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  1. Donnie

    Mildenhall v IOW Sun 11th aug

    Danny Ayres has a snapped tibula, really bad luck for the boy. Good result for the Fen Tigers, on a bit of a run at the moment but Ayres injury is going to hamper them.
  2. Getting tight at the top, be an interesting run in for play-off places. I enjoyed the Masarna vs Rospiggarna and looking forward to this weeks match, surely a win for the Pirates!
  3. Thought it would be closer tbh, Indians are going backwards recently, big change since corresponding fixture a few weeks ago.
  4. A few weeks ago I would have said Indianerna for Thursdays match but now not too sure, should be close.
  5. Donnie

    Wimbledon Race Jacket YouTube Video

    A good viewing, enjoyed it, have to say the "classic" jacket was miles better than some of the over fussy jackets from late 70s onwards.
  6. Looking forward to this one on Thursday, should be a goodie, could go either way.
  7. Donnie

    1976 GBL and NNL Body Colours YouTube Video

    Super stuff!Great that the NL has been added, some great bibs there. Got to agree with you, the Teeside one is a cracker!!
  8. Hi Jason, I would be interested in the 8 from the 70s.
  9. Donnie

    1976 GBL and NNL Body Colours YouTube Video

    Cracking video, always liked the Hackney checkerboard look but the Halifax one is a cracker!! Good stuff!!
  10. Never seen that one before, will take a gander tonight. cheers for that!
  11. I had a bit of luck with an ebay purchase, got 5 Kings Lynn programmes from 1974, seller had said they were in ok condition and had been filled in but said there were scribbles on a couple of the covers. Turns out the scribbles are actually autographs and one of them is Malcolm Simmons, well chuffed does not come near it!!
  12. Donnie

    Hastings Saxons site updated

    Bit of threadomancy, but just had to say what a cracking site. Never knew about the Hastings Saxons so the site is a great read.
  13. Cheers for the reply, I had thought about Excel as I have used it before at work, the way to go I think.
  14. I wonder how long Berwick will be sharing same ground as football team, after last seasons relegation and boardroom shambles, don't know if the Rangers will survive.

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