy everything either! which is the way it should be .. surely you can make a top 6 this time?
  10. GlasVegas

    bandits 2020

    Yeah, and all sides are built to the same rules and limits, so what's the worry?
  11. GlasVegas

    bandits 2020

    Not necessarily! Now if only the play-off qualification could be extended to, say, 6 places …
  12. GlasVegas

    Newcastle 2020

    or the "true fans" you speak of could mobilise themselves right now (social media makes it pretty easy) and pledge £x thousand to encourage a positive outcome.
  13. GlasVegas

    Leicester Lions 2020

    within the same limitations as every other club though, depends how you measure "higher caliber" too
  14. GlasVegas

    Edinburgh 2020

    Much more likely his brother will make a return to the wild east, some easy pickings to make up for his loss of earnings this year
  15. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    Wouldn't disagree with that assessment tbf. Also seemed to rely on his gating a bit too much for my liking, all that said though he exceeded my expectations this season and played a strong part in the season long success. Certainly still on the up and a good future ahead of him.

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