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  1. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    Glasgow's decision has to be the correct one given the applied logic, acknowledging what we already know and anticipate in the coming months - add to that any currently unknown additional constraints likely to yet lay ahead this year, and not to mention any economic factors affecting prospective crowd levels. Whilst the eternal optimism and positive intent shared by the BSPA announcements in recent months is admirable in many ways, it does suggest a blind obsession just to be able to run at all costs, and probably little consideration for riders, supporters and sponsors! It'll now be tricky for the BSPA to 'out logic' Glasgow's stance, even more so if other clubs shortly line up on the sidelines this season. One further observation. Can those clubs allegedly prepared to run this season please explain how they've been able to go, in one close season, from "we need more supporters to make ends meet" to "we're happy to run in front of a fraction of our usual crowd level" - something doesn't add up! Are those clubs risking the very futures of their club? Unprecedented times indeed.
  2. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    They DID helpfully add subtitles for the Jon Cook segment!
  3. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    I suspect that may be the most we can salvage from this 'season', and I think, all things considered, that would be considered agreeable albeit far from perfect. Timing has to be good too in terms of society getting back to normal, I'd hope and expect there will be a strong demand for entertainment/sport - speedway included - when that time arrives, clubs could yet benefit in revenue terms were crowd levels above average and as outgoings would be greatly reduced compared to a full season - silver lining?
  4. GlasVegas

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    In fairness to the BSPA (and all other governing bodies of sports & non-sports) we are now in unchartered territory, it's unlikely (certainly in speedway, but in many other areas too) that any dedicated contingency planning exist for the potential disruption which now seems inevitable. Bodies / management teams / riders / supporters are all now pawns in something much, much bigger than 'merely' getting on with normal life as we know it. Personally, I can't see how British speedway can survive (and thrive) as out of step with all available guidance and decisions now being published by the hour. Speedway cannot avoid being impacted.
  5. GlasVegas

    Predictions thread

    Ahh fair enough, and that's all BEFORE you have to strengthen up around June/July, wow - clearly not much point in the rest of us turning up!
  6. GlasVegas

    Predictions thread

    Let's just say that I'm not overly keen to own one! Anyway, quite how are those fine fellows in the East expected by you to finish top of the league? … being partial to a Friday hallucinogenic is surely not the only explanation?
  7. GlasVegas

    Predictions thread

    Running a temperature I see, you should watch the news!
  8. GlasVegas

    Edinburgh 2020

    That's pretty awesome, must be considered a 'win win' for all and very much keeping up with the times. Certainly not quite like being there 'live' (although bound to be much warmer!) but surely will have a net gain (so long as technical enforcement based on actual geography is assured e.g. Scottish derbies) in revenue terms.
  9. GlasVegas

    bandits 2020

    Sounds really encouraging behind the scenes, well done. Just think, with all this additional revenue plus the huge saving to come on the total number of points scored this season (especially away from Shielfield), the Bandits' might mount another play-off push in 2021
  10. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    Fixture lists will be released in next few weeks I believe - will be some really exciting early season action to look forward to with the proposed test match GB Vs Rest of the World (featuring Nicki P maybe?), then we have the GP Qualifier in May (who would you like to see at Glasgow?) and, of course, the now annual slaying of the Monarchs too - bring it on!
  11. GlasVegas

    Edinburgh & Glasgow race night

    Don't know where you're travelling from Tom or quite when, however if your dates don't allow you to take in both tracks please don't make the mistake of choosing Armadale over Ashfield!
  12. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    nor mine tbf
  13. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    you could be right, you could be wrong, nice to look forward to being able to find out
  14. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    You been at the ancient history books again! Understandable with an uncertain future
  15. GlasVegas

    Glasgow 2020

    Absolutely, I'm only too aware - not to mention hugely grateful - for that. One question though, other than finance, is there any reason why Newcastle's circuit remains so narrow?

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